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The Tiger Rising The Tiger Rising By: Kate DiCamillo

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1 The Tiger Rising The Tiger Rising By: Kate DiCamillo
Publisher: Candlewick Press with Scholastic Inc. Copyright 2001 Book Report by Nikhil Bhat Genre: General Fiction/ Fantasy

2 Kate DiCamillo Katrina Elizabeth DiCamillo, you might know her as Kate DiCamillo, was born on March 25, 1964, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. As a child, she suffered from chronic pneumonia. At the age of 5, her mother, who was a teacher, took her to Clermont, Florida with her brother Curt, so they could be in a warmer climate. Her father, who was an orthodontist, stayed back. Being a sickly kid, she spent most of her time indoors, reading. This developed her love for writing. She studied at The University of Florida, from where she graduated with a B.A. in She started writing at the age of 29 when she was working in a book warehouse. She writes books for children and adults. She thinks that anyone can become an author. In her words, “If you want to be a writer, write a little bit every day. Pay attention to the world around you. Stories are hiding, waiting everywhere. You just have to open your eyes and your heart.” She has won numerous awards such as: 1998 McKnight Artist Fellowship for Writers 2000 Josette Frank Award for Because of Winn-Dixie 2001 Newbery Honor Book for Because of Winn-Dixie 2001 National Book Award for Young People's Literature Finalist for The Tiger Rising 2004 Newbery Medal for The Tale of Despereaux 2006 Boston Globe-Horn Book Award for Fiction for The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane 2007 Theodor Seuss Geisel Honor for Mercy Watson Goes for a Ride She is currently single and lives in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Website: Address: Kate DiCamillo C/o Candlewick Press 2067 Massachusetts Ave Cambridge MA 02140

3 Interest Level and Reading Level:
Kids who are ages 10 and up should read this book. Grades five through seven.

4 Theme: The main theme in the book “The Tiger Rising” is friendship and relationships. Rob’s relationships with the main characters in the story are all different. Rob had a strong relationship with his mother and after her death, he keeps all his emotions to himself. Like Rob, his father never shares his emotions, and encourages Rob also to do the same. After the death of Rob’s mother, Rob’s father couldn’t bear to live where his wife died, so they move to Lister. Rob and Sistine, a new girl at school, develop a good friendship. When they first meet they don’t like each other, but as they start sharing their life stories, they start a good friendship. Sistine eventually helps Rob open his “suitcase” of emotions. Rob and Willie May, an employee at the Kentucky Star Motel, also develop a strong bond. She gives Rob lots of good advice, and tries to help him with his feelings.

5 Overview: Rob is a 12 year old boy who lives in the Kentucky Star Motel with his father. They move to Lister after the death of Rob’s mother in Jacksonville. Rob has closed all his emotions inside a “suitcase” which he does not like to open. He has no friends at school and gets bullied all the time. When Sistine arrives his world turns upside down. With this new friendship, Rob starts discovering new things about himself. Mr. Beauchamp, the owner of the Motel, gives Rob the job of feeding the caged tiger. Sistine thinks they should free the tiger, but Willie May, a motel employee, disagrees. But, Rob lets the tiger go. His father shoots the tiger to protect Rob from getting hurt. Seeing the dead tiger, Rob opens his “suitcase” of emotions and helps his father also to deal with his mother’s death.

6 Problem: After the death of his mother, Rob, puts all his sorrow and emotions in a “suitcase”. He keeps this imaginary suitcase closed tightly. He does not like to show his emotions. Solution: Rob’s behavior changes through the sequences of the story. Rob’s developing friendship with Sistine and Willie May makes him open up some of his feelings. Rob freeing the caged tiger, and the shooting of the tiger, finally let all his emotions flow out.

7 Setting: The story takes place in and around the Kentucky Star Motel in the small town of Lister, Florida. Point of View: The story is told from a Third Person’s, or narrator’s, point of view.

8 Characters: Rob: A 12 year old boy who has lost his mother. He lives in the Kentucky Star Motel with his father. He is a quiet boy who keeps his emotions to himself. He is very skilled at whittling, and by doing it he lets out his emotions. He has no friends at school until Sistine arrives. Sistine: A 12 year old girl who is very fierce. She stands up to bullies and lets her anger out by yelling. She isn’t afraid to say what is on her mind. She never doubts Rob. She helps Rob in dealing with his emotions. Rob’s Dad (Robert): Rob’s dad is a lot like Rob. He does not like to talk about his dead wife (Caroline). He moved from Jacksonville to Lister so he could get away from all their friends who would keep talking about her. He does not express his emotions. However, he is a loving and caring father. Willie May: Willie May is a worker in the Kentucky Star Motel. She is very nice, smart, and friendly. She understands how Rob and Sistine feel. That’s why she gives them a lot of good advice. She is a good friend to Rob and Sistine. Beauchamp: Beauchamp is the owner of the Kentucky Star Motel. He is selfish, cowardly, and a penny-pincher.

9 Discussion Questions:Ch. 1
Discussion Questions:Ch. 1. What was Rob thinking of under the Kentucky Star sign? What does the suitcase represent? Ch. 2. What happens to Rob on the bus ride to school? How does he deal with the bullying? Ch. 3. What is the Sistine Chapel? What is its significance to Rob? Ch. 4. What special skill did Rob’s mother teach him? Ch. 5. Why did the principal, Mr. Phelmer, call Rob to his office? Why was Rob happy when he got out of the principal’s office? Ch. 6. Why do you think the other kids were chasing Sistine? What does Rob do to help Sistine? Ch. 7. What are Rob and Sistine talking about on the bus? Why does Sistine touch Rob’s leg? Ch. 8. What was Rob’s dream about? What discussion do Rob and his dad have about the principal’s note? Ch. 9. Why does Rob say, “The rain don’t bother me.”? Ch. 10. What do Rob and Willie May discuss? Ch. 11. What does Rob tell Sistine? Why does Rob know he picked the right person to tell about the tiger? Ch. 12. What did Sistine see in Rob’s room? What does Sistine say when she sees Rob’s wood carvings? Ch. 13. What does Sistine demand to know from Rob? Ch. 14. What does Sistine want to do with the tiger? Ch. 15. What does Rob think of when he enters the motel room? Ch. 16. What do Rob and Sistine talk about while waiting for Mrs. Bailey? Why does Rob whisper ‘Caroline’? Ch. 17. What do Rob and Willie May talk about? Ch. 18. Where do you think Beauchamp is taking Rob? Ch. 19. What job does Beauchamp offer Rob? What does he give Rob? Ch. 20. What does Sistine do when Rob refuses to set the tiger free? Ch. 21. Why does Sistine call Willie May a prophetess? Ch. 22. Why does Rob’s dad get angry? Ch. 23. What does Rob give Willie May as a gift? Ch. 24. What advice does Sistine want from Willie May? Ch. 25. Why does Sistine call Rob a liar? What does Willie May think of the tiger? Ch. 26. What do you think Rob is going to do with the tiger? Ch. 27.What does the tiger do when Rob and Sistine open the cage? Ch. 28. What does Rob do when he sees the dead tiger? Ch. 29. Why did Rob feel lighter after the tiger’s funeral? Ch. 30. How does Rob change through the happenings in the story?

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