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Education, The Einstein Generation & Change Lex Bergers Lexpertise Business Coaching The Netherlands Valencia, EGIN,

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2 Education, The Einstein Generation & Change Lex Bergers Lexpertise Business Coaching The Netherlands Valencia, EGIN, 15 april 2011

3 Education between Walls?

4 What do these Walls say? 1. To Learn is to Acquire Information 2. Information is scarce and hard to find 3. Trust Authority for good information 4. Authorized information is beyond discussion 5. Obey the Authority 6. Follow Along

5 What students say in these walls? - How many points is this worth? -How long does this paper need to be? -What do we need to know for this test?

6 What students say in these walls?

7 Results in Dutch Middle Vocational Education (Diplom):

8 And how about Denmark, Germany, Schwitzerland, England, Spain, Ireland, ………………. ????

9 l ailpage An Educational History in Drawings (11 minutes)

10 l Let’s have a look at differnences in generations….

11 April 12, 1954 Start of the Youth Culture


13 Fifties/Early Sixties

14 Sixties (“Hippies”)

15 Eighties

16 Nineties

17 Einstein generation Y Generation


19 The development of the Y-generation is parallel to the development of computers/internet


21 What does this say about the use of Social Media by the different generations?







28 OK, they are using Social Media differently, but how do these generations realy differ??

29 BabyBoomersX-generationY-Generation 1945-1955/19591960/1965-1980/19851986/1988 2011 Cold WarEconomic DepressionGrowth, Prosperity Protest (“Vietnam”) Negative (“Punk”) Positive (“Live your Life”) InspiredShallowSerious Focus on Control Focus on Convenience Focus on Experience “We will change the world” Change just yourself to start with Change = constant/ continious

30 BabyBoomersX-generationY-Generation 1945-1955/19591960/1965-1980/19851986/1988- 2011 Searching Personality: Who am I? Personality is a construction: I would like to be…. Personality = authentic That’s me, take it or leave it Identity = without role of parents Identity = "to be a part of…" Identity = genuine Ideals (“Make Love not War”) No IdealsTraditional Ideals (“Hapiness”) No Branding (standard T-Shirt) Increase of Branding (Nike, Adidas, Magazines) Branding Everywhere (McGregor, Nespresso, Apple, CNN, UEFA, Me etc) New Future (“Give Peace a chance”) No future (“Don’t Give Up”-Peter Gabriel”) Good future {“Sustainability”)

31 BabyBoomersX-generationY-Generation 1945-1955/19591960/1965-1980/19851986/1988-2011 Family: I want to be independent Family: divorce of parents->no family Family: yes to family, but in different forms Work: Find a job and stay till 65 Work: There are no jobs Work: I want to work to make the world a little bit better Computers: Why should I need it? Computers: makes work efficient Computers: a integral part of me! Social Media: Not for me! Social Media: I have an account, but what now? Social Media: Of course # @ Mobile: Nokia Phone (just telephone) Mobile: iPhoneMobile: Android + iPhone

32 Generation Einstein/The Y generation

33 Why the name “Einstein”- generation?? “The most beautiful thing we can experience is the Mysterious. It is the source of all true art and all science!” -Einstein- Einstein developed a new way of thinking: modest, creative and passionated, these characteristics belong to the new generatin: Intuition, Feeling, Emotion, Involvement

34 Characteristics of Einstein Generation -Social (taking care of…., Share information) -Involved (action, solutions, no procedural and political institutions) -Functional (compare products, what’s the best deal, stay with parents at home) -Loyal (friendships, parents are respected) -Looking for Initimacy (with friends at home, regional events, regional papers) -Impatient in business (no patience for administration, no attention for nonsense information) -Mediasmart (they understand the function of advertisements in media, they understand marketing, they know this is part of the game, but it should be honest)

35 Characteristics of Einstein Generation They like Diversity (in school they are confronted with many different cultures, diseases, problems, etc) -They are selfconfident (they never were confronted with real poverty, they always had loving parents) -They are empathic (they are 24/7 busy with communication; they learn about each other, from each other and through each other) -They are creative (lot of options and possibilities, lots of testing, lots of communication, lots of tools on the internet, but also the policy in western countries to develop a creative industry, etc) -They like cooperation (at school they work in projects together, they play games together, etc)

36 Central Values of Einstein Generation -Authenticity [identity] -Respect [Mastering a skill, be authentic] -Selfdevelopment [discover identity, discover who you are, what you can/cannot] -Together [synergy, less privacy is needed!] -Cosiness [everyone his own activity, but in one room] -Happiness [to be yourself, and be together] -Share [openess]

37 All different people, young and old, can be together, learn from each other if there’s respect and enjoy each other’s thoughts and differences! SUBCULTURE IS DEAD! LONG LIVE THE INDIVIDUAL!!

38 Einstein Generation and Education??

39 1. Learning Without Walls??

40 l 2. Learning through the Network??


42 Assignment 1 How do you (and your school/business) deal with the Y Generation? -Do you recognise the characteristics of the Y generation presented? -Do you meet those in your day to day live: at home (own children?), at school, in your company, at the work floor? -How do you deal in general with them, how does your school react, respond etc. -What’s your opinion about the Y generation?

43 Assignment 2 Design The Y-Education: What do you think about adjusting education/training to the needs of the Y Generation? Should education/training more meet the needs of the Y generation? - Why should it change? Should it change at all, in your opinion? - What could change and how? Schoolorganisation? Schoolsystem? Culture? Structure? Testing? Attitude of students? - What change is needed in Learning Materials? Learning Methods? - How can we integrate Social Media in education/training? - Who should change? Teacher (task, role, function, vision)? Student (attitude, behaviour)? Schoolmanagement and Board (policy? vision? strategy) Parents (involvement, role, expertise)?

44 Every Group draws a Mind Map

45 Lex Bergers Lexpertise Business Coaching +31 610634152 The Netherlands Thank you for your attention!

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