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The Buzz Cyber Safety Curriculum and Strategies… Bradbury School April 2010 1.

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1 The Buzz Cyber Safety Curriculum and Strategies… Bradbury School April 2010 1

2 The Buzz! Our new learning platform 2

3 Cyber safety The internet is: Exciting Engaging Educational It can help us: Communicate Collaborate There can however, be issues… 3

4 Bradbury School Acceptable Use Policy Given out at the start of each school year and in welcome pack for new students Also found on The Buzz > Internet Safety Games Page Evaluated each year depending on developments in technology and students experiences See HandoutHandout 4

5 Hector’s World and Cyberquoll Information literacy Digital literacy Media Literacy Cyber Safety Security 5

6 Cyber Smart Year 1 – 4 CyberSmart – Hector’s WorldHector’s World Created in New Zealand Cartoon characters from under the sea including Hector Protector ( a dolphin ) and friends. They live in ‘Silicon Deep’ – a metaphor for the online world Focuses on all aspects of digital citizenship 6

7 Year 1 and 2 Personal Information Students understand that some information about themselves is special as it makes them unique Students know that they should never give out their personal details online without a parent or teacher’s permission Students understand that not everyone they meet is automatically trustworthy Students begin to identify the characteristics of people that are worthy of their trust and who can help them make positive to keep safe 7

8 Students can identify situations in which it is wise to turn to a trusted adult for help Students can understand that their emotions can be a powerful tool to help them assess unsafe situations Students understand the importance of checking with an adult before participating in the online environment Students feel encouraged to be open about their online experiences with a trusted adult 8

9 Year 1 and 2 Cyber Bullying Identify inappropriate and bullying behaviours and consider how these impact on other people’s feelings Describe how they might help others who are feeling sad or upset Understand that they should seek help from a trusted adult if they are bullied 9

10 Year 3 and 4 Personal Information Students learn to recognise what forms ‘personal information’ can take Students learn that a person can be identified by knowing only a few pieces of information about them, and must therefore be careful about what information they provide online Students understand that not everyone they meet (real world or online) is trustworthy 10

11 Students can identify some of the characteristics of people they can trust Students can identify different types of personal information that may be elicited in the online environment Students understand that very rarely are we offered something online without something being expected in return 11

12 Students understand some of the techniques that are used in the online environment to elicit their personal information Students demonstrate an awareness of why it may be unwise to disclose their personal details online 12

13 Year 3 and 4 Cyber Bullying Students identify bullying behaviour and understand that it can hurt others Students recognise that cyber bullying is an inappropriate online behaviour Students will be provided with strategies to deal with cyber bullying that they can use as required. 13

14 Year 5 and 6 Golden Rules Internet Safety Discussion Topics Golden Rules Covered Internet ContentEmail Smart Searching (See The Buzz) Child friendly search engines (See The Buzz) What to do when things get nasty Internet CommunicationChat rooms and online communication Viruses, attachments and online hoaxes Netiquette Online PublishingOnline publishing Internet CommercialismCredit cards on the internet Forms and pop ups 14

15 Cyber Bullying Video - Wired Safety 15

16 Year 5 and 6 Cyber Bullying Students identify different types of cyber bullying behaviour Students understand that cyber bullying is hurtful and inappropriate Students develop strategies for dealing with cyber bullying 16

17 What can I do at home? Install a Net Nanny Create individual accounts for members of the family Ensure Internet Access is conducted in a public space (not in the bedroom) Install Hector Protector ButtonHector Protector Button Create a Family Internet Safety Contract including - time guidelines - access guidelines - download guidelines See cyber [smart:] exampleexample 17

18 What can I do at home? (2) Spend time online together Help your child search effectively Teach your children that information on the internet is not always reliable Teach your children ‘netiquette’ Be involved Remind your children of how to deal with offensive messages or content on the internet 18

19 Wired Safety’s Internet Safety Cheat Sheet Make sure your child doesn't spend all of their time on the computer. People, not computers, should be their best friends and companions. Keep the computer in a family room, kitchen or living room, not in your child's bedroom. Learn enough about computers so you can enjoy them together with your kids. Teach them never to meet an online friend offline unless you are with them. Watch your children when they're online and see where they go. Make sure that your children feel comfortable coming to you with questions and don't over react if things go wrong. Keep kids out of chat rooms unless they are monitored. 19

20 Wired Safety’s internet safety cheat sheet (2) Encourage discussions between you and your child about what they enjoy online. Discuss these rules, get your children to agree to adhere to them, and post them near the computer as a reminder. Teach them what information they can share with others online and what they can't (like telephone numbers, address, their full name and school). Get to know their "online friends" just as you get to know all of their other friends. Warn them that people may not be what they seem to be and that people they chat with are not their friends, they are just people they chat with. 20

21 Don’t turn it off! Please do not deny access Issues arise Students need strategies to cope with the issues 21

22 Sources Cyber [smart:] Including; Years 1 – 4 Hector’s World Years 5 and 6 Cyberquoll And Wired SafetyWired Safety 22

23 Let’s Fight It Together 23

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