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By: Chelsea Bucchan and Delia Pena. Have you ever thought of the attitude you have toward life ?

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1 By: Chelsea Bucchan and Delia Pena

2 Have you ever thought of the attitude you have toward life ?

3 Did you know that there are four attitudes that you can have towards life ?

4 # 1 Think Lose-Win

5 Think lose-win Think lose-win is called the doormat syndrome. The doormat syndrome is when people step all over you and you don’t even care. You let them tell you what to do because you hate confrontation. You can be caught calling yourself dumb and other things all the time, if you have a lose-win attitude. Lose- win says have your way with me, wipe your feet with me everyone else does. With a lose-win attitude you will usually find yourself setting low expectations.



8 Giving into peer pressure is one of the symptoms of a lose-win attitude!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

9 ` #2 Think Win-lose

10 Think Win-lose Think Win-lose is what you call The Totem Pole Syndrome. The totem pole syndrome is saying that you don’t care what you do as long has you are a notch higher than someone else. A win-lose attitude where's many faces the following are some of them. Using someone else for your selfish purposes Trying to get ahead at the risk of someone else Spreading rumors Always insisting on having your way without caring about anyone else Becoming jealous when something good happens to someone else


12 Quote from the book

13 Pride gets no pleasure out of having something, only out of having more than the next man C.S. Lewis AUTHOR

14 #3 Think lose-lose

15 Think lose-lose Think lose-lose is called the downward spiral. Think lose-lose is saying that if I am going down then your going with me witch results in a downward spiral. Lose-lose happens when two win-lose people get together. If both of them want to win at the others suspense then both will end up losing.An example of lose-lose is revenge. If you only want to get revenge you may think you are winning but in the end you are only hurting yourself.

16 Now its time for …

17 Fact for life

18 Fact for life Never become to dependent or attached to a boyfriend or girlfriend because you will get emotionally attached. become jealous, constantly need to be together, then start to argue and fight resulting in a downward spiral of lose-lose




22 Think Win-Win Think win-win is the all you can eat buffet. Think win- win is the belief thank everyone can win. Its says that I wont step on you but I wont be you doormat either. You care about other people and their success, but you also care about yourself and want to succeed as well. Think win-win is a belief that there is enough success to go around. Its not the matter of who gets the biggest piece of pie, you think there is enough to go around, which results in and all you can eat buffet.

23 Think win-win (continued) You probably do more win-win thinking than you think you give yourself credit for. So here are some example of win-win attitude: You recently got a promotion at the burger joint you work at. So you decide to share the praise with all the people that helped you. You are elected a powerful position in school, but you decide to treat everyone the same even the friendless and unpopular. Your best friend got accepted to the college you wanted to get into and you didn't although you feel bad you are genuinely happy for her



26 Sean Covey favorite autobiography that illustrates the power of a Win-Win attitude is And There Was Life by Jacques Lusseyran

27 So there it is that’s The End but don’t forget..

28 Always think WIN-WIN

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