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Plant Life Cycle How living things grow, live, and die.

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1 Plant Life Cycle How living things grow, live, and die.

2 The Life Cycle of a Plant Seed Germination Stems and Roots Flowers Pollination

3 A life cycle of a Plant A life cycle shows how a living thing grows and changes. Plants exists in different shapes, sizes, and colors, but most share similar structures. While plants life cycles are continuous, the study of one plant’s life begins with the seed.

4 What is a seed? When you look inside a seed. "You wear a coat to keep you from the cold. Seeds from flowering plants have seed coats to protect them."

5 Seeds come in all shapes and sizes Most plants come from seeds. Inside a seed is a tiny new plant. The outside of the seed has a special covering called a seed coat.

6 What do seeds need to grow? "What do children need to grow?" Well plants in order to grow, plants need sunlight, water, the right temperature conditions, soil, or a safe place. Plants adapt in different ways to get the things they need to survive.

7 Germination When the seed gets the right amount of water, warmth, and air it can begin to grow. The seeds begins to make a new life with water, sunlight, and soil.

8 Stems and Roots Stems grow up towards the light, leaves unfold to take more sunlight and produce food Roots push down to anchor the new plants while they take up minerals and water from the soil.

9 The seed will sprout If conditions remain just right, after a time the little seed will sprout. As the sprout continues to develop, it will grow roots, a stem, leaves, and will form more seeds. At this stage, the life cycle of the plant begins again.

10 It Starts With a Seed From a seed, a small root grows down into the soil. Then, the stem grows up toward the surface of the soil. Soon, the stem breaks through the soil.

11 The Cycle continues Later, leaves begin to form on the plant stem. Now it is called seedling and can make its own food. Finally, the seedling develops into a plant which will look like the plant it came from.

12 Flowers Many plants produce flowers.

13 Pollination Flowers are pollinated in various ways– by bees, birds, and other animals or even by the wind. At the base if each flower, seeds are formed. Remember: Bugs, wind, birds, and other animals pollinates a flower.

14 How do seeds travel? The wind, animals (bury and or deposit seeds by their droppings) are just some of the ways seeds travel.

15 Can you put these steps in the order we did them? Water the seed. Put soil in the cup. Put a small drainage hole in the bottom of the cup. Place the seed only about it's own depth in the soil and cover it up. Place the cup in the sun.

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