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1 1 September 22, 2011 EDI X12 Batch File Testing Instructions.

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1 1 1 September 22, 2011 EDI X12 Batch File Testing Instructions

2 2 2 EDI Testing - Portal For Trading Partners who are going to submit claims into MIHMS by electronic batch transactions (EDI X12 files) for MaineCare, portal certification testing is required. Authorization is granted on a per transaction basis. Trading Partners must submit three test files of a particular transaction type, with a minimum of fifteen transactions within each file, and have no failures or rejections to become certified for production. This must be completed for each EDI transaction type (837, 270, 276, 278, 834) they plan to submit into MIHMS. The Usage Indicator, element 15 of the Interchange Control Header (ISA) of an X12 file, must contain a “T” to indicate that the file is a test file. Users will be notified via E-mail and the Trading Partner Status page of Health PAS On-Line Portal when testing for a particular transaction has been completed.

3 3 3 EDI Testing – Portal Step 1: Log in to the secure portal using the User Name and Password that was created when you signed your Trading Partner Agreement.

4 4 4 EDI Testing - Portal Step 2: Select “File Exchange”

5 5 5 EDI Testing - Portal Step 3: Under “File Exchange” select “X12 Upload”

6 6 6 EDI Testing - Portal Step 4: Select a file to upload by clicking the “Browse” button, where you will search your computer for the X12 file you want to test. Once you have found the correct file, click the “upload” button.

7 7 7 EDI Testing - Portal Step 5: You will receive a notice on your screen that says whether your upload was a “success” or “failed”. If failed, call the EDI Help Desk for assistance. Step 6: Responses and Reports are also found on this page under “File Exchange”. Select “responses” to view your report file.

8 8 8 EDI Testing - Portal Step 7: Select the type of report you are searching for (ie: 837) and a list of your recent 837 submissions will display. Scroll through the list to locate the correct file. Clicking “search” will look for any new reports that have been generated.

9 9 9 EDI Testing To assist you with testing, the EDI Help Desk staff are available from 7:00 am – 6:00 pm, Monday through Friday and can be reached by calling: 866-690-5585, option 3 or you may contact them by email at:

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