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2 From Employment Application to PWCS WorkSpace
The PWCS Online Employment Application is now located on the online PWCS WorkSpace . This allows easier access to various areas related to your online application(s) and job search process. This presentation will provide you information on how to utilize the PWCS WorkSpace program. If this is the first time you have applied with PWCS, welcome to our World-Class School Division. Just follow the directions to register. If you have already applied, you will still use your same username and password. If you need assistance regarding your username and password, please call our Employment Service Center at We are open Monday through Friday between 8:00 a.m. and 4:30 p.m.

3 PWCS WorkSpace Once you have successfully logged into your WorkSpace, you will see the following image:

4 Online Applications The Online Applications section of your WorkSpace displays the most recent applications that have successfully submitted as well as any applications you may currently be in the process of submitting. This area shows applications that have not been submitted. You may have logged back into the online application but forgot to submit the application again. This area shows applications that have been submitted successfully. You can see the status and the date last updated.

5 If you would like to start a new
application type, simply click the “Add New Application” link to select a new application type.

6 You can manage your current set of applications using the “Manage Current Application Status.”
You can mark any of your applications inactive if you no longer want to be considered for jobs in that category.

7 Manage Documents The Manage Documents section of your WorkSpace allows you to maintain your uploaded documents and upload new documents. You may view the documents you have uploaded by clicking the icon. You may also show or hide a document using the “SHOW” or “HIDE” button.

8 Manage Documents To upload documents, please select the document type and click the browse button below to find the file on your computer. The following are the only allowed file types/extensions for upload: WORD DOC (.doc); HTML (.htm or .html); PDF (.pdf); rich text (.rtf); and text (.txt). All other type and hyperlinks within a document will be rejected. Files larger than 6 Megabyte will be rejected. To upload new documents, simply select the document type from the pull down menu. Click the “Browse” button to locate document(s) on your hard drive.

9 View Application Status
You can click the “View Application Status” link from WorkSpace to check the status of: Job(s) Applied For References Announcements This section of WorkSpace provides announcements to you from the PWCS Department of Human Resources such as: “Welcome to the new Winocular WorkSpace”

10 Smart Forms Notifications
This section of WorkSpace may contain employment related forms. Notifications In the future, this section of WorkSpace may contain information for certified applicants.

11 Update Registration You can click the “Update Registration” link from WorkSpace to update your registration information.

12 Job Posting The job posting link keeps you logged into the Winocular system and takes you to the job posting page. At the job posting page, you can browse the various categories of employment opportunities. You may search for new jobs by clicking the links for the different category of jobs or simply clicking the link “List ALL OPENINGS in this Category.”

13 Saved Queries Logout: (TEST)
Job Posting As you click through the links to find the open positions, you may click on the link for the job to see the detail of the open position like below: You can click the link “To apply for this job click here” to apply for the position. You have successfully applied for this job. Saved Queries Logout: (TEST)

14 Thank you for your interest with Prince William County Public Schools
Thank you for your interest with Prince William County Public Schools. If you need further assistance regarding your PWCS WorkSpace, please call our Employment Service Center at We are open Monday through Friday between 8:00 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. Our team is happy to assist you.


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