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Chapter 19 Section 4 Americans on the Home Front.

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1 Chapter 19 Section 4 Americans on the Home Front

2 Liberty Bonds  Special bonds to support the war effort

3 Price Controls  A system of pricing determined by the government

4 Rationing  Distributing food to consumers in a fixed amount  Hoover had the power to use rationing, but

5 What were three ways that the government intervened in the economy to help the war effort?  Liberty bonds  Rationing  Price controls

6 Describe some of the changes that wartime brought to the workplace?  Women worked in jobs traditionally held by

7 Daylight Savings Time  Turning clock ahead 1 hour  Maximize work that can be done in daylight

8 Propaganda  Information used in order to sway public opinion  During the war,

9 How does this poster depict German soldiers?  They are not depicted as human

10 Sedition  Any speech or action that

11 What was the purpose of the Sedition Act?  Made it illegal to obstruct the sale of liberty bonds or to discuss anything “disloyal, profane, scurrilous, or abusive”.

12 Why did many people have a problem with the Sedition Act?  It violated the 1 st Amendment’s guarantee of freedom of speech

13 How did the government deal with newspapers, magazines, and movies during the war?  The government censored the press and banned certain films  Challenged any media influences that

14 How did the government control political radicals?  By implementing the Sedition Act  Having law enforcement hound various groups and individuals (such as the IWW)

15 Vigilante  Citizens who

16 How did business replace the workers that the military draft had taken away? They allowed, women, Mexicans, and African Americans to take over the work – Mexicans were actually encouraged to immigrate to the U.S. to work

17 What impact did the war have on minorities and women?  New jobs available  Seemed to be the beginning of some major social change

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