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World War I on the Home Front

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1 World War I on the Home Front
Ch 6.2

2 Monday, March 12, 2012 Daily Goals:
Understand how WWI brought upon changes in American society. Ch 6.1 Notes Analysis- Trace the causes of America’s entry in WWI using your notes.



5 Johnny grab your gun! Progressives did not like the idea of Conscription (military draft). Instead Congress enacted the Selective Service Act requiring all men to register and they were drafted randomly by lottery.



8 The War Machine The gov’t created the War Industries Board (WIB) to control the flow of raw materials, build new factories, and set prices.


10 Soldiers need to eat! The Food Administration encouraged Americans to conserve or “Hooverize” their meals to save food for the War. People grew Victory Gardens to leave more food for the troops.



13 Wars are Expensive! Victory Bonds helped pay for the war.
Congress also raised income taxes to fund the war.


15 The War Economy National War Labor Board (NWLB) settled labor disputes to keep the economy running smoothly. Helped workers get higher pay and 8 hr day.


17 Moving North Great Migration- many African Americans moved North during the War for jobs. Mexicans also moved North to fill the labor shortage.


19 The War of Public Opinion
The Committee on Public Information (CPI) is established to get people behind the war. The CPI’s four-minute men gave millions of pro-war speeches to maintain public support for the war.

20 Espionage Act made criticizing the gov’t and the war illegal.


22 What is the clock symbolic of?

23 Fuel Administration Supported the war by: Increasing fuel production.
Encouraging energy conservation-Daylight Savings.

24 How does this cartoon portray Germans?

25 Anti-German Sentiment
German-Americans were mistreated and persecuted. HamburgerSalisbury Steak SauerkrautLiberty Cabbage German classes and music banned in Schools.

26 Discussion Questions The 1st amendment states: “Congress shall make no law…[restricting] freedom of speech…” So why can’t you yell fire in a crowded movie theater? Or yell bomb on a plane?


28 Schenck v US Sent anti-war messages to draftees.
Arrested under Espionage Act Argued his 1st amendment was violated. Supreme Court said his speech was not protected because it created “clear and present danger.”

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