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3 The Election of 1796  John Adams was chosen by the federalist because he was not involved in controversial figures  Jefferson became vice president. Why?  John Adams legacy as President is still debated today

4 XYZ Affair Origins  The "Quasi-War."  Revolutionary France attacks American shipping to influence the election and hurt Britain.  Continue after Adams takes office.  France wants the special privileges that Britain gained from Jay's Treaty to end. American Vessels in the Quasi-War

5 XYZ Affair Origins  Adams sends three commissioners (John Marshall, Charles Pinckney, and Elridge Gerry) to negotiate a peace.  French foreign minister Talleyrand..  Sends three agents (known as X, Y, and Z) to demand a huge bribe from the Americans before he would talk with them. John Marshall

6 XYZ Affair Talleyrand  The American commissioners refuse and talks break up in April 1798.  American ships and French ships begin to attack each other.  Federalists want Congress to declare war to restore American honor.  "Millions for defense, but not one cent for tribute!“  Adams and the commissioners become national heroes.

7 XYZ Affair Talleyrand American Political Cartoon on the XYZ Affair

8 XYZ Affair American Response  Congress ends the French alliance.  Creation of a naval department.  Congress appropriates money to triple the size of the army and build 40 warships.  Washington comes out of retirement to lead the American forces.  American privateers attack French shipping.

9 The Alien & Sedition Acts  Aimed at keeping refugees from both sides of the French Revolution from having an influence on the American government. American Response to XYZ Affair

10 The Alien & Sedition Acts  Naturalization Act.  Increased the eligibility for citizenship from 5 to 14 years.  Sedition Act.  restricted speech which was critical of the federal government.  Alien Act.  President can expel all aliens deemed "dangerous to the peace and safety of the United States.” The Alien Act

11 The VA & KY Resolves Jefferson & Madison  Democratic-Republicans believe that the Alien and Sedition Acts violate the First Amendment and were an invasion of states' rights. James Madison

12 The VA & KY Resolves Virginia & Kentucky Resolves  Drafted by Jefferson (Kentucky) and Madison (Virginia).  Stated the following. 1.The Constitution was a compact between sovereign states. 2.Each state had "an equal right to judge for itself" when the Constitution had been violated. 3.IMPORTANT: A state can declare a law of Congress unconstitutional.

13 The VA & KY Resolves Virginia & Kentucky Resolves Immediate impact was little, with neither state doing anything substantial. Would set a precedent for sectionalism and the states' rights debate later. Threatened Federalist authority, who did nothing about it. VA & KY Resolutions

14 France Capitulates  Talleyrand does not want war with the United States.  Already struggling with no allies.  Does not want to add another enemy.  Will accept new negotiators without a bribe. Talleyrand and the Devil

15 France Capitulates  Hamilton and Federalists still want war.  Will go to war with France, but if Spain is available, we'll take them. 1. Spain was weak. 2. Spain controlled Florida, New Orleans, and Louisiana. 3.Spain cut off trade for the Mississippi. Federalist Leaders detail-m.jpg Bs46USqE

16 France Capitulates  Adams remains cool  Sends ministers to France and Spain to negotiate treaties.  Infuriates some of the Federalists, who withdraw some support in the next election.

17 The Election of 1800  First vicious campaign-  Adams portrayed as a crazy tyrant  Jefferson portrayed as Frenchman capable of killing the elite  Aaron Burr, an rising Republican, garnered support from veterans in New York (the key state to winning)  Republicans win majority in legislature and win the executive as well  Republicans were supposed to vote in Jefferson as President, and Burr as VP but the vote was tied by accident  The Federalist congress had to decide and Hamilton convinced them to pick Jefferson

18 The Jeffersonian Era- Basic Cultural Movements  Greater emphasis on public education. Why?  The rise of prestigious private schools- Exeter, Phillips Andover  Medicine becoming more a respected profession  science over superstitions  More anatomical dissections  Doctors began to replace midwives

19 Cultural Aspirations  Poem of the Rising Glory of America-  And here fair freedom shall forever reign. I see a train, a glorious train appear, Of Patriots plac'd in equal fame with those Who nobly fell for Athens or for Rome. The sons of Boston resolute and brave The firm supporters of our injur'd rights, Shall lose their splendours in the brighter beams Of patriots fam'd and heroes yet unborn.  Washington Irving… Creating new American folktales and mythology

20 The Second Great Awakening 1801-

21 Response to Deism  "God is an essence that we know nothing of. Until this awful blasphemy is got rid of, there will never be any liberal science in the world.“---John Adams  "And the day will come when the mystical generation of Jesus, by the supreme being as his father in the womb of a virgin will be classed with the fable of the generation of Minerva in the brain of Jupiter. But we may hope that the dawn of reason and freedom of thought in these United States will do away with all this artificial scaffolding, and restore to us the primitive and genuine doctrines of this the most venerated reformer of human errors." --Jefferson  A counter argument to the growing popularity of rationalism and science  Many founding fathers, followers of the enlightenment, were advocates of Deism.

22 Return to Religion, Provides Stability  Society during this expansion era was undergoing deep and rapid change  The revolution in markets brought both economic expansion and periodic depressions.  To combat this uncertainty reformers sought stability and order in religion  Religion provided a means of social control in a disordered society  Churchgoers embraced the values of hard work, punctuality, and sobriety  Revivals brought unity and strength and a sense of peace

23 Burned Over District  Burned over district in Western NY got its name from a “wild fire of new religions”  Gave birth to Seventh Day Adventists The Millerites believed the 2 nd coming of Christ would occur on October 22, 1843 Members sold belonging, bought white robes for the ascension into heaven Believers formed new church on October 23 rd  Like 1 st, 2 nd Awakening widened gaps between classes and religions


25 The Rise of African American Churches  Revivalism also spread to the African American community  The Second Great Awakening has been called the "central and defining event in the development of Afro- Christianity“ During these revivals Baptists and Methodists converted large numbers of blacks

26 The Rise of African American Churches  This led to the formation of all-black Methodist and Baptist churches, primarily in the North  African Methodist Episcopal (A. M. E.) had over 17,000 members by 1846

27 The Second Great Awakening “Spiritual Reform From Within” [Religious Revivalism] Social Reforms & Redefining the Ideal of Equality Temperance Asylum & Penal Reform Education Women’s Rights Abolitionism


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