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VoIP Spec 彙整 李思銳 Codec G.711 G.723.1 G.729 G.726 G.727 PCM16.

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1 VoIP Spec 彙整 李思銳

2 Codec G.711 G.723.1 G.729 G.726 G.727 PCM16


4 VAD and CNG Silence Compression VAD: Voice Activity Detection CNG: Conform Noise Generation 1. transparent through voice 2. RTP payload type: 13 or 19

5 CLIP CLIP: Caller ID Presentation Bellcore, ETSI FSK, DTMF Pre-Ringing, First Ringing Polarity Reverse

6 DTMF DTMF: Dual Tone Multi-Frequency 0, 1, …, 9, *, #, A, B, C, D Silence Gap Transfer Mode 1. inband 2. RFC 2833 3. SIP INFO

7 Jitter Buffer Static or Dynamic Optimal for delay Optimal for quality

8 AEC Echo Canceller G.165 G.168 Length (? ms)

9 CPT Call Progress Tone Dial Tone, Ringback Tone, Busy Tone, Warning Tone, Call Waiting Tone Frequency and Cadence

10 FAX T.38 G.711 pass-trou FAX / Modem Tone

11 Gain Mute In Gain Out Gain Auto Adjust

12 Flash Key Duration 300ms 600ms

13 Ptime Packetization Time, Sampling Rate G.723.1: 30ms G.711/G.729: 10ms, 20ms

14 Early Media Interactive Voice Response CRBT: Color Ring Back Tone Distinctive Ringing 180 Ringing / 183 Call Progress

15 SMS SMS over PSTN SMS over SIP

16 DND and Forwarding Do Not Disturb Busy Forward No Answer Forward Unconditional Forward

17 Transfer Unattended Attended Instant Messaging Blind Transfer

18 Hold Call Hold Consultation Hold Semi-Consultation Hold MOH: Music on Hold

19 3-way Conference Local Third Party is Added Third Party Joins

20 Call Waiting Call Waiting Tone Call Waiting with Caller ID Call Waiting Pickup

21 CLIR and COLR CLIR: Calling Line ID Restriction COLR: Connected Line ID Restriction Call Accept Call Block Call Transfer/Forwarding

22 Other Call Functions Call Following Me Call Park Call Pickup Automatic Call Return

23 NAT Traversal STUN: Simple Traversal of UDP over NATs TURN: Traversal Using Relay NAT UPNP: Universal Plug and Play ALG: Application Layer Gateway Outbound Proxy

24 Dialing Plan Min Digits, Max Digits Terminal Digit Start Timeout, Short Timeout, Long Timeout Full Match, Partial Match

25 Prefix Remove, Prefix Add Trail Remove, Trail Add Speed Dial Phone Book Hot Line

26 QoS ToS Diff-Serv VLAN Tag

27 Multi-Homming with SIP Server Master and Alterative SIP Server Dialing Plan

28 Auto-Provision HTTP / FTP / TFTP Zero Configuration TR-069

29 User Interface LCD / Button Web CLI: Command Line Interface

30 Management SNMP: Simple Network Management Protocol CDR: Call Detail Records Status Report: 1. Registrar Status 2. Line Status

31 Others Session Modification: SIP re-invite (Remote) syslog Debug / Trace Message SIP with TLS support SRTP SIP / H.323 / MGCP / Megaco Integration

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