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Christian Eiting, Bocholt,

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1 Christian Eiting, Bocholt, 08.09.2008
Gigaset DE380 IP R Christian Eiting, Bocholt,

2 Corded VoIP phone with outstanding speech quality
Product Highlights: CODECs: G.711u/a, G.729A/B, iLBC, G.722 Wideband codec support (G.722) HDSP Handsfree 128 x 35 dots matrix Display Downloadable configuration file support 29 keys, 7 LEDs Phonebook with 200 entries 2 x Ethernet 10 / 100 Mbps (IEEE 802.3), WAN / LAN DSL Modem or Router DSL Access © SHC C.Eiting

3 Configuration via Web interface or via menu
Features Configuration via Web interface or via menu Firmware updatable Compatible with all major SIP providers (Registration necessary) Preconfigured SIP provider settings Security: SRTP, TLS Caller Display (CLIP)* 5 configurable keys Headset-plug 2 x 3,5 mm (Micro, Headset) Three-party conference Call hold / consultation / toggle (HOLD) Call forwarding (CF) Call transfer * country, network and provider-dependent © SHC C.Eiting

4 Packing 1 x Gigaset D380 IP phone 1 x handset 1 x handset cable
1 x mains adapter 1 x LAN cable 1 x CD © SHC C.Eiting

5 First steps Connect the phone with Internet-Router as you can see in the picture! Optional: You can connect the phone to a computer as you can see in the left picture. The phone has an integrated 2-port switch. © SHC C.Eiting

6 Configure the Router via Selfinstaller Tool
With the Selfinstaller Tool is a Software Tool with this you can set up the phone in a few steps. It is a easy way to configure the phone. Step 1: Choose a language Step 2: Start den Installation wizard or you can choose between User guide and Product page online. © SHC C.Eiting

7 Selfinstaller Step 3: Check the package contents
Step 5: Connect the telephone to router Step 4: Connect the handset to telephone base unit Step 6: Optional connection to computer © SHC C.Eiting

8 Selfinstaller Step 7: Connect telephone to mains power supply
Step 8: Enter the IP address which you can seeon the display of the phone. © SHC C.Eiting

9 Selfinstaller Step 9: The WebUI starts and you have to logion. The standard password is „admin“. © SHC C.Eiting

10 Configuration Wizard The configuration wizard can help you to adjust network settings and enter the details of your SIP providers quickly and easily. You can configure in a few steps the following settings: Network Connection Mode – set IP mode for your device. Network Configuration – set detail network parameters. Profile Download – Automatic download of most configurations SIP Configuration – set account and server information Step 3 und 4 you can also find in the area „Settings“ ! © SHC C.Eiting

11 Settings – Network Settings
The DE380 IP R has an integrated 2-port Hub, therefore you have the possibility to connect a DSL modem directly or connect the phone to a router. If you use a router, the must switch to „Bridge Mode“ and if you use a modem, then you have to setup the „Router Mode“. As well you can set up your PPPoE Connection, the IP Range or the DNS Server. © SHC C.Eiting

12 Settings – VoIP Settings
! If you enalble this function, your telephone number will not be displayed! Advanced Settings: You can change ports and some other values like timeouts, egg. . Please note any information from your provider! Account Settings: You need to set up a VoIP provider for each number. Enter the the configuration data that is neccesary for accessing your VoIP provider‘s SIP service. You will receive this data from the VoIP provider. © SHC C.Eiting

13 Settings – VoIP Settings
Voice Settings: You can set various parameters for voice transmission, e.g. the comprehension method (codec) to be used. These parameters should only need adjusting if so required by the SIP gateway or SIP proxy you are using. Server Settings: You have to setup the SIP-server of your VoIP provider. © SHC C.Eiting

14 Settings – VoIP Settings
NAT Traversal: If your phone is connected to a router with NAT and / or a firewall, you must select some settings in this area so that your phone can be reached from the internet. Security: The Secure Real-Time Prtocol (SRTP) allows you to encrypt voice data transmitted using the Real-Time Protocol (RTP). © SHC C.Eiting

15 Settings – Phone Settings
Call Forwarding: You can autimatically forward incoming calls t oanother number. General: Adjust Volume of the ringers / handset / loudspeaker / etc. Select the language Set the ringer Melody Upload ( max. 22kb / µ-law encodet) Programm Keys: Assign functions to the programmable keys on the right-hand side of your phone. © SHC C.Eiting

16 Settings – Phone Settings
Alarm: You can program up three alarm settings. For each setting you can define whether the alarm should go off on a specific daily. Phone Book: You can save up to 200 phone numbers (32 digits max.) and corresponding names (18 digits max.) in the phonebook. Additionaly you can dial out from your list or import / export CSV files. DND (Do not Disturb): You are not available to incoming calls from these numbers. © SHC C.Eiting

17 Settings – Phone Settings
Call list: Missed / Dialed / Received Calls © SHC C.Eiting

18 Settings – Management Administration:
Remote Administration – Only programmed IP addresses have access permition Administration Accounts – You can craete „admin“ or „user“ accounts. System Log Settings: You can log system events such as messages, warnings and errors together with priority and type of event on a syslog server. © SHC C.Eiting

19 Settings – Management Date and Time: Define wheater you want to obtain data and time information automatically from a time server or enter the date and time manually. Ping Test: You can ping an IP address to check wheater another device is available in your network. Reboot: You may have to reboot your phone in certain operational situations. © SHC C.Eiting

20 Settings – Management Device Configuration: You can save or restore your phone‘s configuration or reset it to the default settings. Firmware Update: Firmware updates are available from the Customer Care website to always keep your phone up to date. You can update automatically or manually. © SHC C.Eiting

21 Information Tab You will see an overview of important settings for your phone. © SHC C.Eiting

22 Brief overview Gigaset DE380 IP R
© SHC C.Eiting

23 Connecting the headset
© SHC C.Eiting

24 THX © SHC C.Eiting

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