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Delivering Voice, Video, Data & Mobility to SMBs Technical Overview.

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1 Delivering Voice, Video, Data & Mobility to SMBs Technical Overview

2 Introducing… UCM6100 Series IP PBX Appliance UCM6102 UCM6104 UCM6108 UCM6116 Asterisk is a Registered Trademark of Digium

3 UCM61xx Hardware Specifications 1GHz ARM Cortex processor 512MB DDR RAM 4GB NAND Flash Integrated 2/4/8/16 PSTN trunk FXO ports, 2 analog FXS ports Gigabit network port with integrated PoE Plus (802.3at-2009) USB and SD peripheral ports LED indicators for power, network, FXO and FXS statuses 128x32 graphic LCD Display

4 UCM61xx Interfaces *NOTE  Only UCM6102 can act as Router (DHCP server).  UCM6104 has 2 Ethernet ports as well but can be used in Bridge mode only.  UCM6108/UCM6116 have only 1 Ethernet port. UCM ModelEthernet Port (with PoE)NAT RouterFXSFXOPeripheral Ports UCM6102WAN and LAN portsYES22USB, SD Card UCM61042 LAN portsN/A24USB, SD Card UCM61081 LAN PortN/A28USB, SD Card UCM61161 LAN PortN/A216USB, SD Card

5 UCM61xx Voice/Fax and Video Voice and Fax Codecs  G.711 aLaw/uLaw  G.722 (HD Voice)  G.723 (5.3K / 6.3K)  G.726  G.729 A/B  iLBC  GSM  T.38 Video Codecs  H.264  H.263  H.263+ *NOTE: Hardware Transcoding o Up to 8 between 2 different LBRs o Up to 16 between PCM and LBR o Up to Max concurrent calls when codecs are the same

6 UCM61xx Signaling and Control DTMF Methods  In Audio  RFC2833  SIP INFO Provisioning Protocol and Plug-and-Play  TFTP/HTTP/HTTPS  Auto-Discovery and Auto-Provisioning of Grandstream Endpoints. Network Protocols  TCP/UDP/IP, RTP/RTCP, ICMP, ARP, DNS, DDNS, DHCP, NTP, TFTP, SSH, HTTP/HTTPS, PPPoE, SIP (RFC3261), STUN, TLS/SIP VoIP Protocols  Open source SIP (RFC3261)  Asterisk proprietary IAX

7 UCM61xx Calling Features Concurrent Calling  UCM6102: Up to 30 simultaneous calls  UCM6104: Up to 45 simultaneous calls  UCM6108/UCM6116: Up to 60 simultaneous calls Conference Bridges  UCM6102/UCM6104: Up to 3 password-protected conference bridges allowing up to 25 simultaneous participants  UCM6108/UCM6116: Up to 6 password-protected conference bridges allowing up to 32 simultaneous participants SIP Trunk and Endpoint Registrations  Up to 50 SIP Trunk Accounts  Up to 500 SIP Endpoint Registrations.

8 UCM61xx Calling Features (continued) Basic Features  Auto Attendant (IVR)  Caller Record (CDR)  Conference Bridge  Do Not Disturb  Call Forward  Call Queue  Call Park  Call Pickup  Call Waiting  Black/White List  Callback  Intercom/Paging  Ring Group  Multi-Language  Attended/Blind Transfer  Music on Hold  Voicemail  Call Forwarding Advanced Features  Record Server  LDAP Server  Busy Lamp Field (BLF)  802.1X Access  Zero Configuration  Video Codec Negotiation  DID  Mobile Extension  Firewall/Router  FAX server  Fax-to-Email  TLS  Media Security (SRTP)  FXO Automatic Detection  3-way Video Conference

9 UCM61xx Security Network  LLDP support on data link layer authentication  802.1x authentication for network access  Firewall/ACL access control System Configuration  Inbound route/outbound route with privilege assignment  Log printout  Automatic system backup Application  HTTPS for secure remote access  AES-128 encryption for data transmission  Random generated passwords for SIP extensions  TLS Signaling encryption between UCM and end-point  SRTP real-time media encryption between UCM to end-point


11 Let’s take a look at the UCM6100 series intuitive web interface…

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