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VIP-5060PT Professional Gigabit HD PoE IP Phone Copyright © PLANET Technology Corporation. All rights reserved.

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1 VIP-5060PT Professional Gigabit HD PoE IP Phone Copyright © PLANET Technology Corporation. All rights reserved.

2 Presentation Outline  Product Overview  Product Features  Applications  Product Comparison

3 Front Panel of VIP-5060PT Product Overview 128 x 64 Graphic LCD 1 2 MWI Lamp 4 x Soft Key 4 Volume and Mute Keys 8 Hand free Speaker 6 3 Navigation Keys 4 x Line Key with 8 x Programmable Key 5 Digital & Function Keyboard 7

4 Rear Panel of VIP-5060PT Product Overview 12V DC 5 Handset / Headset Port 3 1 Wall Mount Hole LAN (PoE) / PC Port with Dual Gigabit 4 6 External Console Stand Hole 2 Console Mount Hole 7

5  Physical Connection Product Installation PoE Switch PC Mounting Bracket Extending Module (RJ-11) Mounting Stand Handset / Headset

6  Dimensions 290 x 260 x 60 mm (W x D x H)  Weight 1 kg (without package)  Environmental Spec. Operating Temp & Humidity: 0 ~ 40 degrees C / 10~65% Humidity  Power Consumption 5V / 1A DC, AC 100~240V Product Overview

7 Highlight Features Supports SIP 2.0 (RFC3261) Dual Gigabit (PC / LAN) Supports Six SIP voice lines IEEE 802.3af Power over Ethernet compliant Supports HD (High-Definition) voice Supports SRTP and Busy Lamp Field (BLF) Supports 5 extension consoles with each consisting of 26 keys (Supporting Maximum 130 Keys) Network Features Route and Bridge modes PPPoE / DHCP client on LAN 802.1 VLAN (voice VLAN / data VLAN) VPN (L2TP / openVPN) and DMZ Main DNS and secondary DNS server DNS Relay, SNTP Client, Firewall Product Features

8 Advanced Features User Friendly Web configuration and Wizard Setting SIP supports SIP domain, SIP authentication (none, basic, MD5), DNS name of server, Peer to Peer / IP call Inband, SIP info, RFC 2833 DTMF Relay 9 kinds of ring types and 3 user-defined music rings Large dot matrix LCD display and soft keys make it easier for users to use Soft keys and function keys programmable Multilanguage realizes localization Echo cancellation: Supports G.168, and hands-free feature can support 96ms Supports Voice Gain Setting, VAD, CNG Full duplex hands-free speaker phone Hands-free headset ringing choice Voice codec setting for each SIP line

9 Product Features SIP Features Call forward / Transfer (blind/attended) Call Holding / Waiting / 3-way conference Web Call Paging and Intercom Call park / Call pickup / Join call Redial and click to dial Incoming calls / outgoing calls / missing calls (Each supports 100 records) SMS (Short Message Service) and Speed Dial Phonebook up to 500 records XML phonebook / LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol) Call Control Features Flexible dial map / Hotline / Empty calling no. White list / Black list for rejecting authenticated call Do not disturb (DND) Caller ID / CLIR (reject an anonymous call) / CLIP (make an anonymous call)

10 Product Features Maintenance and Management Integrated web server provides web-based administration and configuration Telephone keypad configuration via display menu/navigation Automated provisioning and upgrade via HTTPS, HTTP, TFTP User authentication for configuration pages Local and Remote Syslog (RFC 3164) SNTP Time Synchronization TR069

11 HD Voice Product Features - HD Voice HD Voice (High-Definition Voice) Making the quality of voice better than the standard digital telephony and even close to that of a room conversation

12 Gigabit Product Features - Gigabit Dual Gigabit Ethernet Providing affordable, advanced voice and data communications that small businesses need to stay productive and responsive, it’s designed to meet today’s high bandwidth and VoIP needs. Before 10 / 100 Now Dual Gigabit

13 VLAN Product Features - VLAN Without VLAN With VLAN Separate the data and voice to maintain the best quality

14  BLF (Busy Lamp Field) Application IDLE: Green LED (Light Up) Ringing: Red LED (Blinking) Talking: Red LED (Light Up) BLF Product Features - BLF User A User B Hello! * BLF function needs to arrange with IP PBX that supports BLF function

15 External Console Product Features - External Console Supports 5 Ext. Console With 130 Definable Keys Speed Dial BLF Call Park Intercom MWI Call Forward

16 Product Applications Conference Call Hot Line Intercom

17 Product Comparison - Internal Model Features VIP-5060PTVIP-2020PTVIP-256PT WAN / LAN1 / 1 Gigabit EthernetDual Gigabit10/100 802.3af PoE ■■■ Voice Line 622 LCD Display 128 x 64 Graphic128 X 48 Graphic 128 × 32 Graphic Voice Codec G.711 A/U, G.723, G.729 A/B, G.722, G.726, AMR, AMR-WB, iLBC G.711 A/U, G.723, G.729 A/B, G.722, G726 G.711 A/U, G.726, G.722, G.723 External Console ■ ■ - XML / LDAP ■■ - CLIR / CLIP ■■ - Web Call ■■ - BLF / Caller ID / Intercom / DND / DMZ / SMS / Three- way Conference / Auto- Provision / Forward / VLAN ■■■

18 Product Comparison - External Model Features PLANET VIP-5060PT Polycom IP 650 Snom 370 LAN / PC Port1 / 1 Gigabit Ethernet ■ -- 802.3af PoE ■■■ Voice Line 6612 LCD Display 128 x 64 Graphic 320 x 160 Graphic 240 x 128 pixels Voice Codec G.711 A/U, G.723, G.729 A/B, G.722, G.726, AMR, AMR-WB, iLBC G.722, G.711 /A, G.729A G.711,G.729,G.723.1, G.722, G.726, GSM IAX / IAX2 ■ -- External Console 130 definable keys 48 definable keys42 definable keys XML / LDAP ■ -- CLIR / CLIP ■ -- VPN (L2TP) and DMZ ■ -VPN Web Call ■ - ■

19 Appendix  Accessories Model Name Description VIP-EXT-26Expansion Module for VIP-2020PT/VIP-5060PT 26 programmable buttons per module Supports Busy Lamp Field (BLF) Dual color LED for status indication Speed dial for each line 5 daisy-chain modules for 130 programmable buttons Conference/call transfer/forward/pickup Compatible with PLANET VIP-2020PT / VIP- 5060PT business pro IP phones

20  Target Markets ISP / ITSP System Integrator Reseller  Profitable Products The following are potential to all customers: ATA VIP-156, VIP-156PE, VIP-157, VIP-157S IP Phone VIP-254NT, VIP- 256PT, VIP-362WT, VIP-2020PT IP PBX IPX-330, IPX-2100, IPX-2500 UMG UMG-1000, UMG-2200 Sales Target


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