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the Rapid Containment Expandable Baton or (R.C.B.)

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1 the Rapid Containment Expandable Baton or (R.C.B.)
Peacekeeper Products International Introduces the Rapid Containment Expandable Baton or (R.C.B.)

2 IF YOU’RE CONCERNED THAT YOUR CURRENT EXPANDABLE BATON DOESN’T HAVE THE “STOPPING POWER” THAT YOU EXPECT IN A BATON, YOU’RE NOT ALONE !!! That’s why numerous agencies have switched over to the Rapid Containment Baton or “R.C.B.”

3 Know the Evolution of Batons
In the 60’s & 70’s, we had straight stick batons that were Effective, but not convenient. In the 80’s, the side handle baton required too much training to be effective. In the 90’s, light weight expandable batons provided Convenience, but lacked effectiveness. In the last 10 years, Law Enforcement has sacrificed Effectiveness, Dependability and Durability , for Convenience ! The R.C.B. offers the Effectiveness, Simplified Training, and Use of the straight stick ….. AND the Convenience of expandable batons, all in one baton.

4 Why not approve one baton that is:
EFFECTIVE DURABLE DEPENDABLE and CONVENIENT ! Q: Why do Law Enforcement officers carry batons to begin with ? ? ? A: Their ability to contain a suspect rapidly as an intermediate “Use of Force” option. Q: Does your current baton satisfy the most important reason to carry a Baton? Or is it just convenient to collapse.

Kinetic Energy = (½)velocity2 x mass or KE = ½(v2) x m .22 cal. ammunition – high velocity, low mass = Poor stopping power. .45 cal. – significant velocity AND mass = Superior Stopping Power The R.C.B. is the .45 caliber Less-Lethal Option !

6 Know the 8 key Benefits the “R. C. B
Know the 8 key Benefits the “R.C.B.” has over other expandable batons : Weight redistributed in the distal half of the baton, instead of in the handle providing Rapid Containment! Redistributed weight design gives smaller officers a competitive edge and more officer safety in a confrontation. The ability to expand the baton in confined space, where OC Sprays would not be indicated for use, by simply grabbing the tip of the baton! The ability to jab with the baton without the baton collapsing in the middle of an altercation! A broad end cap to reduce laceration liability! Durable patented design includes machined strike tubes instead of weaker formed tubes! The ability to collapse the baton without having to drive it into the ground! The ability to break open a vehicle window without the threat of the baton bending or breaking !

7 It wasn’t long ago that the Law Enforcement community thought OC Sprays were going to be the “Magic Pill” as an intermediate “use of force” option. Are you headed down that same path with a dependence on stun gun technology, or does your department provide a variety of “Less Lethal” options for each officers safety ???

8 Since the specifications of the R. C
Since the specifications of the R.C.B are superior to any other expandable baton, the R.C.B. may already be approved in your agency ! ! ! Baton lengths are available in 21, 24, 26 & 29 inches. Holsters are available in Plain Leather, Basket weave Leather and Ballistic Nylon. Rotational Holsters and Retention End Caps are also available.

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