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Drivers Ed Chapter 5 Review.

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1 Drivers Ed Chapter 5 Review

2 What is the force that pulls things toward the center of the earth?

3 If you place a filled roof-top carrier on a car, what happens to the center of gravity?
raises it

4 The energy of motion is called _____.
kinetic energy

5 If a car’s speed doubles, the distance it will take to stop is increased by ____.

6 What action keeps the tires on the road?

7 What do tire treads have to do with water flow?
pushes water away from the tire

8 What do shock absorbers do?
help create traction

9 A car driven around a curve has a natural tendency to go in a ____ path.

10 The higher your speed, the more _______ is required.

11 perception + reaction + braking distance = ____
total stopping distance

12 What happens to braking distance as speed doubles?
it doubles

13 What does the 4 second rule mean?
it’s the time it takes you to react to a traffic event

14 What does the second collision consist of?
the occupants hitting the inside of the car after the initial collision

15 Is a seatbelt and active or passive restraint?

16 What is a restraint called that doesn’t require the driver to handle it?
passive restraint

17 The point at which all weight is evenly balanced is known as the
center of gravity

18 What does adding weight to the top of a car do to the stability?
makes it worse

19 If a tire is underinflated, the only part that touches the road is the
outside edges

20 tires, shock absorbers, and steering systems all affect

21 Which freezes first – the bridge, or the road?

22 When is the best time to adjust your speed when maneuvering a curve?
before the curve

23 If your brakes are worn unevenly, your car will ____ during a sudden stop.
pull to one side

24 The relationship of vehicle weight to force of impact is
double the weight, double the impact

25 What are 2 things that help you maintain good traction?
car condition and road conditions

26 what is the best type of surface to drive on?
clean, dry, level concrete

27 What are the 4 factors that affect the control of your car in a curve.
speed banked curves sharpness of curve load

28 Explain split/divided traction.
½ used for turning, ½ for braking

29 What are the 4 factors that affect braking distance?
speed road surface hills load

30 What are the 3 factors that determine the force of impact?
speed weight distance between impact and stop

31 What is the PA child safety law?
children under 4 – federally approved safety seats; 4-7 booster seat; 8-17 must be buckled


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