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Outlook Tips Your IT Department Never Told You About.

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1 Outlook Tips Your IT Department Never Told You About

2 Quick Tip #1 Create a new Message, Appointment, or Contact while Outlook is minimized. Simply right-click the Outlook icon on your Taskbar.

3 Quick Tip #2 Add a flag to a message to help you better manage your mail.

4 Quick Tip #3 Add a reminder to an outgoing message when you want a response by a certain date.

5 Quick Tip #4 Forward multiple messages as one item.

6 Quick Tip #5 Use an Outlook signature to bring in commonly used phrases.

7 Quick Tip #6 Rename folders with an * or _ to reorder them in the folder list.

8 Quick Tip #6 Insert a screenshot into an message

9 Quick Tip #7 Reduce clutter with the Clean Up Conversation feature.

10 Quick Tip #8 Resend or recall your message – this being successful depends on the settings in the recipient’s version of Outlook…but it is worth a try!


12 Junk Tip #1 Periodically review the Junk folder for legitimate messages that were incorrectly classified as junk.

13 Junk Tip #2 Review items first – then empty Junk folder if not needed to free space.

14 Junk Tip #3 Add senders to the Blocked Senders list to reduce unwanted .

15 Junk Tip #4

16 Junk Tip #5


18 Customizing Tip #1 Customize the To-Do Bar

19 Customizing Tip #2 Customize the Reading Pane

20 Customizing Tip #3 Automate common tasks with Quick Steps

21 Customizing Tip #4 Use Rules to handle messages or appointments.

22 Customizing Tip #5 Intercept sent s with the Defer rule

23 Customizing Tip #6 Highlight incoming messages with text colors and fonts.

24 Customizing Tip #7 Empty deleted items on exit or open your Calendar when Outlook starts.

25 Searching Tip #1 Add a folder to Favorites, and minimize the Favorites group.

26 Searching Tip #2 Use Quick Search and Search Tools commands.

27 Searching Tip #3 Create a Search Folder for commonly searched information.

28 Searching Tip #4 Use Conversation View to see all the messages in a thread. Collapse the thread when needed.


30 Calendar Tip #1 Navigate in the Calendar with Ctrl+G

31 Calendar Tip #2 Using the Scheduling Assistant to see free/busy time when creating meeting requests.

32 Calendar Tip #3 View any combination of days in the calendar by selecting those days on the navigation calendar.

33 Calendar Tip #4 Create Group Calendars to view multiple peoples’ appointments with just a few clicks.

34 Calendar Tip #5 Create meetings for people in multiple time zones, at a time when they might all be awake!


36 Keyboard Tip Use keyboard shortcuts to move around or perform tasks in Outlook.

37 Where to find these and other useful tips meeting.html Outlook Help


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