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Advanced Outlook. Objectives •Customize Outlook for individual use •Understand and control security options •Create and use folders •Integrate Outlook.

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1 Advanced Outlook

2 Objectives •Customize Outlook for individual use •Understand and control security options •Create and use folders •Integrate Outlook with other applications •Delegate •Establish rules and filters Next

3 Customize Outlook •Display menus to suit your use. •Animate menus. •Create your own toolbars. •Add your own shortcuts to the Navigation Pane. NextBack

4 Customize Menus Click Tools, Customize, and the Options tab. Check “Always show full menus” to prevent partial displays. NextBack

5 Animate Menus Just for fun, you can animate your menus. Click Tools, Customize, and the Options tab. Choose an animation option. NextBack Of course, you have click Close.

6 Creating Toolbars Click View, Toolbars, Customize, then the Toolbars tab. Click New… NextBack Name your new toolbar and click OK.

7 Creating Toolbars Your new toolbar shows up in the list. Be sure to check (  ) it, then click the Commands tab. NextBack

8 Creating Toolbars NextBack Choose the commands you want to use by dragging them to the new toolbar. Now it’s time to try it! Build a toolbar and click Close. This is the new toolbar!

9 Creating Toolbars NextBack Now just drag your new toolbar to the location of your choice. You did it!

10 Change Navigation Options To customize your Navigation Pane, click the Configure buttons Arrow, then choose the options you wish to display. NextBack Time to experiment!

11 Security Dangerous attachments and other vicious content require specials security steps be taken. Click Tools, Macro, Security. NextBack

12 Security Choose the desired level of security and click OK. Click on the Trusted Publishers tab. NextBack

13 Security Any sender who has submitted a certificate to you will be listed here. If you have a digital ID (certificate) but you don’t want to assume the content will be safe, select them from the list and click Remove. NextBack

14 Security No matter which security level you choose, macros from anyone who appears on your Trusted Publishers list will run automatically. The highest level of protection requires removing everyone from the Trusted Publishers list. NextBack

15 Folders •Existing folders can be organized by categories or by colors •New folders can be created to fill specific needs •Rules can be created and applied to organize materials into folders •“Filing” is a breeze! NextBack

16 Organizing Folders NextBack To organize, click on the name of a folder, then click Tools, Organize.

17 Organizing Folders NextBack Using CategoriesUsing Colors • Select the items to assign to a category. • Choose an existing category (and Add) or enter a new category name (and Create). • Repeat as needed. • Select the folder to organize. • Select from/sent to in first list box. • Select the name in the second box. • Select the color from the drop-down list. • Click Apply Color.

18 Creating Folders •Right-click the “parent” folder. •Select New Folder. •Enter a name for the folder. •Click the down arrow under “Folder contains” to define the content of the folder. •Click OK. NextBack Use the process below to create three new folders.

19 Using Folders Moving items into/between folder can be accomplished in one of two ways. 1.Use the Organize function. 2.Drag and drop. Let’s practice both methods. NextBack

20 Saving Items as Text Files Outlook items can be saved as text files by: 1.Select the message to save. 2.Click File, Save As. 3.Choose a file location. 4.Enter a name for the file. 5.Click Save. Let’s practice. NextBack

21 The Junk Mail Folder Outlook has a folder established to dealing with that pesky junk mail. To establish preferred settings, click Actions. Junk E- mail, and Junk E- mail options. NextBack

22 Other Folders Time to explore again! 1.Find your Deleted Items folder and empty it. 2.Find your Sent Items folder and sort the contents by date. 3.Revisit your Junk E-mail folder and the view the items for the last seven days. NextBack

23 Integrate! Outlook works well with other applications that are part of Microsoft Office. Two examples: •Mail merge •Importing/exporting data NextBack

24 Mail Merges From the Contacts view, click Tools, Mail Merge. NextBack

25 Import and Export Various types of data can be imported to or exported from Outlook. Outlook provides a wizard to help with the process. NextBack

26 Now Delegate! In Outlook, delegates are individuals who have been given access to your Inbox, folders, calendar, and so on. Access rights can be delegated on a folder-by-folder basis. Let’s look at the process. NextBack

27 Levels of Delegation None – Use this option for specific folders. Example: a user with rights to view your calendar may be given no rights to view your Inbox. Reviewer – read only access. Author – can read and create items. Editor – full access; read, write, and modify. NextBack

28 The Assistant To act as someone’s delegate, click File, Open, Other User’s Folder NextBack Click on the Name button to see a list of users who have delegated access to you. Click on the down arrow to select the folder you want to access.

29 Rules and Filters You were asked to bring with you one task for which a rule or filter could be applied. Time to turn in your homework! NextBack

30 Quick-n-Easy Filters Add a sender to the Blocked Senders list. Add a sender to the Safe Senders list. Add a sender’s domain to the Safe Senders list. Add a recipient to the Safe Recipients list. NextBack

31 You Made It! You can now call yourself an Advanced Outlook user. Questions? Call the Help Desk at x4400 or e-mail

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