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1 Preview of August 2008 edition of the official TAS newsletter!

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1 1 Preview of August 2008 edition of the official TAS newsletter!

2 2 Why this preview? Often we allow time during a meeting to take a peek at the newest edition of FinTAStic. If you have a slow connection, it may take a while to download it. So, we have this preview to give you a glimpse of what’s in store. So welcome to the newest FinTAStic…

3 3 With a bright new look! “Wow!” - cover of the newest edition. The next pages give you a peek inside…

4 4 In this edition… From the Editor – meet the new editor, Steve Rogers. How did he get started with tropical fish? –“I was invited over to see his fish room…I was amazed beyond belief!”

5 5 New Feature “Newbie Corner” by Kathi Fluck, with pointers and advice for those who are new to angelfish. This month: all about heaters and temperature. “Heaters never break down at a convenient time” “Always keep a backup!” “A simple scan…for temperature takes seconds…”

6 6 Feature Articles!

7 7 Interview with Mario Toromanovic Mario was winner of the May photo contest with this gorgeous koi angelfish. How did he raise such a brilliant orange koi angelfish? He tells all in this interview!

8 8 Steve Rybicki Interview with Steve Rybicki, a founding member of TAS! Are there enough hours in a day to make a living raising angelfish? How many tanks does he have in his hatchery? (Does he even know?!)

9 9 Getting a chance to judge! What if you went to a fish show to show your fish and got asked to judge? Isaiah Jenkins tells how he handled this unexpected opportunity!

10 10 Dangers of Blood Worms! Do you get itchy, watery eyes, runny nose, start wheezing when you feed your angelfish bloodworms? You may be putting your life and the lives of your family members on the line! –Why are we so allergic to bloodworms? –How can you protect yourself and your family? Find out more in this article by Tamar Stephens

11 11 Next Edition: Wild Angelfish! The November 2008 issue will be all about wild angelfish! Do you keep wilds? Breed them? Cross them with domestics? Have you ever caught angelfish in the wild? We want to hear from you! Share your stories!

12 12 To submit an article… Contact the newsletter committee to be interviewed about your experiences with wilds! Or write an article! Send us a your best photos! Contact the committee or submit an article, a photo, and original piece of artwork, or to arrange an interview, at:

13 13 Download the August 2008 edition We hope you enjoy the newest FinTAStic! Download it here from the TAS Newsletter page at: The End

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