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TAS Angelfish Show Awards at the 2011 ACA Convention.

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1 TAS Angelfish Show Awards at the 2011 ACA Convention

2 TAS 2 nd Annual Angelfish Show TAS held its second annual Angelfish Show at the 2011 ACA Convention, July 21-24 Meet the winning angelfish!

3 Class 1 Wild and Wild Type: P. altum, P. scalare, and P. leopoldi

4 3 rd place: Frank Cowherd #202 Wild Scalare

5 2 nd place Christian Moscarell #222 Wild Scalare

6 1 st place Frank Cowherd #201 Wild Scalare

7 Class 2 Tank-Raised Domestic P. scalare: Dark Locus Phenotypes

8 3 rd place Gene Guido #209 Gold superveil

9 2 nd place Frank Cowherd #203 Black

10 1st place Frank Cowherd #204 Black

11 Class 3 Tank-Raised Domestic P. scalare: Zebra, Albino, Pearlscale, Smokey, Half-black

12 3 rd place George Goulart #220 Albino pearlscale

13 2 nd place Gene Guido #207 Silver ghost

14 1 st place Lisa LaFrancis #218 Silver ghost

15 Class 4 Tank-Raised Domestic P. scalare: Multi-locus & co-dominant phenotypes

16 3 rd place Gene Guido #208 Streaked black

17 2 nd place Lisa LaFrancis #214 Platinum black

18 1 st place Lisa LaFrancis #217 Black blushing

19 Best in Show

20 Best in Show Frank Cowherd #204 Black

21 Frank Cowherd with his Best in Show Trophy

22 Meet the people who made it happen!

23 Our Speaker: Charles Hawks Chuck talked on how to distinguish the different varieties of wild angelfish.

24 TAS Table Left to right, Francine Bethea of Capital Cichlid Association; Tamar Stephens, TAS President; Chuck Hawks, TAS member, speaker, and all around helper.

25 TAS Judges From left to right, Dave Hlasnik, judge; Lisa LaFrancis, assistant and judge-in-training; Steve Rybicki, judge.

26 Photographer Special thanks go to David Ramsey, who took photos of all the winning angelfish. David is a new TAS member who joined TAS at the ACA convention. Photographing the fish was especially challenging due to poor lighting and poor backdrop. Try photographing a black angelfish with black plastic under and behind the tank! Thank you David! People photos were taken by Tamar Stephens.

27 And thank you to everyone else who helped! Leslie James for researching and selecting perfect ribbons and trophy! To all the people who entered the TAS Angelfish Show! Steve Rybicki (left) chatting with Gene Guido (right). Gene is a long-tine TAS member who entered angelfish in the TAS Angelfish Show both in 2010 and in 2011.

28 Next year: Start planning for 2012! How many of you looked at these photos of winning angelfish and thought to yourself, “Hey, I have angels just as beautiful!” Well, start planning for 2012. Raise up the most spectacular angelfish you can, using all those skills of good angelfish husbandry that you know, and bring your angelfish to the 2012 Third Annual TAS Angelfish Show! ACA 2012 will be hosted by the Circle City Aquarium Club in Indianapolis, IN, July 11-15. The end

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