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Jane Goodall’s 10 Ways to Help Save Wildlife

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1 Jane Goodall’s 10 Ways to Help Save Wildlife
Internationally known scientist and conservationist Jane Goodall offers ten suggestions for ways we can all help save wildlife. From thinking of animals as individuals to recycling paper and getting involved with animal-rights organizations, Goodall suggests simple steps everyone can take.

2 Other Books by Jane Goodall

3 Skill Lessons Fact and Opinion (PB 83, 87, 88) Vocabulary (PB 84)
Context Clues (PB 85) Compare and Contrast (PB 86) Electronic Media (PB 89-90)

4 Fact and Opinion A statement of fact can be proved true or false.
A statement of opinion tells what someone thinks or feels. Statements of opinion often contain words that make judgments, such as interesting or beautiful. A single sentence might contain both a statement of fact and a statement of opinion.

5 Vocabulary Words Conservation Contribute Enthusiastic Environment

6 Vocabulary Context Clues
As you read, you will find unfamiliar words. You can use context clues to figure out the meaning of a new word. Context clues are found in the words and sentences around an unfamiliar word.

7 Conservation Preservation from harm or decay; protection from loss or from being used up

8 Contribute To help bring about

9 Enthusiastic Full of enthusiasm; eagerly interested

10 Environment Condition of the air, water, soil, etc.

11 Investigation A careful search; detailed or careful examination

12 Compare and Contrast Writers sometimes use comparison and contrast to organize their writing. Clue words such as same, also, before, although, and however signal comparisons and contrasts. Good readers notice the author’s comparisons and contrasts and make their own as they read.

13 Electronic Media There are two types of electronic media – computer and non-computer. Computer sources include computer software, CD-ROMs, and the Internet. Non-computer sources include audiotapes, videotapes, film, filmstrips, television, and radio.

14 Electronic Media To find information on the Internet, use a search engine and type in your keywords. Be specific. It’s a good idea to use two or more keywords as well as typing “AND” between keywords. To go to a Web page that’s listed in your search results, click on the underlined link.

15 Resources Animal Planet PBS Roots and Shoots

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