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Literary Terms By: Dalton Crouch.

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1 Literary Terms By: Dalton Crouch

2 Setting the time and place in which the action of a story occurs

3 Character the person or animal around which the action in a story occurs

4 Flashback returning to an earlier time in a story for the purpose of making something clearer in the present

5 Opinion a statement that requires a value judgment; it is what someone thinks or believes THE BEST GAME EVER

6 Fact A statement that is true or can be proven Won the 2010 Super Bowl

7 First-person a point of view that includes the author, uses the word "I"

8 Mood how the writing makes the reader feel (happy, sad, upset)

9 Plot the action or events in a story

10 Simile a figurative comparison that uses "like" or "as"
Everyone love this game

11 Theme a statement about life that a particular selection is trying to get across to the reader Something that stands out

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