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Let’s Be Ready Chickaloon Village Youth Safety Preparedness Lesson.

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1 Let’s Be Ready Chickaloon Village Youth Safety Preparedness Lesson

2 What Is An Emergency? 1.noun 2.a serious, unexpected, and often dangerous situation requiring immediate action.  Fire, earthquakes, and floods are all examples of emergencies.

3 How Do You Prepare For Emergencies?  Have a plan!  Practice safety drills!  Prepare an emergency kit  Communicate with parents and guardians  Be aware  Follow directions  Always be prepared

4 Safety is Apart of Everything We Do  What do you do to stay safe when riding in a car, or bike?  Seatbelts and helmets are examples of things you use to keep safe.

5 Be Alert  There are signs and sounds all around us to keep safe.  EXIT Signs- tell us the way to get out fast  Where do you see EXIT signs?  Smoke Alarms- If there is a fire it will make a loud BEEP BEEP sound that tells you to get outside fast and to stay outside.  Where do you see smoke alarms?

6 Emergency Plan  Do you know your first and last name?  Do you know your address?  Do you know your phone number?  Do you know where to go if there is an emergency?

7 If You Need Help Who Do You Ask?  Our community has special helpers who are ready to help when we need it.  Who would we ask to help in an emergency?  Firefighters  Peace Officers  Police Officers  Doctors  Teachers  Emergency responders

8 Emergency Plan  Is a written plan that is shared with family friends and school.  What is in a emergency plan?  Emergency Contacts  Emergency Meeting Place  Local emergency numbers  Police Station  Fire Station  Family Doctor  Other important adult

9 Emergency Kit  Copy of family emergency plan  Extra copy of family health records and list of current medicine and dosage  Extra copy of insurance cards  First Aid Kit and Medications  3 day supply of water (1 gallon per person per day)  3 day supply of canned and dry food (can opener)  Battery powered radio plus extra batteries  Flash light (extra batteries)  Tools  Pet supplies  Spare keys to house and car  Blankets / Sleeping bags  Utensils  Trash Bags  Warm gear and extra clothes (Prepare for the seasons)

10 And Remember  Keep your kit handy  Keep items in airtight plastic bags.  Refill your kit with fresh water and batteries every 6 months.

11 Congratulations You have completed your emergency preparedness course

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