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Camping at Suntrap 1969 - 2012 Raising Achievement - Outdoors.

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2 Camping at Suntrap 1969 - 2012 Raising Achievement - Outdoors

3 The old shelter was built during a head teachers ’ camp in 1969

4 The new shelter built with a grant in 2002

5 Renewable resources. Wind and solar power provide energy for lights and a cool box.

6 There are 2 camps a week throughout the summer. Children stay for 2 or 3 days and 1 or 2 nights.

7 Camping in our private field NOT the forest

8 2 or 3 boys or girls in a tent

9 Group cooperation necessary when putting up or taking down their tents.

10 We provide blankets and mattresses.

11 Camp supervision and safety; 2 Suntrap staff (who have First Aid training) and at least 2 adults from school. 24 hour supervision.

12 The children use the washing/toilet facilities in Suntrap building. The loo tent is for night time emergency use.

13 Luggage A squashy bag will fit into a tent more easily.

14 Food and mealtimes.

15 New, shared experiences

16 Camp jobs; washing up, collecting water, wiping tables or collecting wood. Washing up – a life skill !

17 What to bring… Sleeping bag, pillow and spare blanket packed in labelled bin liner, (+ a spare labelled bin liner). A bag containing packed lunch and rain coat. Wellies in a carrier bag NOT packed with luggage.

18 Clothing…. Warm things to sleep in (joggers and hoodies are best). At least 2 changes of clothing, warm jumper/fleece. Wash kit, including towel. torch Books/comics and small games for ‘ quiet ’ moments! Cameras are good but don ’ t send anything expensive.

19 All medicines given to class teacher. Clearly labelled with dosage instructions. ‘ Wrap around ’ sunglasses make a big difference to hay fever sufferers. Sun cream, lip salve and a hat for hot sunny days. A watch so that they know it is only 4.30am! And finally…

20 Working together Cooperation Trust Fun!

21 Curriculum work during the day in the forest. Not just ‘ nature ’ and science but also…. ….art, history, language….

22 ….maths and geography

23 …technology…… ……achievement.

24 Indoor facilities for bad weather.

25 For more information visit our website forest/SuntrapForestEducationCentre

26 End of camp ………….. !

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