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2 Jeopardy Geography 100 100 100 200 200 200 300 300 300 400 400 400 500 500 500

3 CLICK HERE FOR ANSWER tolerance Duncan is addicted to heroin and has to keep increasing his dosage to get the same effects. This effect of addiction is called Back to game board

4 CLICK HERE FOR ANSWER barbiturate Louise uses a drug that causes her to relax and go to sleep. Her attention is lowered, and she experiences mild euphoria along with decreased muscle coordination. What classification of drug is she using? Back to game board

5 CLICK HERE FOR ANSWER Stimulants Heidi has been using psychoactive drugs. She appears extremely alert and euphoric. She sometimes has hallucinations. Her physical and psychological dependence is moderate to high. Which category of psychoactive drugs is Heidi using? Back to game board

6 CLICK HERE FOR ANSWER an amphetamine Mitch takes a drug and feels that his behavior is more rapid and energetic, and he notices that he can work more quickly when he takes this drug. His friends observe that Mitch is also more anxious and worries that others are watching him when he is using the drug. Mitch is most likely taking Back to game board

7 CLICK HERE FOR ANSWER nonconscious When Andy uses the expression “I can feel the wheels in my mind turning” when he is thinking, he cannot actually sense the activity in his brain, because it occurs at the ______________ level. Back to game board

8 CLICK HERE FOR ANSWER unconscious Cartman is unaware that he is having inappropriate thoughts about how to kill Kenny. Freud would explain that these thoughts occur at a(n) ______ level of consciousness. Back to game board

9 CLICK HERE FOR ANSWER Stage 2 Rhiannon had been asleep for about 25 minutes when she was awakened by her roommate screaming at her to answer the phone. Rhiannon was extremely groggy, so instead of picking up the phone, she picked up her shoe and said "Hello?" Rhiannon was most likely in which stage of sleep? Back to game board

10 CLICK HERE FOR ANSWER alpha waves Soon it may be possible to monitor the brain waves of people remotely via helmets they wear. If you wanted to use this type of device to detect when an airplane pilot is starting to fall asleep (and activate an alarm), you would want to look for the absence of which brain waves? Back to game board

11 CLICK HERE FOR ANSWER REM Fez is asleep, but his EEG resembles that of the waking state. His heart rate, blood pressure, and breathing are also similar to the waking state. However, his muscle tone is near paralysis. Fez is in which stage of sleep? Back to game board

12 Stage 4 CLICK HERE FOR ANSWER Cyril has been asleep for 40 minutes. His father tries to wake up Cyril, but has difficulty rousing him. Cyril is most likely in ______________ sleep. Back to game board

13 CLICK HERE FOR ANSWER SIDS Dr. Gates strongly advises Aaron and Brielle to make sure their infant does not sleep face down on soft surfaces. She states that sleeping position has been highly correlated with a fatal infant disorder known as _____, even though exposure to cigarette smoke and genetic factors are also potential causes. Back to game board

14 CLICK HERE FOR ANSWER insomnia During the day, Edward feels groggy and disjointed, finding difficulty in focusing on his job. However, when he tries to go to sleep at night, Edward is often wide awake. If this persists, Edward may be experiencing Back to game board

15 CLICK HERE FOR ANSWER night terrors Marsha lets out blood-curdling screams in the middle of the night, sits up in bed, and is seemingly inconsolable by her parents. In the morning, she doesn't remember having behaved this way. Marsha is most likely suffering from Back to game board

16 CLICK HERE FOR ANSWER nightmares People who experience posttraumatic stress disorder are at high risk of experiencing ________, which occur(s) during REM sleep and may be treatable with imagery therapy. Back to game board

17 CLICK HERE FOR ANSWER Melatonin Kira has been having trouble with her sleeping and eating patterns lately. Sometimes she sleeps from midnight until 6 a.m.; sometimes from noon until 7 p.m. She also eats at radically different times during the day. Her doctor should suspect that she is deficient in what hormone? Back to game board

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