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April 2012. Corporate:  Established in 2002  Acquired ioimage video analytics in 2010  Experts in enterprise-class security systems  Technology innovator.

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Presentation on theme: "April 2012. Corporate:  Established in 2002  Acquired ioimage video analytics in 2010  Experts in enterprise-class security systems  Technology innovator."— Presentation transcript:

1 April 2012

2 Corporate:  Established in 2002  Acquired ioimage video analytics in 2010  Experts in enterprise-class security systems  Technology innovator Products and Solutions:  Network video management systems  Video surveillance IP cameras, encoders, decoders, and NVRs  ioi (ioimage) video analytics  Customized applications and integration services

3 Mid-size to large public and private sector organizations that need networked video surveillance solutions which: – Integrate with other security applications and existing infrastructure – Are easy to deploy, manage and maintain – Offer exceptional value

4 Large and high-end enterprise-class systems Mid-sized systems Small systems

5 Latitude NVMS is an enterprise-class, integrated, IP-based operating platform for managing video surveillance and other security applications Simplifies digital end-to-end monitoring and recording of video, audio and alarms Suitable for small systems or large critical infrastructure installations

6 Ensure Maximum Security using the most advanced features and unparalleled flexibility Reduce Operational Costs Latitude can help you reduce resources and focus on what is really important Latitude Grows with your needs Starting at any size, Latitude allows you to grow beyond thousands of cameras Secure Your Investment with an Open Platform Supporting hundreds of devices from many vendors, you have the freedom of choice The Advantages of a Complete Solution Enjoy the plug-and-play benefits, seamless functionality, and cost effectiveness of a complete solution by using Latitude together with other DVTEL products

7 Can grow from a single site to a global system Distributed, modular architecture Supports unlimited cameras and sites Smooth integration of legacy analog equipment into IP-based digital networks

8 Supports hundreds of edge devices from many vendors, including: – Axis, Panasonic, Sony, Arecont, Bosch, Pelco, etc. ONVIF “Profile S” conformant Integrates with leading 3 rd party systems for: Access control License plate recognition Perimeter fence detection PSIM and more

9 Easy deployment and optimized performance with DVTEL Edge Devices, and DVTEL Hardware & Storage Solutions Unmatched video quality, reduced bandwidth and storage savings with Quasar HD Cameras Intelligent security and minimal false alarm rate with ioimage Analytics Edge Devices

10 Video Interfaces IP cameras, Encoders & Decoders Standard to Multi-Mega-Pixel resolutions All DVTEL & ioi Edge devices support Broad 3 rd party edge device support ONVIF Profile S conformance Video Monitoring & Control Live, Playback & Export in one application PTZ & Digital Zoom, Layouts and Tours Privacy Masking Remote Viewing & Centralized monitoring Recording and Reviewing Flexible recording and retention options Scheduled and event based recording Advanced search, playback and export options Unlimited cameras on multiple Archivers Client Applications AdminCenter for system administration ControlCenter for professional monitoring Thin Web Client for casual users Mobile viewing using handheld devices Users Unlimited number of users User management with privilege control Active Directory integration

11 Additional Basic features Full duplex Audio I/O support (Dry contacts and relays) Audit-Trail and Reporting-Tool CCTV Keyboard connections Advanced Features TruWitness streaming from mobile devices GIS-Maps for geographical orientation SceneTracker panoramic video stitching Automatic Client updates Fault-tolerant-recording with storage-on-edge CaseBuilder investigation management tool Remote control of other workstations Advanced Alarm management Interactive Maps and Map-Builder Rule Based engine for managing events and automatic actions System Features Distributed Architecture Failover of central Directory service Failover & Redundant Archiving Secured system access via Gateway server Virtualization support SDK and interfaces Full set of APIs and integration tools Access Control, LPR, Perimeter fence detection integrations as well as PSIM

12 TruWitness application turns Android devices into real-time mobile surveillance cameras over WiFi, 3G/4G and LTE wireless networks Transform your iPad, iPhone or Android device into a remote monitoring station

13 Google-Powered GIS-Maps integrated into ControlCenter Locate Alarms, cameras and mobile devices in real-time Track TruWitness devices Map automatically centers on alarm location

14 Real-time perspective of multiple camera images in an integrated view Track, zoom and hover on objects With SceneTracker: Without SceneTracker:

15 Open standard, IP-based VMS Turnkey solution for small and midsize systems Available with 8, 16, 24 or 32 channels as SW- only or turnkey system including workstation or server with internal storage Excellent functionality and value: – Includes Latitude core engine and client applications, supporting the same devices – Doesn’t include Latitude’s enterprise features

16 Plug-and-Play: Solus HW bundles come pre- set and pre-installed with a server or a workstation, optimized for Solus Future proof: customers can upgrade to Latitude as their system grows Simple to purchase, install and use Optimized operation with DVTEL edge devices

17 All-in-one NVR for entry-level systems Easy set-up, installation, and operation by technicians with minimal IT skills/experience Includes built-in PoE-based switch and storage Offers digital zoom, camera tours, PTZ control and intelligent video searches Link multiple NVRs on a network

18 Plug and play: auto-discovery, network configuration, video configuration and auto- recording Cost-saving: includes up to 6 TB internal and optional 5 TB external storage via Gigabit uplink

19 DVTEL is a provider of standards-based video surveillance solutions that streamline installations and maximize product integration and choice We are committed to providing open systems that enable our customers to use the right technology for every project


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