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Axxon Intellect Lite Product Overview.

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1 Axxon Intellect Lite Product Overview

2 Intellect Lite is a 4-server version of the Intellect Enterprise software package
Intellect Lite is ideal solution for small and midsized sites. With POS monitoring module into the system, its use will be especially effective at retail businesses such as shops, filling stations, restaurants, and cafes. Axxon Intellect Lite is an advantageous offering for those who do not need a large system, but who want to avail themselves of the full power of the flagship of the AxxonSoft product line.

3 Main features Up to 256 cameras Unlimited numbers of remote clients Hybrid system, managing simultaneously analogue and IP cameras Additional POS module for retail security Fully customizable GUI Video compression: H264, MPEG4, MJPEG, motion wavelet (native). Advanced Reporting System Wireless & Web access Service

4 Fully modular architecture Pop up system scripting Linear pricing
Intellect Lite USP´s Hybrid system Infinatly scalable Fully modular architecture Pop up system scripting Linear pricing No additional cost for IP camera plug in´s 4

5 Intellect Lite - System Scheme

6 Intellect Lite. Distributed Architecture
video surveillance and control from any place on the globe. location of the hardware is doesn’t matter whole system control from a single workstation 6

7 Intellect Lite. Event Driven Model
Any set of actions can be assigned to any event. Using the script language, you may define any system’s response OBJECTS Object Status Event Reaction System Core Scenario check Macro Script DB 7

8 Intellect. Interactivity
Interactive plan of object Multilayer support

9 IP Wizard Powerful tool which allow making automatic search for all IP devices connected to network and easily add them to video management software without additional configuration and set up.

10 Integrated IP cameras and many more…

11 Remote monitoring Remote client devices can be iPhone, iPad, PDA or smart phones Axxon Smart will automatically adjust the compression based on the bandwidth available, minimizing the chance of dropped frames or network congestion

12 Technical Specification
Characteristic Quantity Image resolution Up to 8 Megapixels for IP cameras; 4CIF, 2CIF, CIF for analog cameras PTZ control Dialog window, mouse, USB or game joystick Digital zoom x2, x4, x8, x16 Synchronized audio/video Yes I/O dry contacts (per computer) 64 in / 64 out Max fps per computer Up to 700 fps Export possibilities AVI, JPEG, BMP, XLS, WAV System requirements CPU - Pentium Core2Duo RAM - 1Gb Video - ATI, Nvidia (Min 512MB)

13 Supported operating systems
Windows 7 Windows Vista Windows XP Server 2008 Server 2003 32-bit and 64-bit versions are supported

14 POS Intellect is a software module for retail security
running with Intellect Enterprise Модуль распознавания автомобильных номеров. Этот модуль входит в состав решения для транспортной отрасли Авто-Интеллект и предназначен для распознавания государственных регистрационных знаков транспортных средств по видеоизображению. Модуль распознает и сохраняет в базе данных в текстовом виде номера автомобилей. В базе также сохраняется видеоизображение транспортного средства и фрагмент кадра, содержащий номер. Модуль контроля характеристик транспортных потоков. Этот модуль входит в состав решения для транспортной отрасли Авто-Интеллект и предназначен для определения характеристик транспортных потоков по видеоизображению. Модуль определяет тип транспортных средств, рассчитывает интенсивность движения на заданном участке, автоматически определяет пробки и нарушения правил дорожного движения. Модуль «Радар». Этот модуль входит в состав решения для транспортной отрасли Авто-Интеллект. Предназначен для определения скорости движущихся транспортных средств при помощи сертифицированных аппаратных средств измерения скорости – радаров. 14

15 Synchronous display of receipts text and video
Features Synchronous display of receipts text and video Notification of suspicious activities: giving money back, providing discounts, canceling orders, Flexible networking capabilities Video and audio POS control.

16 Structure POS- Intellect Synchronous information display Video
POS-terminal POS database Titles database Video archive

17 Integrated devices Aloha Technologies Borlas Retail Dresser Wayne FIT
Fujitsu IBM IBS IPS POSitouch R-Keeper System Group Tendo TillyPad UCS VIMAS Technologies Wincor Nixdorf

18 System Upgrade – Intellect Enterprise
License Plate Recognition Face Recognition CCTV Module Access Control Container Numbers Recognition Traffic Monitoring ATM Security

19 System upgrade – Intellect Enterprise
Unlimited system scale Easy system upgrade Effective resources usage 19

20 System upgrade – Intellect Enterprise
Axxon Intellect Enterprise – truly unlimited system! Number of video servers – unlimited Number of cameras – unlimited Number of remote clients – unlimited Number of users – unlimited Video archive size – limited only with HDD capacity Database size – limited only with HDD capacity

21 System Upgrade – Intellect Enterprise
Upgrading the system Today’s system Tomorrow’s system Intellect Enterprise Cost + A decision to upgrade Intellect Lite Cost 0 $

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