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Tracer Call Center Recording and Quality Assurance.

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1 Tracer Call Center Recording and Quality Assurance

2 Call Center Definition Call centers are a combination of people, process and technology organized to achieve a specific mission through telephone-based communications

3 Strategic Makeup  The type of call center defines its goals  These goals dictate the critical processes  People are selected to align with critical processes  Technology is used to enable/improve critical processes or drive meaningful efficiency

4 Two Primary Types of Centers Profit Center A profit center directly contributes revenue and profits to the company Cost Center A cost center does not contribute revenue, at least not directly, to the company Need drivers by type of call center Drive revenue growth Develop processes to scale with demand Maintain or improve operating margins Verify applicable regulatory compliance Control costs Develop processes to reduce or deflect demand Maintain a defined level of customer satisfaction Critical Processes Compliance Agent training & development Best practices identification Agent training & development Escalation / dispute handling Satisfaction measuring

5 Value Equation: Profit Center Reactive Proactive Low Impact on Success Compliance Call scripting Best practices identification Training & Development Compliance It’s reactive – only used when audited Low value – used to meet external standard, not business driver Call Scripting Somewhat reactive – develop once and change when necessary Modest value – consistency is critical, but a call script process is only the beginning Best practices identification Moderately proactive – need to seek them out High value – knowing what drives business results provides control Training & development Very proactive – takes consistent work to develop talent Highest value – builds consistent use of best practices for maximum results High Impact on Success

6 Call Recording in Profit Centers Address critical processes across spectrum 1. At minimum one gains compliance and protection 2. Use as reaction to exceptions to identify best practices 3. Be active and build more effective development processes Active Process Passive Process Only Protection

7 Recording for Compliance Compliance Requirements Revenue protection Avoidance of penalties and fees Avoidance of bad press Reliability Efficiency of data retrieval Value of Compliance Solution Drivers Security FTC Telemarketing Sales Rule FTC Telephone Order Merchandise Rule Various SEC and FINRA regulations

8 Tracer as Solution Powerful yet simple search Multiple storage options including RAID 1 Complete set of alarms Powerful search on any call data Instant playback Email recording Reliability Efficiency of Data Retrieval Permissions-based architecture Encrypted media streaming Valid recording authentication Security Instant playbackEmail recording

9 Recording for Best Practices Best Practice Identification Process Increase revenue by sharing good sales technique Increase revenue by reducing bad practices Control cost by reducing wasteful practices On demand accessibility Live or historical monitoring Value of Best Practices Identification Solution Drivers Ability to share examples with team Reactively monitor agents who produce exceptionally good or bad results Reactively monitor teams producing exceptional results

10 Tracer as Solution Network access using browser Easy to use search and playback Live monitor over network Auto monitor specific employee Retrieve to playback by employee On Demand Access Live or Historical Email recording with text notes Bookmark key moments Sharing Email recordingBookmark key moments Auto monitor by employee

11 Establish performance standards and metrics for critical processes Systematically evaluate performance Base training, promotions and changes on performance reports Recording for Development Personnel Development Process Increase revenue through improved performance Control training costs by focusing on those demonstrating ability Control personnel costs by reducing non-performers Recordings linked to evaluations Value of Personnel Development Solution Drivers Reporting on evaluations Graphs for easy analysis

12 Tracer as Solution Customized quality evaluations Assign evals to teams and supervisors Self and supervisor evaluations Report by agent Report by team Comparisons, trends, etc. Linked Evaluations Evaluation Reporting Bar, line and pie graphs to quickly convey quality data Easy to Read Graphs Evaluations linked to recordingsCustomized evaluations Comparisons, trends, agents and teamsGraphs for quick interpretation

13 Tracer: A Complete Solution As a solution, Tracer can address all levels of the value equation in a profit center  Compliance and protection through reliable recording, efficient retrieval and authenticity verification  Best practices identification through reactive monitoring of live calls and recordings along with email sharing  Personnel development through consistent processes using custom evaluation forms, reports and graphs

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