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Call Recording Solution Configuration

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1 Call Recording Solution Configuration
OAISYS and Mitel: Call Recording Solution Configuration

2 OAISYS Call Recording Platforms and Connection Options

3 Portfolio Overview – Talkument
Voice Documentation Features Creates digital media documents from business telephone calls Utilizes patent-pending OAISYS Portable Voice Document (PVD™) technology Centrally stores voice documents on a secure network repository Provides the ability to organize, retrieve, playback, annotate and share voice documents Key Benefits Productivity: Share information quickly, seamlessly and securely without the need to transcribe Accuracy: Capture the full interaction (tone of voice, pauses, etc. ) to verify exactly what was said and by whom, eliminating miscommunication errors Risk Management: Document phone-based transactions to minimize liability risk and ensure regulatory compliance Customer Retention: Gain insight into how customers are being treated, identify areas for improvement

4 Portfolio Overview – Tracer
Contact Center Management Features Same core feature set as Talkument, but with advanced capabilities for quality assurance, real-time coaching and personnel development Integrated live call monitoring with pause, rewind, fast forward and IM Desktop video recording to audit PC use during calls Employee evaluations and quality reporting for proactively developing personnel and monitoring service Key Benefits Best Practices Identification: Increase revenues by sharing/promoting strong sales techniques and reducing negative practices Personnel Development: Easily establish performance standards and metrics for critical processes and systematically evaluate performance Regulatory Compliance: Promote revenue protection, avoidance of penalties, fees and negative publicity

5 Connection Options Trunk Side (Analog, TDM, and SIP)
Secure Recording Connector (SRC) Passive RTP Capture TDM station integration Supports MiTAI Supports CCM and CSM applications

6 OAISYS and MiTAI MiTAI is a telephony API for the 3300
Monitor and control telephony for digital or IP phones, trunks (analog, TDM but not SIP), or ACD queues/agents Data used in call recording triggers, permissions and call searches Can selectively record secondary extensions or shared line appearances

7 Secure Recording Connector
SRC is software that facilitates the recording of Mitel encrypted voice streams by OAISYS SRC provides central connection point for encrypted extensions to be recorded Records encrypted voice streams, IC and peer-to-peer calls

8 Mitel 3300 Controller Network Configurations

9 Single Audio Connection Point
Single location, minimal capital investment Talkument or Tracer integration using MiTAI (except SIP) Supports any combination of analog and digital trunks, SRC proxy server, RTP capture or TDM station integration

10 Single Connection Point Configuration

11 Single Connection Point Configuration

12 Single Connection Point Configuration

13 Multiple SRC Proxy Server Connections
Talkument and Tracer can integrate with one or more SRC Proxy Servers If SRC Primary fails, phones will failover to SRC Secondary and OAISYS continues to record

14 Multiple SRC Proxy Server Connections

15 Trunk Integration – Single Gateway
OAISYS can support multiple controllers in a clustered environment Trunk integration is desired when cradle-to- grave recording is needed A single OAISYS solution can record all calls on trunks tied to a single 3300 even if those calls route to other controllers This allows Mitel CCM and CSM integration

16 Trunk Integration – Single Gateway

17 Trunk Integration – Multiple Gateways
Multiple OAISYS servers are required to record calls on distributed trunks Each OAISYS server uses MiTAI to connect to a local 3300 controller All OAISYS servers network to a single master server which hosts a centralized SQL database and provides single point of login

18 Trunk Integration – Multiple Gateways

19 IP Station Integration with Multiple Station Gateways
Recording stations spanning multiple controllers can use SRC proxy servers or Passive RTP Capture at each station gateway OAISYS servers at each SRC/controller location are recommended CCM and CSM integration is still available Note: A single OAISYS server can connect to multiple controllers without MiTAI connectivity, but no outside party info or routing scenarios are available, and CCM/CSM integration is not available

20 IP Station Integration with Multiple Station Gateways

21 Single Station Gateway with SRC Resiliency
Multiple SRC proxy servers are deployed in case of primary failure OAISYS can integrate with multiple SRC proxy servers simultaneously Connectivity to single station gateway controller is offered via MiTAI link CCM and CSM integration is supported in this configuration

22 Multiple Station Gateways with SRC Resiliency
Organizations with primary and secondary gateways can connect a Tracer server to each server MiTAI integration is supported with both servers All recorded stations MUST use the same controller as the primary gateway CCM and CSM integration is supported

23 Digital 3300 Station Integration
Digital station recording is supported on the with MiTAI integration An RTS Box and NGX Board are required One RTS Box supports 2 NGX Boards The RTS Box takes 2 ports on the NGX board to make one useful port (to support D channel) 12 keysets would need one 24 port NGX board

24 Digital 3300 Station Integration

25 Mitel 5000 Communications Platform Network Configurations

26 Mitel 5000 IP Station Integration
OAISYS products integrate seamlessly with Mitel 5000 systems IP stations are recorded using passive RTP capture by monitoring ports between the gateway and the IP endpoints OAI integration is used, not MiTAI CSM and CCM are also available

27 Mitel 5000 IP Station Integration

28 Mitel 5000 Trunk Integration
Organizations requiring cradle-to-grave call recording will benefit from trunk integration OAISYS recording solution attaches or taps directly to analog or digital (T1 or PRI) trunk lines coming off of the Mitel 5000 OAI integration is used, not MiTAI CSM and CCM are also available

29 Mitel 5000 Trunk Integration

30 Multiple Mitel 5000s Trunk Integration
Two or more Mitel 5000 platforms can be networked using the CT Gateway The CT Gateway will unify the OAI stream Allows for one OAISYS recording solution to record digital and analog trunks on multiple Mitel 5000 platforms

31 Multiple Mitel 5000s Trunk Integration

32 Digital 5000 Station Integration
Digital station recording is supported on the with OAI integration Beneficial for customers with more trunks than stations they wish to record Enables recording of station to station calls on the 5000 platform

33 Digital 5000 Station Integration

34 Solution Scalability OAISYS Recording Appliances
Off-the-shelf single, rack-mountable 1U appliance Capable of interfacing with up to two digital trunk circuits or up to 48 PBX endpoints using some form of IP recording Supports storage up to approximately 56,000 hours of recordings OAISYS Recording Servers Built-to-order server base system, scalable up to 192 ports Suitable for installations requiring advanced fault tolerance and data protection capabilities Accommodates storage from approximately 56,000 up to 200,000 hours of recordings Recordings can be archived to DVD or across Local Area Network to any desired data storage platform

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