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Quality Monitoring for Communication Manager

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1 Quality Monitoring for Communication Manager

2 What is Quality Management?
Ability to assess the individual CSR Monitor multimedia interactions for key skills Telephone PC Application usage Develop and improve training programmes Reduce cost & improve repeatability Provide MI feedback Training / coaching, Improve quality of new hires

3 Recording for Quality Monitoring
Recording & analysis can be used for: Protection & security Skills assessment Agent training Improved customer service Cross sell / up sell Retain Agents Reduced call duration Improve selling skills Contact Centre challenges: The largest expense in the Contact Centre is the staff and by correctly monitoring and improving their skills vast ROIs can be achieved!

4 Screen recording agent desktops
CSCM supports Quality CSCM records calls on behalf of the Quality application Quality monitors CTI events and looks up business rules If the rules are a match, Quality instructs CSCM to record a call This call is then transferred to the Quality server for playback in the Quality application If the Quality server has also made a screen recording, this is combined as a single file for playback of synchronised voice and screen Quality Server Screen recording agent desktops Cisco IPT & IPCC Servers CSCM

5 Recording Rules Three types of Recording Rules
Random- Sampling of agent contacts Schedule Based Rules: A business rule that records contacts for agents based on a date, day(s) of week, and/or time period. Event Based Rules: A business rule that records contacts based on one or multiple conditions

6 Creating Rules This view shows how simple it is to set up a schedule on the fly to record on specific dates and times, create a rule that can be save to be made “active” or “inactive” at anytime. It also shows how random rules and rules with multiple attributes can be configured Need r6 screen shots

7 Playback Calls

8 Playback Calls

9 Creating Evaluation Forms
This view shows how the fields in the evaluation form will be auto-populated with the data that you feel will be most important to you. This view shows an example of a form that can be used on your environment.

10 Evaluate calls in an organized method
Evaluating Automatically populate accurate, meaningful information Search for calls to evaluations in an organised method through focused folders Minimise cluttered screens with multi-dynamic sections Automate scoring Evaluate calls in an organized method Be more productive when completing evaluations Eliminate manual scoring Your evaluation forms should reflect your center’s objectives which in turn should support your enterprise wide goals - Witness gives you a tool to create your own custom evaluation forms Clear objective evaluations send a clear signal to your agents as to how critical the evaluation process is to your organization Since evaluations are filled out on-line on a your custom created form and the results are databased, reports about agent performance are a snap. The recorded call can be linked to the evaluation for quick retrieval. The need for manual scoring disappears.

11 Performance Optimization Workshop
Description - This workshop is the first and most critical task in implementing the Quality Monitoring solution. The deliverable of this workshop is a blueprint identifying the skills and behaviours by which Customer will take consistent measurement within its contact centres. It also servers as a means to develop a performance framework for your contact centre operations. Objective - To create, validate or enhance Quality Evaluations form(s) and develop a quality process framework. This is designed as a four-day event delivered on-site for up to 12 attendees. This is focused on the business issues that must be addressed as part of the implementation but does not address items that are technical in nature. Participants - Witness Business Consultants and Customer’s key stakeholders, members of Customer’s contact centre operations, managers and others responsible for monitoring or performance measurement. Deliverables The definition of a comprehensive evaluation form including a configurable template containing answers and scoring schemes, and key indicators. The development of a definitions document supporting the comprehensive evaluation form. The processes and supporting project plan needed to rollout a new quality program. Performance Optimisation Workshops recap document summarising the attendees, accomplishments and Business Drivers identified throughout the workshop.

12 Reporting Single solution for report authoring, management, distribution and ad-hoc queries Designed to satisfy all reporting requirements from simple to sophisticated Multilingual reporting to service the global enterprise

13 Solution Benefits ROI Improvements in Customer Satisfaction
Increase productivity & revenue Optimize Process & Technology Use Identify and Leverage Best-Practices Technology Leverages Communication manager to deliver enhanced value Flexibility Simultaneous support for multiple end user devices and transports Analog, DCP, IP Support for multiple modes of recording Bulk, executive, on-demand, meeting

14 Quality Monitoring


16 Quality Monitoring for Communication Manager

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