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ISO 9000 Introduction Imran Hussain.

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1 ISO 9000 Introduction Imran Hussain

2 Why have a Quality Standard?

3 Customer contract Supplier subcontract Vendor Subcontractor

4 Motivation for ISO 9000 Helps in selection of suppliers and vendors
Places onus of proving quality on supplier Controls Processes Procedures Quality records

5 What’s the difference between TQM and ISO 9000?

6 Benefits to customers and _____ ?

7 Benefits of ISO 9000 Customers and users will benefit by receiving the products that are: Conforming to the requirements Dependable and reliable Available when needed Maintainable

8 Benefits to employees?

9 Benefits of ISO 9000 People in the organization will benefit by:
Better working conditions Increased job satisfaction Improved health and safety Improved morale Improved stability of employment

10 Benefits to owners and investors?

11 Benefits of ISO 9000 Owners and investors will benefit by:
Increased return on investment Improved operational results Increased market share Increased profits

12 Benefits to suppliers and partners?

13 Benefits of ISO 9000 Suppliers and partners will benefit by: Stability
Growth Partnership and mutual understanding

14 Benefits to society?

15 Benefits of ISO 9000 Society will benefit by:
Fulfillment of legal and regulatory requirements Improved health and safety Reduced environmental impact Increased security

16 Does ISO have anything to do with Quality Management?

17 ISO 9000 and Quality Management (QM)
ISO standards based on the following QM principles: Customer focus Leadership Involvement of people Process approach System approach to management Continual improvement Factual approach to decision making Mutually beneficial supplier relationships

18 ISO 9000 and SQA Group Responsibility lies with management SQA group
implements standards Monitors effectiveness in organization

19 Responsibilities of SQA Group
Perform audits Promote awareness Communicate Quality System to staff Support implementation of ISO 9000 Perform customer satisfaction surveys Facilitate improvement following customer feedback Review project quality at milestones Act as partner in quality project

20 Responsibilities of SQA Group
Facilitate improvement and defect prevention activities Monitor and verify process compliance Monitor effectiveness of processes Monitor institutionalisation of processes Chair organization quality reviews Facilitate external audits Test planning, execution, reporting and recommendation Test lab management Support a metrics culture

21 ISO 9000 History and Background
BS 5750 (forerunner to ISO 9000) ISO 9000: 1987 ISO 9000: 1994 ISO 9000: 2000

22 ISO 9000: 1994 Family of standards
Applicable to manufacturing organizations, servicing organizations and software organizations Different flavours ISO 9001 (full product lifecycle) - superset ISO 9002 (production, installation, servicing) ISO 9004 (inspection and testing)

23 Quality Management System Documentation
Quality Manual Quality System Procedures Work Instructions Forms

24 Quality Manual Quality Policy Objectives Overview Organisation
Responsibilities Requirements Policy/Responsibility/Procedure Reference

25 Quality System Procedures
A set of procedures which detail how the requirements of the quality manual are to be implemented Detailed procedures which define how the processes are to be performed and controlled Specifying who is responsible for what

26 Work Instructions Detailed instructions for the performance of specific tasks Such instructions may cover Materials Processes Verification

27 Forms Records that provide proof that specified activities were carried out A.k.a. quality records

28 Quality Management System
Standard ISO 9000 Quality Manual Policy Statement, Commitment, Organisation, Responsibilities LEVEL 1 Quality System Procedures Company Practices, Interfaces LEVEL 2 Work Instructions Written Instructions to Control Tasks LEVEL 3 Forms Quality Records LEVEL 4 Sales Design Purchasing Manufacturing Accounts Personnel After Sales

29 Documenting Procedures
Say what you do Do what you say And where necessary Show what you did

30 ISO 9000: 1994 Clauses Management Responsibility Quality System
Contract Review Design Control Document Control Purchasing Purchaser Supplied Product Product Identification and Traceability Process Control Inspection and Testing

31 ISO 9000: 1994 Clauses Inspection Measuring and Test Equipment
Inspection and Test Status Control of Non-Conforming Product Corrective Action Handling, Storage, Packaging and Delivery Quality Records Internal Quality Audits Training Servicing Statistical Techniques

32 References Software Quality Management and ISO 9001, by Michael Jenner, Ch. 1, 2 A Practical Approach to Software Quality, by Gerard O’Regan, Ch. 3

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