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OAISYS Public Safety Solutions Safeguarding Mission-Critical Communications.

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1 OAISYS Public Safety Solutions Safeguarding Mission-Critical Communications

2 OAISYS Tracer for Public Safety Features Creates digital media documents from agent interactions Advanced capabilities for quality assurance, real-time coaching and personnel development Integrated automatic live call monitoring with pause, rewind, fast forward and instant messaging Desktop video recording to audit PC use during calls Agent evaluations and quality reporting for proactively developing personnel and monitoring call- handling skills 2

3 Portable Voice Document Technology Audio and all available contextual data is captured—communications network, PBX and user-added information Data encapsulated into a single, searchable media file, the OAISYS Portable Voice Document (PVD) Each PVD is centrally stored, managed and delivered via highly secure encrypted media file streaming Call takers, agents and dispatchers can quickly locate a call using a wide range of search criteria 3

4 Annotations and Call Tagging Text-based annotations provide additional incident context Quickly attach an incident note, such as “high speed pursuit,” with the click of a button 4

5 Caller Location Mapping Map a location with the click of a button Shows caller location based on physical address or longitude/latitude coordinates Reduce response times, increase responder safety and efficiency, enhance dispatcher productivity 5

6 Caller Location Mapping Select desired calls and each location is marked within the map 6

7 Live Desktop Video Monitoring Authorized users can view live desktop activity of an agent Synchronized with live audio monitoring, obtain a complete view of any interaction 7

8 Media Management Features Call Slicing –Split segment of a single recording into a separate file –Single, lengthy radio channel recording can be segmented by incident Call Merging –Users can merge two or more recordings into a single file. Call Redacting –Highlight a segment of call audio and play silence over that portion 8

9 Incident Reconstruction Play up to eight recordings simultaneously Multiple, related calls can be bundled for ease of playback and information retrieval Each recording has variable speed, volume and balance controls 9

10 Speech Search Phonetics-based speech engine enables search by spoken phrase Supports policy compliance, eDiscovery and process monitoring requirements Mine interaction data, locate key phrases and monitor for regulatory infringements Efficiently search entire libraries of indexed calls or fine-tune queries to specific database portions 10

11 Authenticity Verification If voice recordings are to be used as legal evidence, authenticity must be verifiable OAISYS Tracer embeds a proprietary digital signature into each voice document Users can verify authenticity with the click of a button through the standard user interface 11

12 Variable Data Lifecycle Management Customizable stage and purge of voice documents based on account code, extension, caller ID, user- entered data and more Enforce information governance policies down to granular level 12

13 Archival Database Automated, targeted relocation of calls from primary database to archival database Create customizable archival rules based on call filters Archival database promotes more efficient data administration and enhances application performance Delivers a fully automated data retention compliance solution 13

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