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VOD What is it going to take? Gopal Miglani

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1 VOD What is it going to take? Gopal Miglani

2 VOD is DVD over a network VOD Impacts the –Video Server –BDT –Gateway Issues to consider –Software –Beyond VOD

3 Vendors – nCube, Kasenna, Concurrent, SeaChange, Diva, Entone Fees – Cost, Maintenance, Support, Software Royalty Production system vs. Development system Billing system & integration, HTML based menu system, Tagging & indexing system Content load and tag time Thumb rule of 10% take rate

4 NIU4 or higher (upgrade cost?) View1, View2 & system software v6.4.12 or higher System software includes VSP (video signaling proxy)

5 RG2000 software v2.4.x or higher HTML support requires NLC’s SDK (Software Development Kit), impacts cost Remote SRC-200 or later Three stream simultaneous playback

6 Application Suite – iMagicTV, Myrio, Orca VOD Applications - nCube, Concurrent Cost – license, royalty, maintenance Server side software does content management, customer management, production and billing Gateway side software typically HTML based does content selection & playback control

7 SVOD – subscription VOD PVR – personal video recorder Ex. TiVo Network based PVR LVOD – local VOD Local content packages Beyond movies – news, weather, sitcoms, sports, public interest events

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