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R Consulting IPTV Solution Overview R Consulting IPTV Solution 1.

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1 R Consulting IPTV Solution Overview R Consulting IPTV Solution 1

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3 RC IPTV Solution R Consulting presents a new technological solution for delivering of SD and HD IPTV service. The advanced technologies and knowledge used by the experienced R Consulting staff place the basis of IPTV technology from new generation. R Consulting IPTV Solution3

4 RC IPTV Platform Modules R Consulting IPTV application platform consists of : Stream Delivery Platform IPTV Middleware Content Delivery Sources Provisioning IPTV Proactive Monitoring CAS 4

5 Modules of IPTV Platform R Consulting IPTV Solution5

6 Modules of IPTV Platform The Stream Delivery Platform includes the following components: Unicast Multicast TCP/HTTP Access control DHCP support SNMP support Support of more than 4000 VLAN Fast channel zapping optimization Channel distribution Playback of SD and HD, MPEG-2 or h.264 encoded video content Playback of MPEG - Audio and Dolby Digital Audio (with Dolby Digital audio bit-streaming via HDMI or S/PDIF) Support of multiple audio tracks and multiple subtitle streams (DVBSUB) 6

7 Modules of IPTV Platform IPTV Middleware characteristics: Low cost hardware SD and HD Broadcasting MPEG2, MPEG4 AVC/h264 SecureMedia DRM integration Messaging from Operator to subscribers Function Lua Scripting Support – integration of multiple different information services with the platform (weather forecast, lottery, horoscope, calendar, etc.) Multi-language support 7

8 Modules of IPTV Platform Interactive user interface Settings - the end user is able to select preferred video output and video format; to select from multiple zoom factors: auto, normal, stretch and compromise; between aspect ratio and subtitles, etc., SD or HD broadcasting choice, multi-language support, favorite channels, parent control /locking channels/, reordering of channels, choosing channel category /i.e. Sports, Documentary, News, etc./ R Consulting IPTV Solution8

9 Telco`s Functions Service Packaging tool – the Operator chooses subscription packages (i.e. Economy, Standard, Premium, etc.) and according to the chosen subscription plan, the user receives a certain package with channels EPG Content Management tool - it allows the Operator to import EPG media content from different sources and publish it to STB subscribers VoD Content Management tool - it allows the Operator to publish, categorize and manage VoD content. For each item the system stores following information: Title Category Annotation Preview icons Trailer (if available) Messaging – the system allows the Operator to send messages to the subscribers` STB, i.e. delayed payment notifications, advertisements, information for STB upgrades and other important messages SDK for Middleware Customization (by order) R Consulting IPTV Solution9

10 IPTV Functionalities Electronic Program Guide (EPG) R Consulting IPTV Solution10

11 IPTV Functionalities R Consulting IPTV Solution11 TV Program Reminder

12 IPTV Functionalities Information services /weather forecast, lottery results, horoscope, etc./; Radio stations R Consulting IPTV Solution12

13 Content Delivery Sources Picture-in-Picture (PiP) R Consulting IPTV Solution13

14 Content Delivery Sources Video-on-Demand (VoD) R Consulting IPTV Solution14

15 Content Delivery Sources Time Shifted TV R Consulting IPTV Solution15

16 Content Delivery Sources R Consulting IPTV Solution16 NPVR

17 Functions of IPTV Platform Provisioning The Provisioning servers control the actual behavior of STB Middleware. They provide the following: Media Content for STB Remote control and configuration of STB Automatic STB Middleware Installs/Upgrades Access Control Channels List Control Messaging Remote control Storing of individual user settings Video catalogue and information services access Support of multiple simultaneously made user orders, limited only by the servers` hardware configuration User rights management Channels list, according to the subscriber plan of the user Integration with IPTV Monitoring, Billing and other Middleware systems 17

18 System functions (in Operator`s favor) IPTV Monitoring The main aim of the Monitoring system is to help for finding and diagnostics of different in type and range problems. Also to inform the Operator as soon as possible about the causes of the problem, and if there is an opportunity of overloading or exhausting the capacity, to give information even before the event happens. This helps for improving the service quality and saves time and resources about determining existing problems. R Consulting IPTV Solution18

19 System functions (in Operator`s favor) IPTV Proactive Monitoring reports for the following: Restreamer information Log information Ping Remote commands Network quality Service Availability statistics STB Utilization Events, as it supports standard syslog protocol; Processor loading, memory, input-output subsystem, network interfaces; Losses and reiterations in TCP/IP networks; For MPEG-TS streams – tracking of counters and clocks, identifications change (PID), loosing of audio paths or subtitles; IPTV receivers (STB) – problems with signal decryption and decompression; R Consulting IPTV Solution19

20 System Functions (in Operator`s favor) SecureMedia DRM Encryptonite System(Digital Rights protection system) This system is used for prevention of unauthorized access of third parties by protecting the media content. As the services Internet access and IPTV are delivered by common physical network, DRM Encryptonite guarantees that even the encoded signal is caught, an external system can not recreate the image and sound of any IPTV program. This limits the missed opportunities for the Operator and keeps the rights of the Media Content Provider. 20

21 System Functions (in Operator`s favor) DRM characteristics: Capacity – 5000 subscribers; Support of different formats and platforms; Opportunity for combination with strong SSL encryption for key exchange and soft encryption of the main stream with consistently changing keys; Opportunity for receiving rights from the Media Content Providers for broadcasting of the most attractive TV and VoD programs; Ultra light and effective client, who can be loaded on any STB and allows secure broadcasting of media content to TV-sets, computers, portable players and mobile phones; Automatic configuration from the Provisioning server Opportunity for sharing common server with Time Shifting and VoD servers R Consulting IPTV Solution21

22 The benefits for the Users Big variety of services with added value and opportunities for choice from the user (TimeShifting, VoD, PiP, NPVR) Time Shifting TV applicable only by IPTV The end user device can be standard TV-set or monitor The users are benefited by big number of alternatives for watching TV High quality of the service Interactivity The service and the devices (installation fees, monthly fees, STB) are on reasonable price for the users. This presumes low costs for acquiring the equipment and service. R Consulting IPTV Solution22

23 The benefits for the Operator Offering of high-technology service with high quality Increasing the market shares Increasing the profits Increasing the competitiveness Offering a variety of services with added value Reasonable costs investment Fast and easy integration with already developed network infrastructure R Consulting IPTV Solution23

24 IPTV SCHEME R Consulting IPTV Solution24

25 More information For more information, please visit: our web site R Consulting BGR Consulting BG our LinkedIn profile R Consulting LinkedInR Consulting LinkedIn Please check our you tube movie RC IPTV PlatformRC IPTV Platform R Consulting IPTV Solution25

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