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Serratus Anterior m. Scalenus Anterior m. Thyroid Gland Trachea

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1 Serratus Anterior m. Scalenus Anterior m. Thyroid Gland Trachea Esophagus Common Carotid a. Brachiocephalic v.

2 Pectoralis Major m. Clavicle Common Carotid a. Trachea Esophagus Subclavian v. Subclavian a. Cephalic v. Serratus Ant m.

3 Brachiocephalic Trunk
Sternocleidomastoid Left Brachiocephalic v. Left Common Carotid a. Left Subclavian a. Esophagus Trachea 1st Rib Clavicle

4 Thoracic Duct Left Subclavian a. Left Brachiocephalic v. Common Carotid a. Brachiocephalic Trunk Manubrium Disc in Sternoclavicular Joint Right Brachiocephalic v. Trachea Esophagus

5 Lower Lobe Azygos v. Arch of Aorta Manubrium Brachiocephalic Veins Trachea Esophagus

6 Superior Vena Cava Internal Thoracic a. and v. Pericardial Sac Ascending Aorta Descending Aorta Carina Azygos v.

7 Upper Lobe Superior Vena Cava Body of Sternum Ascending Aorta Pulmonary Trunk Left Main Bronchus Esophagus Right Main Bronchus Lower Lobe Middle Lobe

8 Ascending Aorta Superior Vena Cava Upper Lobe Right Ventricle Lower Lobe Pulmonary v. Descending Aorta Esophagus Right Main Bronchus

9 Superior Vena Cava Ascending Aorta and Semilunar Valve Right Ventricle Myocardium Left Ventricle Left Atrium Descending Aorta Esophagus

10 Right Atrium Right Coronary a. Right Ventricle Left Ventricular Ant. Interverntricular v. & Great Cardiac v. Pericardial Sac Myocardium Circumflex a. Coronary Sinus Descending Aorta Hemiazygos v. Azygos v.

11 Right Atrium Interatrial Septum Right Ventricle Trabeculae Carneae Interventricular Septum Left Ventricle Left Atrium Papillary m. Chordae Tendineae Mitral Valve Coronary Sinus Descending Aorta Azygos v. Esophagus Tricuspid Valve

12 Parietal Pericardium Right Coronary a. Right Ventricle Left Ventricle Papillary m. Coronary Sinus Descending Aorta Hemiazygos v. Thoracic Duct Inferior Vena Cava

13 7th Costal Cartilage Right Ventricle Left Ventricle Inferior Vena Cava Esophagus Diaphragm Lower Lobe Of Lung Aorta Hemiazygos v. Body of T10 Thoracic Duct Azygos v. Liver

14 Liver Inferior Vena Cava Median Arcuate Ligament Diaphragm Costodiaphragmatic Sinus Rugae Stomach Spleen Pararenal Fat Aorta T11 Crus of Diaphragm Right Suprarenal

15 Inferior Vena Cava Liver Stomach Celiac a. Spleen Splenic v. Left Kidney Crus of Diaphragm Aorta Azygos v. Right Kidney

16 Liver Inferior Vena Cava Hepatic a. Aorta Left Gastric a. Stomach Transverse Colon Splenic v. Spleen Crus of Diaphragm Right Kidney Portal v.

17 Duodenum Gall Bladder Liver Portal v. Stomach Transverse Colon Descending Colon Splenic a. Inferior Vena Cava Spleen Pancreas Left Kidney Ureter Quadratus Lumborum Psoas m. Aorta Superior Mesenteric a.

18 Gall Bladder Pylorus Gastroduodenal a. Common Bile Duct Superior Mesenteric Vessels Jejunum Colon Spleen Left Kidney Quadratus Lumborum Psoas m. Aorta Ureter Inferior Vena Cava Descending Duodenum Liver

19 Transversus Internal Oblique External Oblique Gall Bladder Rectus Adbominus Duodenum 2nd Part Transverse Colon Superior Mesenteric a. Duodenum 4th Part Jejunum Descending Colon Psoas m. Aorta Inferior Vena Cava Ascending Colon Liver

20 Liver Duodenum 3rd Part Coils of Small Intestine Inferior Mesenteric a. Descending Colon Erector Spinae Aorta Cauda Equina Inferior Vena Cava Psoas Ascending Colon

21 Cecum Coils of Ileum Gonadal v. Common Iliac as. Ureter Coils of Jejunum Descending Colon Ileum Psoas Lumbosacral Trunk Common Iliac vs. Iliacus m. Ascending Colon

22 Cecum Iliacus m. Loops of Ileum Descending Colon Common Iliac vs. Ileum Psoas Body of S2 Lumbosacral Trunk Femoral n. Obturator n.

23 Cecum Coils of Small Intestine Sigmoid Colon Iliopsoas m. Ilium Gluteus Minimus Medius Gluteus Maximus Internal Iliac Vessels Sacrum Lumbosacral Trunk Obturator n. Femoral n. External Iliac Vessels

24 Cecum External Iliac Vessels Sigmoid Colon Femoral n. Iliopsoas m. Loops of Ileum Rectum Gluteal Vessels Gluteus Maximus Gluteus Medius Gluteus Minimus

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