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MUSICAL TEXTURE Monophonic Polyphonic Homophonic.

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1 MUSICAL TEXTURE Monophonic Polyphonic Homophonic

2 MUSICAL TEXTURE Monophonic 1 melodic line Unison if more Can have 1 or more than one voice or instrument playing/singing the same line

3 MUSICAL TEXTURE Polyphonic more than 1 melodic line combined to make COUNTERPOINT Imitation = Row Row Row Your boat … as a Round is strict imitation. Imitation is not always strict

4 MUSICAL TEXTURE Homophonic 1 melody accompanied by chords most Common in Western Music today when chords become more than just whole or 1/2 notes we can push boundaries of polyphonic

5 LISTENING JOURNAL Bizet, Farandole Suite No.2 listen for textural variety

6 MUSICAL FORM techniques for: Repetition / Contrast / Variation Modern forms (verse /pre-chorus/Chorus/bridge/solo) strange to have a THRU composed

7 MUSICAL FORM THREE PART (Tertiary) form ABA (can be subdivided) LISTENING JOURNAL TCHAIKOVSHY Dance of the Reed Pipes A B A’ (slightly altered with the ‘)

8 MUSICAL FORM Two Part (Binary Form) Form AB can subdivide or like AABB ABB AAB LISTENING JOURNAL Beethoven Contradance No7. form AABB

9 modern POP song forms verse/ chorus/solos / bridge/ intro / tags/ outro/ inst break / ect… IN CLASS EXERCISE Analyze FORM of: Help Hard Days Night My Hero

10 HELP by The Beatles Intro (A) Verse (B ) Chorus (C) Verse 2 (B’) Chorus (C) Verse 3 (B’’) Chorus (C) TAG

11 HARD DAYS NIGHT by The Beatles Verse 1 (A) Verse 2 (A’) Bridge (B) Verse 1 (A) Guitar solo (A’’) ½ verse (1/2 A) Bridge (B) Verse 1 (A) TAG

12 MY HERO by The Foo Fighters Instr Intro (A) Verse 1 ( A’) Chorus (B) Verse 2 (A’’) Chorus (B) Instr Solo Break (C) Short Bridge (D) Chorus (B)

13 HOMEWORK Assignment 3 Pick your own song to write out form

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