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Drew Moon. Table of Content  3-7 Picture Books  8-12 Traditional Literature  13-17 Modern Fantasy  18-22 Poetry  23-27 Contemporary Realistic Fiction.

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1 Drew Moon

2 Table of Content  3-7 Picture Books  8-12 Traditional Literature  13-17 Modern Fantasy  18-22 Poetry  23-27 Contemporary Realistic Fiction  28-32 Historical Fiction  33-37 Nonfiction  38-42 Biography/Autobiography  43-47 Multicultural and International Literature  48-52 Chapter Books

3 The Cat In The Hat Comes Back Author: Seus, Theodor Setting: House, modern Date: 1958 Genre: Picturebook Awards: N/A Age: 5-8 Pages: 64 Publisher: Random House Main Character: The Cat in the Hat The Cat in the Hat wanted to take a bath and eat cake but he made a red ring in the tub; so he helped get the ring out. This book demonstrated how to have confidence in someone and how to have faith in someone else. The Cat in this story did a lot of things wrong but he ultimately fixed his mistakes and made things better for the two kids. He never gave up on things and was persistent about helping the kids. Having faith in people and believing in them can help them go a long way in life. Never doubt ones ability to do something. If someone looks at this book in the right perspective, it could teach them an important lesson.

4 Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day Author: Viorst, Judith Illustrator: Cruz, Ray Setting: Normal house and school, present Date: 1972 Genre: Picturebook Awards: Georgia Book Award (Illustration) Age:6-8 Pages: 32 Publisher: Aladdin Paperbacks Main Character: Alexander Alexander wanted to have a good day but nothing was going his way; so he said he was going to move to Australia. I think this is a really neat book to read. It reminded me of when I was younger and in school because I remember reading this book over and over again. The pictures in this book are kind of plain. The only color to this book is on the title page. All of the other illustrations appear to be done in pencil and in pen. I think this book would have been better if it had more color. Although, not having color went along with the story because Alexander was having a bad day and nothing went right. When I think of colorful things, I think of positive things and not bad days.

5 Song and Dance Man Author: Ackerman, Karen Illustrator: Gammell, Stephen Setting: Old and dark attic, present Date: 1988 Genre: Picturebook Awards: Caldecott Age: 9-11 Pages: 32 Publisher: Alfred A. Knopf Main Character: Grandpa Grandpa wanted to show his grandkids what he did in the good ole days but he does not perform anymore; so he did a show in the attic. For starters, I loved all of the illustrations in the book. I think they were very interesting because they were not clean cut and precise. I liked how they looked. They were just pencil drawings someone could do on the side of their paper at school. The color of the illustrations was also neat because they were all dull looking and not too overpowering on the page. Reading this book made me feel at ease and relaxed. I thought it was a good book because it made me think of my own grandfather, how he always spent so much time with me as a kid, and how my grandfather always has tons of energy like the grandpa did in the story.

6 Chatting Author: Hughes, Shirley Setting: A normal town, present Date: 1994 Genre: Picturebook Awards: N/A Age: 3-5 Pages: 16 Publisher: Candlewick Main Character: A little girl who chats There are a lot of people who want to chat but not all people do; so you have to find a person who wants to chat back. This was an enjoyable book. This book has a lot of repetition in it. I like that for the fact children can pick up on the story if someone is reading it to them and they can read it with the adult. The illustrations seem vivid and they draw your eyes to them. When reading this book, I would want to look at the illustrations before I read the page to see if I could see what the little girl was going to chat about.

7 baby animals Author: Bockol, Leslie Illustrator: Phillips, Jillian Setting: Places around the world, present Date: 2009 Genre: Picturebook Awards: N/A Age: 3-5 Pages: 20 Publisher: innovativekids Main Character: animals The animals wanted you to find them but they were always hiding behind things so you had to hunt for the animals. I believe this is an awesome book for a young child. This book helps their mind kick into gear and look for the animals. All through the book, it says “Where are the baby…?” This gives the child the opportunity to actually be a part of the reading and find them. The pictures along with the words are very relaxing in part because of the color pallet. All of colors seem to be neutral and go with the green start feeling. In the back of this book, it has all kinds of facts about endangered species and helping the environment that the child can learn about and even the reader or adult. It might be a kids book but even I learned something new.

8 Why the Sun and the Moon Live in the Sky Author: Dayrell, Elphinstone Illustrator: Lent, Blair Setting: A small village, past Date: 1968 Genre: Traditional Literature Awards: N/A Age:8-11 Pages: 34 Publisher: Houghton Mifflin Main Character: water, sun, moon, and sky The Sun wanted the water to visit him but he needed to build a big house before he would visit so he built the house and it forced the sun and the moon in the sky. While reading this book, I could tell it was written many years ago because of the way it was written. At times, the book was a little bit confusing with all of the different elements in the story. I have never thought of an explanation of why the sun and the moon are in the sky but this story gave me a perspective that I have never thought of before. It gave me a total different look at it in case a young child asked me how they got in the sky.

9 Arrow to the Sun Author: McDermott, Gerald Setting: Pueblo village, past Date: 1974 Genre: Traditional Literature Awards: Caldecott Medal Age:6-8 Pages: 44 Publisher: Viking Main Character: Boy The boy wanted to know who his father was but he had no idea who he was so the boy went on an adventure to find his father. This book kept my attention with the illustrations alone. All of the illustrations were very block like and reminded me of Aztec drawings that you might find at a pyramid. On every page of this book the page was a different color and had different shapes and hues of color on the page. Reading this book made me want to go out and paint on a canvas. The illustrations in this book are very powerful and great attention getters.

10 Flossie & the Fox Author: McKissack, Patricia Illustrator: Isadora, Rachel Setting: Cabin in the woods, past Date: 1986 Genre: Traditional Literature Awards: N/A Age:10-12 Pages: 32 Publisher: Dial Main Character: Flossie and Fox Flossie wanted to know if Fox was really a fox but Fox could not prove it so he had to do things to prove he was a fox. I think this was just a neat book to read. I liked how the pictures went along with the story and how the illustrations were very colorful and fun. The pictures reminded me of back in the day when life was much simpler. The book demonstrated that not everyone has the same perspective. It also showed that it takes time and hard work to accomplish your goal. While reading this book, I felt at ease and very calm.

11 The Rough-Face Girl Author: Martin, Rafe Illustrator: Shannon, David Setting: Village at Lake Ontario, past Date: 19 Genre: Traditional Literature Awards: Georgia Book Award (Illustration) Age:9-11 Pages: 32 Publisher: Putnam’s Main Character: Rough-Faced Girl, Invisible Being The Rough-Faced girl wanted nothing more but to be beautiful but she was very scared up and dirty so she bathed in a lake and became perfect. This book was a very fun and interesting book to read. I loved how all of the pictures in this book seem to flow and appear soothing. While reading this book, I felt at ease with how the brush strokes fell in the illustrations. I liked the story this book told and how it showed that anything can be made beautiful as long as it is given the opportunity. When I read this book, it reminded me of the old saying, “the beauty is in the eye of the beholder.”

12 Martina the Beautiful Cockroach Author: Deedy, Carmen Illustrator: Austin, Michael Setting: A street lamp, present Date: 2007 Genre: Traditional Literature Awards: N/A Age:8-11 Pages: 32 Publisher: Peachtree Main Character: Martina Martina wanted a good husband but all of them where not right for her so she kept looking and eventually she found who she was looking for. When I first saw this book, the cover got my attention with the color and the attention to detail. Throughout the whole book, all of the illustrations had great detail and were very colorful. I liked how the illustrator made a cockroach which is normally something nasty and ugly into something that is beautiful and elegant. This book made me think of how everyone and everything has feelings and how it can be hurt or made happy. I think everyone needs to be happy and feel good about themselves.

13 Millions of Cats Author: Ga’g, Wanda Setting: Little clean house, Past Date: 1928 Genre: Modern Fantasy Awards: N/A Age: 8-10 Pages: 32 Publisher: Coward-McCann Main Character: Little old man and woman. The old lady wanted a cat so the old man went to find her a cat but he came back with millions of cats instead of just one. Reading this book was a little overwhelming for me. I think that it was overwhelming because the man comes back with so many cats and I do not really care for cats. I do think that it would be an appropriate book for most children. I think it would be only good for a student who likes cats. The illustrations in this book are good but they did not have any color to them. They seem to all be done in pencil and pen. I think that the story would have been better if the story had color in its illustrations.

14 The Littles and the Trash Tinies Author: Peterson, John Illustrator: Clark, Roberta Setting: Dump, modern Date:1977 Genre: Modern Fantasy Awards: N/A Age: 9-12 Pages: 80 Publisher: Scholastic Main Character: The Littles The Littles want to find Uncle’s friend but they live in Trash City so they have to go there and experience new things in their way. This is an interesting book. This book makes your imagination wonder about what is all out there that we might not think or worry about. In this story, they have to worry about the simplest things such as a cat that is trying to eat them. To us it is just an everyday animal but to them it is danger. The book describes struggles that the Littles go through. It is very suspenseful because I wanted everyone to make it out safely. I think this is a good book to read for a student who likes adventure and has an open mind to new things.

15 George’s Marvelous Medicine Author: Dahl, Roald Illustrator: Blake, Quentin Setting: Farm, modern Date: 1981 Genre: Contemporary Realistic Fiction Awards: N/A Age: 10-12 Pages: 90 Publisher: Puffin Main Character: George George wants to make his grandmother not so cranky and not grow anymore but he ends up getting the exact opposite so he makes more medicines to try and reverse what he did. This book was a lot of fun to read. It put me in a good mood. The book was very humorous and kept me laughing throughout the story. The illustrations in this book seem to be done in pen and seem to just be sketched. They are almost as if someone drew them on the side of a paper when they got bored. I would recommend this book to a student who has a good sense of humor and to a student who needs a laugh.

16 Lilly’s Purple Plastic Purse Author: Henkes, Kevin Setting: school, modern Date: 1996 Genre: Modern Fantasy Awards: N/A Age: 4-7 Pages: 32 Publisher: Scholastic Main Character: Lilly Lilly wanted to show off her new belongings but none of the teachers would give her time so she decided to take matters into her own hands. This is a good story to teach a child patients. They have to understand that nothing will just be given to them and they have to wait and take their time to earn things. Lilly wanted to show her belongings when she wanted and she didn’t get to so she did what she wanted. It made her do something not called for and she had to make up for what she did. If she was patient,she might have not had to go through all the embarrassment that she went through.

17 Puff the Magic Dragon Author: Yarrow, Peter/ Lipton, Lenny Illustrator: Puybaret, Eric Setting: Honalee, medival Date: 2007 Genre: Modern Fantasy Awards: N/A Age: 5-7 Pages: 24 Publisher: Sterling Main Character: Puff the Magic Dragon, Jackie Paper Puff the Magic Dragon wanted a good friend but his friend left him not to return so Puff was saddened. I liked this book for the fact it can teach younger children that they can find a friend in anything. It does not always have to be another human being. It can be something you might imagine or something that means something to you. There are all kinds of things that can make someone smile and be happy and in this case it was a dragon that made Jackie feel good. The illustrations in this book are really good. All of the pictures in this book seem to be very smooth and flow well. While reading the book, I felt like I was in a far away land with Puff and became part of the book.

18 Where Does Everyone Go? Author: Fisher, Aileen Illustrator: Adams, Adrienne Setting: Fall & winter, modern Date: 1961 Genre: Poetry Awards: N/A Age: 9-11 Pages: 44 Publisher: Thomas Y. Crowell Main Character: A curious boy The boy wanted to know where everything and everyone went; so he kept asking different people to find his answer but in the end he found everyone when it snowed. I would have never been able to think of anything like this. The whole book asked tons of questions of where things or people might be. That kind of stuff would not come to my mind. In the story, it came to the little boys mind and he was very curious about it all. I liked the book for how it made me think about all of the questions that the boy wondered about. The illustrations seem to be done in pencil, pen, and possibly crayon. A lot of them are done in colors that are not realistic but it might be a color that a child would use. I think that the illustrations will relate well to a young reader.

19 Everett Anderson’s Christmas Coming Author: Clifton, Lucille Illustrator: Ness, Evaline Setting: Between 14A, Modern Date: 1971 Genre: Poetry Awards: N/S Age: 4-8 Pages: 32 Publisher: Holt, Rinehart and Winston Main Character: Everett Anderson Everett wants Christmas to hurry and arrive but he cannot make the days go by any faster so he just thinks about it and stays excited about Christmas Day. The illustrations catch my attention before anything else. The illustrations in the book are interesting because they look to be done in marker and the color does not stay in the lines. It made me think of being a little kid and I think younger children can relate to the illustrations. The book is a good book because it talks about Christmas and how happy of a time that is and I agree because it is one of my favorite holidays of the year.

20 The Night Before Christmas Author: Moore, Clement C. Illustrator: Hildebrandt, Greg & Tim Setting: Home at Christmas, present Date: 1981 Genre: Poetry Awards: N/A Age: 8-10 Pages: 24 Publisher: Western Main Character: St. Nicholas The children wanted Christmas to hurry and get here so they went to bed and dreamed of St. Nicholas. Ah, the memories that this book brings me. I absolutely love this book! It has been one of my favorites since I was a little kid. I remember my mother reading it to us around Christmas time over and over. Still to this day, I know what is coming and can almost tell you the words before I read them. I love this book for the story that it tells. It got me excited around Christmas and how it just flows off the tip of your tongue.

21 Meet Danitra Brown Author: Grimes, Nikki Illustrator: Cooper, Floyd Setting: City, present Date: 1994 Genre: Poetry Awards: Coretta Scott King Age: 9-12 Pages: 32 Publisher: Lothrop, Lee, & Shepard Main Character: Danitra Brown Danitra Brown wanted to just be an ordinary girl but some people gave her a hard time and picked on her so she just looked passed them and stayed herself. I liked reading this book. Throughout the book, the writing seemed to flow very nice and it was an easy book to read. I thought it was a realistic story because it told of something that could happen to anyone and everyone. At times, everyone is going to have a bad day or something is going to go wrong. Danitra seemed to always keep her head up and stay positive. The illustrations in the book were different than other books. They seemed to be a little fuzzy or hazy. They all were done in earth tone colors. They gave the reader a calm feeling.

22 Once I Ate a Pie Author: MacLachlan, Patricia & Charest, Emily Illustrator: Schneider, Katy Setting: In the house, present Date: 2006 Genre: Poetry Awards: N/A Age: 6-8 Pages: 32 Publisher: Harper Collins Main Character: Dogs This book explains the personality of dogs, how dogs are different, and how they all have different traits. I think this is a fascinating book! I loved reading it. The book had a boxer in one of the stories and it described my dog to a tee, lazy! I then read about a Boston terrier and it described my girlfriend’s dog to a tee, innocent! I was impressed with how it described our dogs perfectly. The illustrations were very good also. The illustrations were like the illustrator looked into my mind’s eye and drew the pictures. They seem to be done in acrylic paint. There were all kinds of colors and brush strokes in the illustrations.

23 The Snowy Day Author: Keats, Ezra Jack Setting: Snowy day, modern Date: 1962 Genre: Contemporary Realistic Fiction Awards: Caldecott Age: 4-8 Pages: 40 Publisher: Viking Main Character: Peter Peter wanted to play in the snow but he had a dream that all the snow melted so when he woke up he realized it was just a dream and more snow had fallen. This book was entertaining. It reminded me of when I was a little kid and the blizzard of 1993. I remember playing in the snow for hours each day. I think this is a good book for younger children to read because they can relate to playing like Peter did. They also cannot do all of the things they want to do because they are young like Peter. The illustrations are very bright and colorful. They are not very detailed but they do get the point across and make you feel as if you are part of the book.

24 Nana Upstairs & Nana Downstairs Author: dePaola, Tomie Setting: Sunday at Nana’s house, modern Date: 1973 Genre: Contemporary Realistic Fiction Awards: N/A Age: 8-11 Pages: 42 Publisher: G.P. Putnam’s Sons Main Character: Tommy, Nana Upstairs, and Nana Downstairs Tommy loved and respected both of his Nanas but his Nana Upstairs died when he was young so he always thought of her in his imagination. This book was remarkable. I thought that it was a good book because I can relate to it. It talked about how Tommy knew both his grandmother and his great grandmother and so did I. I was about the same age as Tommy when my great grandmother died too. Reading this book made me happy because I had the privilege of knowing such great women in my life. The illustrations in the book are good as well. All of them seem to be smooth and do not have any rough edges.

25 The Patchwork Quilt Author: Flournoy, Valerie Illustrator: Pinkney, Jerry Setting: Household, modern day Date: 1985 Genre: Contemporary Realistic Fiction Awards: Coretta Scott King Age: 8-11 Pages: 32 Publisher: Dial Main Character: Tanya, Mamma, Grandma Tanya wanted to finish the quilt but Grandma got sick so Tanya worked on the quilt every day for many months to finish the quilt for her grandma. This book brought back memories for me. It talked about quilting and Tanya’s grandma and it reminded me of my grandmother when I was younger. I stayed with her when my mother worked and I always helped my grandmother sew her quilts and pillows. It is times that I will never forget and will always hold close to my heart. The illustrations in this book are very nice and colorful. It looks like a lot of the illustrations may have been done with watercolors. I love how every illustration goes along with the story on that page.

26 Amazing Grace Author: Hoffman, Mary Illustrator: Binch, Caroline Setting: Small community, present Date: 1991 Genre: Contemporary Realistic Fiction Awards: N/A Age: 9-11 Pages: 25 Publisher: Dial Main Character: Grace Grace wanted to be Peter Pan in a play at school but the kids said she couldn’t because she was a girl and she was black so she practiced all weekend and got the part of Peter Pan. Reading this book I felt really inspired to go out and do whatever I wanted to do at the time. I felt as if I could do anything as long as I put my mind to it. This book is very inspirational and up lifting. I liked it for the fact that it said “as long as you put your mind to it, you can accomplish anything.” I totally agree with that quote. Nothing is too big to be accomplished with determination and hard work. The pictures in this book are very well illustrated. All of them are bright and colorful and show great detail.

27 Kitten’s First Full Moon Author: Henkes, Kevin Setting: A dark night, modern Date: 2004 Genre: Contemporary Realistic Fiction Awards: The Caldecott Medal Age: 3-5 Pages: 32 Publisher: Scholastic Main Character: Kitten Kitten wanted a bowl of milk but could not get it on her own so she returned home to find just that, a bowl of milk. I really liked this story and thought it would be a neat way to demonstrate to the students the concept that anything is possible. This book demonstrated the ideas of not giving up and to keep trying new ways to obtain your goal. There is always more than one way to do something. I really enjoyed the illustrations in this book. All of the pictures were done in black and white and looked to be done in pencil. I liked the illustrations for the fact that they did not seem over done and too overwhelming. The pictures were very straight -forward and to the point.

28 Brady Author: Fritz, Jean Illustrator: Ward, Lynd Setting: Pennsylvania, past Date: 1960 Genre: Historical Fiction Awards: N/A Age: 11-14 Pages: 223 Publisher: Puffin Main Character: Brady Minton Brady could not decide if he was for or against slavery but he wanted to help Moss so he kept his father’s secret about a station of the Underground Railroad being on their farm. It took me a few pages to get into the book but toward the end I could not put it down. There was suspense and I wanted to know what was going to happen next. I enjoy reading about this time period in history. The book was about ordinary people and their decision of what was right and wrong. The few pictures were black and white like they were years ago. I would recommend this book to all students but especially to the boys.

29 The Drinking Gourd Author: Monjo F.N. Illustrator: Brenner, Fred Setting: Small town, past Date: 1970 Genre: Historical Fiction Awards: N/S Age: 8-11 Pages: 62 Publisher: Harper Collins Main Character: Tommy Fuller Tommy wanted to help the slaves get to Canada but he had to keep quiet so they would not get caught helping the slaves escape on the Underground Railroad. I really liked this book. I think that it is a very good book for children to read. I would recommend it to anyone. I liked the book for the fact that it talks about our history and things that might have happened during the time of slavery. The book is very exciting and keeps you wanting to read more to find out what will take place next. The pictures in the book help the story to be understood. All of the pictures go along really well with the story. It looks as if the pictures are drawn in pen. I enjoyed reading this book.

30 Number the Stars Author: Lowry, Lois Setting: Denmark, Past Date: 1989 Genre: Historical Fiction Awards: Newbery Medal Age: 9-12 Pages: 138 Publisher: Houghton Mifflin Main Character: Annemarie Annemarie wanted to keep her Jewish friend safe but the Germans wanted to relocate the Jews; so Annemarie helped her friend and her parents escape to Sweden. The book was very good. Even though the story is told from a girl’s point of view, I think boys will enjoy it too because it took place during war time. The story had a lot of suspense and I was unable to put it down until I finished it. It would be a good book to use to discuss what happened to the Jews in World War II. Annemarie was afraid of the Germans but she was brave enough to do what had to be done. I learned scientists created a powder of dried rabbit’s blood and cocaine to hinder the dogs from sniffing out Jews trying to escape.

31 Baseball Saved Us Author: Mochizuki, Ken Illustrator: Lee, Dom Setting: WWII, Past Date: 1993 Genre: Historical Fiction Awards: N/A Age: 7-10 Pages: 32 Publisher: Lee & Low Main Character: Japanese Boy The little boy just wanted to be liked but he was Japanese so since the war was going on no one liked him and everyone made fun of him. I think this is an awesome book to read! I liked reading this book because it can teach children how discrimination is wrong. Everyone should be treated as an equal and no one is better than another person. I thought it was very interesting and at the same time taught an important lesson. I like history so it held my attention very well. The illustrations in this book are amazing. I would love to be able to paint like this illustrator did. All of the shading and how the colors seem to flow together makes the book much more interesting and more fun to read.

32 Henry’s Freedom Box Author: Levine, Ellen Illustrator: Nelson, Kadir Setting: South during slavery, Past Date: 2007 Genre: Historical Fiction Awards: Caldecott Honor Age: 8-10 Pages: 40 Publisher: Scholastic Main Character: Henry Henry wanted to be free but he was a slave so he had to figure out a way to gain his freedom and escape the south. This book was a good book. Although it is for younger children,I am not so sure I would recommend it to one. The book is very informative about slavery and how slaves were treated but the book is on the sad side. Reading this book made me feel a little down. I felt bad for Henry and all the things that he went through. As an adult though, I did like reading this book. The pictures are really nice. The illustrations seem to be done in some kind of paint and pen is used to make accents in them.

33 Mammals Author: Meeks, Esther K. Illustrator: Tsugami, Kyuzo Setting: World, Present Date: 1965 Genre: Nonfiction Awards: N/A Age: 8-11 Pages: 32 Publisher: Follett Main Character: Mammals Mammals can be found in about every part of the world. Certain mammals live in different parts of the world. I think this is a really good book to read for children who are interested in animals and have a love for them. For any student that is interested in animals, this book will widen their view and knowledge of them. I liked how on almost every page it introduced at least two different animals. I also liked how with every animal that it discussed there was a picture of the animal so the reader can see what it looks like. This book gives the children information and a visual of the mammals.

34 Look At Trees Author: Kirkpatrick, Rena K. Illustrator: Worth, Jo & Knight, Ann Setting: World, Present Date: 1978 Genre: Nonfiction Awards: N/A Age: 7-9 Pages: 32 Publisher: Macdonald-Raintree Main Character: Trees There are tons of trees in the world and all trees are different. Not two are exactly alike. This book is a wonderful,informative book about trees. This would be a really good book for a young student to read if they would like to learn about trees or are interested in nature. It is a good resource book and filled with all kind of information. I like this book also for the fact that on every page there is an illustration to show examples of the tree, bark, or leaves that might be talked about on that page. It helps you put two and two together, so to speak. Also, I liked the questions in the back of the book that can help the student refresh their memory and make sure that they understood the book.

35 Your Five Senses Author: Broekel, Ray Setting: Around the world, Past/present Date: 1984 Genre: Nonfiction Awards: N/A Age: 8-9 Pages:48 Publisher: Childrens Main Character: Children and animals All animals and humans have senses. There are five different types of senses that one can have. This book is really informative and gives great examples of all of the five senses. Reading this book makes you think about them and how they are used in everyday life. We take them for granted most of the time. The pictures help you visualize each sense. I would recommend this book to my students. I think this book would be a good one to read during a science lesson to help get them involved and get them to give examples of how the senses might be used in their lives.

36 Tano & Binti Author: Davolls, Andy and Linda Illustrator: Davolls, Andy Setting: African forest, modern Date: 1994 Genre: Nonfiction Awards: N/A Age: 8-10 Pages: 24 Publisher: Reed Consumer Books Limited Main Character: Tano, Binti, and Amber Tano and Binti wanted their friend Amber but she disappeared so they survived on their own with the skills Amber taught them. I enjoyed reading this book. Every time I finished a page I wanted to turn it to the next and find out what was going to happen. This is a good book for children so they will understand how chimpanzees can live in the wild on their own. It teaches how monkeys take care of themselves and how they get another monkey to help them in some situations such as cleaning. The illustrations were very good and they almost melt your heart.

37 Spiders Author: Bishop, Nic Setting: Everywhere, Present Date: 2007 Genre: Nonfiction Awards: Sibert Medal Age: 9-11 Pages: 48 Publisher: Scholastic Main Character: Spiders There are more than 38,000 types of spiders and you can find them any place you go. What an awesome book! This book was cool, even though I cannot stand spiders. The book kept my attention and made me want to read more every time I reached the bottom of the page. I had no idea there were so many types of spiders. A spider is a spider to me no matter what kind it is. The pictures Nic Bishop took to go in this book were phenomenal. I cannot express how close and detailed that the pictures were that he took. The pictures actually at some points made me shrink up and get the chills. Although the spiders were creepy, I loved reading and looking at all of the photos in this book.

38 Tom Edison Finds Out Author: Lowitz, Sadyebeth & Anson Illustrator: The Latter Setting: United States and Canada, Past Date: 1967 Genre: Biography/Autobiography Awards: N/A Age: 8-10 Pages: 48 Publisher: Lerner Main Character: Tom Edison Tom wanted to do something with his life but did not care for school so he decided to work for himself and started inventing things. The book is full of interesting facts about Tom Edison. We all know that he invented the light bulb but while reading this book I learned about some of the battles and obstacles that he had to go through in his life to be successful. The book gives good illustrations. Even though the illustrations are not done in color, they still get the point across and help the reader understand what all Tom did and went through at that specific time and place.

39 Rosa Parks Author: Greenfield, Eloise Illustrator: Marlow, Eric Setting: Montgomery, Past Date: 1973 Genre: Biography/Autobiography Awards: N/A Age:8-10 Pages: 32 Publisher: Fitzhenry & Whiteside Main Character: Rosa Parks Rosa Parks wanted to be treated as an equal but the whites did not want colored people to have the same as them so she stood up for the colored people. Rosa Parks was an amazing women and a strong women. This book talks about all of the courage that she displayed. I believe if half of the people in the world had as much courage as she did then the world would be a much better place. Rosa Parks stood up for what she believed was right. I think this book could inspire young children and help them believe in themselves and understand their actions can make a difference.

40 Robert E. Lee Author: Greene, Carol Setting: World, Present Date: 1989 Genre: Biography/Autobiography Awards: N/A Age: 8-11 Pages: 48 Publisher: Children Main Character: Robert E. Lee Robert E. Lee wanted peace but there was war so Lee tried his best and did his duty. This book is one of my favorites. I loved all of the facts and information that it provided. The pictures and photographs were wonderful because they were actual pictures of Robert E. Lee, his family, his home, and his surroundings. I did not want the story to come to an end. I enjoyed reading it and learning about Robert E. Lee, what he did, and how he played a part in the war between the North and the South. He was a very brave man who tried his best to do what he believed in and he tried to make the country a better place.

41 Firetalking Author: Polacco, Patricia Illustrator: Midgale, Lawrence Setting: California, present Date: 1994 Genre: Biography/Autobiography Awards: N/A Age:8-11 Pages: 32 Publisher: Richard C. Owen Main Character: Patricia Polacco Patricia wanted to do something for kids so she decided to start writing children's books. This book was a lot of fun to read. I really enjoyed reading this book and finding out about Patricia. I was not really looking forward to the end of this book because I wanted to find out more and more about her. She has done so many things. I love and am jealous how she has lived in four different countries. The pictures were very interesting too because they were actually pictures of her in her house, on her porch, and her and her neighbors sitting and drinking coffee. While reading this book, I almost felt like I was part of her life.

42 Roald Dahl Author: Jill C. Wheeler Setting: Around the world, Past/present Date: 2007 Genre: Biography/Autobiography Awards: N/A Age: 8-11 Pages: 24 Publisher: ABDO Main Character: Roald Dahl Dahl wanted to do something with himself so he pursued many adventures. I loved this book about Roald Dahl! I thought it was very interesting and it was so filled with facts! I learned our birthdays were only one day apart and I thought it was neat because two of his stories Chitty Chitty Bang Bang and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory are two of my favorite all time books and movies. I had no idea till now that he is the person who wrote them. One thing we have in common is he loved and wanted to travel and that is one of my favorite things to do. Knowing he also wrote two of my favorite stories makes me think that we could have a great time talking if he was still alive today.

43 Tikki Tikki Tembo Author: Mosel, Arlene Illustrator: Lent, Blair Setting: China, past Date: 1968 Genre: Multicultural & International Literature Awards: N/A Age: 6-8 Pages: 42 Publisher: Henry Holt Main Character: Tikki Tikki Tembo, Chang Chang wanted to save his brother but he could not say his brothers long name again so he took a deep breath to say it and got help for his brother. This book is a very repetitive book. I think it would be good for a young reader because it repeats over and over so they have more time to comprehend the book. I thought it was neat how it gave an example of why in the Chinese culture the names tend to be shorter names than what we hear in the United States. The illustrations seem to be done in marker and not many colors are used. The only colors that are used are earth tones and the color blue.

44 Africa Dream Author: Greenfield, Eloise Illustrator: Byard, Carole Setting: A dream, modern Date: 1977 Genre: Multicultural & International Literature Awards: Coretta Scott King Age: 7-9 Pages: 29 Publisher: Harper Collins Main Character: Young girl The little girl went into a dream and dreamed she went away to Africa. She crossed oceans, danced, and sang. She lived the good life in her dream. This book had interesting illustrations. I liked them because they were not all precise and clean cut. They seemed to be more like sketches in a sketch book and not perfect. I liked them because it is the way that I draw when I draw. I loved all of the shading and how she made all different grays and blacks with it. The book was very calming and seem to put me at ease. I liked reading this book and thinking about how it would be to have a dream like that. I think it would be a good dream and not one I would want to wake up from.

45 The Keeping Quit Author: Polacco, Patricia Setting: New York, past Date: 1988 Genre: Multicultural & International Literature Awards: N/A Age: 9-12 Pages: 32 Publisher: Simon & Schuster Main Character: Anna The quilt was something that was passed down from generation to generation. Each time the quilt was used for the same things and events. Reading this book was really fun. I liked it because it reminded me of my grandmother. She used to always make quilts and then we would play with them. When I was old enough, my grandmother passed down some of the quilts to me and I still have them today. The illustrations are all done in black and white except for the quilt. The quilt is the only thing done in color. Everything else seems to be done in charcoal. This book was a good book to read and brought a smile to my face.

46 Whoever You Are Author: Fox, Mem Illustrator: Staub, Leslie Setting: All over the world, present Date: 1997 Genre: Multicultural & International Literature Awards: N/A Age: 4-6 Pages: 32 Publisher: Harcourt Main Character: All children Even though we are all different around the world, many similarities can bring us together. I really enjoyed this book because of all the color it had in it. The entire book is filled with illustrations and bright colors. The book caught my eye and I wanted to see more. I liked how it gave examples of all types of people and situations. People’s emotions of love, hurt, and joy are similar all around the world. I liked how throughout the book you feel like you are in different places of the world when looking at the illustrations.

47 The Wall Author: Sis, Peter Setting: All over the world, present Date: 2007 Genre: Multicultural & International Literature Awards: Sibert Medal Age: 9-12 Pages: 45 Publisher: Frances Foster Main Character: Peter Sis Peter wanted to draw but so many things went on throughout his life; so he drew pictures of his life events. I think this is a truly amazing book. First of all, I loved his illustrations. They appear to be done in pencil. There is not much color in any of them. The only color that is consistent throughout this book is the color red in every illustration. While reading this book, you can learn a lot about history. It gave me insight into what he went through and how he saw it through his eyes. It was like sitting down with a person and letting them tell you their life story.

48 Sounder Author: Armstrong, William H. Illustrator: Barkley, James Setting: Deep south (Georgia), nineteenth century Date: 1969 Genre: Chapter Book Awards: Newbery Medal Age: 9-13 Pages: 116 Publisher: Harper & Row Main Character: The child and Sounder The boy wanted to be able to read but they were poor, black sharecroppers so he helped his family until one day he met a teacher. The book was well written and it was a story that I could see in my mind as I read it. The story was sad even though the boy learned to read. The boy described his loneliness and the death of his father and Sounder. The story took place in this area because it talked of Gilmer and Bartow counties. I liked the Bible stories in the book but I do not know if I should recommend it to students because of separation of church and state.

49 Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing Author: Blume, Judy Illustrator: Doty, Roy Setting: New York City, modern Date: 1972 Genre: Chapter Book Awards: Georgia Book Award (Writing) Age: 8-12 Pages: 120 Publisher: Dutton Main Character: Peter Hatcher & Fudge Peter did not want to be ignored but Fudge, his younger brother, got all the attention; so Peter felt like a fourth grade nothing. The book was funny and entertaining. I would recommend it to any student, especially those that have a younger sibling. Judy Blume did an outstanding job making the book sound like it was told by a child instead of an adult. The book told of one funny thing after another that took place in an ordinary day of a child. Fudge always caused trouble for Peter. The book was written 38 years ago and it still sounds like life today.

50 Hatchet Author: Paulsen, Gary Setting: Canadian woods, present Date: 1987 Genre: Chapter Book Awards: Newbery Medal Age: 10-13 Pages: 196 Publisher: Bradbury Main Character: Brain Brain wanted to go see his father in New York but his plane crashed; so he had to survive on his own in the woods until he was rescued. I absolutely love this book. I remember reading it when I was in the fifth grade. Even when I read the book again, I could not put it down. It kept my attention so well and is such an inspiration to me. It reminds me of how good I have it and how it is so easy to take everything for granted. I would highly recommend this book to anyone who wants to read a good story. This is one book that I could read over and over again.

51 The Hidden Hand (A Woodland Mystery) Author: Schultz, Irene Illustrator: Yasui, Meredith Setting: Singing Pines Farm, present Date: 1996 Genre: Chapter Book Awards: N/A Age: 7-11 Pages: 133 Publisher: McGraw-Hill Main Character: The Woodlanders The family at Singing Pines Farm wanted to know who was helping out at the farm but no one knew; so the Woodlanders solved the mystery. I enjoy mysteries but this one was not very exciting. It may be because the reading level is fairly low. The book gave the pronunciation of a few words that may have been difficult. I liked the fact that the story could have been true. Tony, the man doing the chores, was a Vietnam Veteran. Tony came to the Farm to tell the family about their relative, Ted, who had been killed in the war. A low level reader might enjoy the book more than I did.

52 Surviving Hitler Author: Warren, Andrea Setting: Poland, Germany, U.S., past Date: 2001 Genre: Chapter Book Awards: Sibert Honor Age: 11-15 Pages: 146 Publisher: Harper Collins Main Character: Jack Mandelbaum Jack wanted to be a normal teenage boy but he was put in a concentration camp by the Germans; so he resolved not to hate and wins the game of survival. The writing of this book is awesome. I would recommend it to any fifth grader but not to anyone younger. The horrors of the Holocaust are described but because of Jack’s positive attitude the book will not give someone nightmares. Jack chose not to hate and to not take it personally. Even though his living conditions were beyond terrible, he made friends and helped others survive. The book teaches about history and character development.

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