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Rainbow Fish Author: Pfister, Marcus Setting: Sea and present Date: 2004 Genre: Picturebook Awards: N/A Age: 2-5 Pages: 18 Publisher: North-South Books.

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1 Rainbow Fish Author: Pfister, Marcus Setting: Sea and present Date: 2004 Genre: Picturebook Awards: N/A Age: 2-5 Pages: 18 Publisher: North-South Books Main Character: This is a very simple book but very educational. I like this book for the fact that it is very educational for a younger child. It is a very simple picture book and it gives examples of all the words. The student does not have to picture the words in their mind because it gives a visual picture that relates to the text. The book teaches children colors, names of sea animals, and gives them bright and colorful illustrations to go along with them.

2 Harry Potter and the Socerer’s Stone Author: Rowling, J.K. Illustrator: Grandpre, Mary Setting: Hogwarts and modern Date: 1997 Genre: Chapter Book Awards: N/A Age: 10-12 Pages: 309 Publisher: Scholastic Main Character: Harry Potter, Ron, and Hermione Harry Potter wanted acceptance but his aunt and uncle did not want him to be a part of their family; so he went to wizard school. I thought it was an excellent book. The author had a wonderful imagination and was very original. Everyone wants to be accepted for who they are but not everyone's acceptance comes as easy as the next person. No matter what you might go through you have to keep pushing forward and not giving up on yourself because one day your time will come and you will know you did the right thing just like Harry did. The book kept my attention and I could not wait to find out what took place next.

3 The True Story of the 3 Little Pigs Author: Scieszka, Jon Illustrator: Smith, Lane Setting: Little town, modern day Date: 1989 Genre: Traditional Literature Awards: N/A Age:7-9 Pages: 32 Publisher: Viking Penguin Main Character: Big Bad Wolf and the 3 little pigs Wolf needed a cup of sugar but he did not have any; so he went to his three neighbors houses to try to get some sugar. I, of course, love this book. I like it because it reminds me of when I was little and my grandparents told me the story of the three little pigs over and over. After you read the original story, this book shows a different view of what happened. The pictures in this book seemed very dark and not very colorful. They did have color in them but they were not very bright. Reading this book gave me a whole new perspective of the wolf. I enjoyed how the book seemed to be repetitive so it gives the students a chance to think ahead to what might happen next.

4 March of the Penguins Author: Roberts, Jordan Illustrator: Maison, Jerome Setting: Antarctica, present Date: 2006 Genre: Nonfiction Awards: N/A Age: 7-10 Pages: 30 Publisher: Warner Bros. Main Character: Penguins Penguins want to multiply but first they have to find their mate; so they have to go to their nesting ground. This book is filled with information about penguins! It is so interesting and I wish the book had been longer so I could read more about the animals. I learned how smart the animals were while reading this book. So much just came naturally to the animals and they did not have to be taught. I loved the pictures because they were actually real photographs of the animals in Antarctica. It shows how they really look and what they went through in their everyday life. I know one thing and that is I could not be a penguin because they do not eat for over 100 days and I love to eat!

5 Lunch Author: Fleming, Denise Setting: Inside house, modern Date: 1992 Genre: Picturebook Awards: N/A Age: 2-5 Pages: 28 Publisher: Henry Holt & Company Main Character: Mouse Mouse wanted something to eat but he could not decide what he wanted; so he just ate everything. This book grabbed my attention just from the colorfulness of the cover and the title. Who does not love to eat and with a title like “Lunch” how can you not want to look at it. This book is very good to get the kids thinking cap going. On one page, it describes something that mouse is about to eat and when you turn the page it tells you. The colors in this book are bright and fun to look at. I liked the illustrations for the fact they almost look like a little child drew them and it also gives the reader something to relate to while reading “Lunch.”

6 Nathan’s Wish Author: Lears, Laurie Illustrator: Schuett, Stacey Setting: Date: 2005 Genre: Nonfiction Awards: N/A Age: 8-10 Pages: 32 Publisher: Albert Whitman & Company Main Character: Nathan, Miss Sandy, and Fire Nathans wants to be able to do more things but he has cerebral palsy; so he finds a different way to do things that ordinary people do as well. This book almost made me want to cry! I loved, loved, loved this book! It just gave me reassurance that anyone can do anything no matter their disability. It made me think about this man that I wait on at the restaurant I work at who has cerebral palsy. Nathan in this story has it and he gets the same things done as anyone else just in a different way. The man that I wait on does not let his health condition stop him from doing things. Even though someone might have a disability, it does not mean that they are any less of a person or not capable of doing something.

7 Paul Revere’s Ride Author: Longfellow, Henry Illustrator: Galdone, Paul Setting: Middlesex village, past Date: 1963 Genre: Poetry Awards: N/A Age: 7-9 Pages: 36 Publisher: Fitzhenry & Whiteside Main Character: Paul Revere Paul Revere wanted to keep everyone safe but he was not sure when they would have to fight; so he made sure that everyone in the villages were ready. This was a good poetry book. Throughout the book it flowed very nicely and was easy to read. I liked it because it tells history in a way that is not just lecture or straight reading out of a textbook. Reading about this story in poetry made it more interesting and gave it a new twist. The illustrations are nicely done and are very well drawn. All of them seem to be dark and gloomy but I like this because it went with the dark night in which Paul Revere rode.

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