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2013 Snoqualmie Valley Little League Manager’s Meeting

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1 2013 Snoqualmie Valley Little League Manager’s Meeting
Presented by: Wes Dover Director of Coaching and Player Development

2 Agenda Team Meeting - Season Preliminaries
Forms Needed: Volunteer/Medical Consent/ Concussion /Parent Code of Conduct Proof of Residency needed Coaching Clinics & Manager Training New Rules – Pitch Count, Drop 3rd Strike, Illegal Bats Game Day Protocols / Pregame routine Coaching Evaluations First Aid Training & Safety Discussion Fundraising & Uniforms Scheduling (Games & Practice) Challenger Division & Child Abuse Requirements Interlock in 2013 SVLL Web Site & Coaching Tools on Team Stream Softball Umpires

3 Get organized – svll team manager responsibilities
Pre-Season Administrative Paperwork Volunteer and Fundraising Needs Team Meeting Talking Points Practice Preparations Pre-Game Needs Game Responsibilities Post-Game Needs (Coaches Corner, Coaching Fundamentals, Coaching Responsibilities)

4 Team Meeting Ideal Parent Handout (
Introduce yourself & coaches Discuss your philosophy (briefly) Let parents know when & how to communicate with you (issues, questions, concerns, feedback on their child) Ideal Parent Handout ( Identify your TEAM MOM / DAD – A.S.A.P. Indoor/Outdoor Practices - Schedule Safety issues, care of property Player Survey Positions they have played, would like to play, want to get better at this year. What will make this season a success to them – their GOALS?

5 Team Meeting Volunteer Form online via SVLL Registration
Concussion & Medical Consent Form Parent Code of Conduct Proof of Residency ( thru ) 2 Adult Volunteer Umpires (local training) Field Maintenance “Grounds Crew” Scorekeeper & Pitch Count Person Composite Bats Manager Responsibilities Checklist under Coaching Tab at

6 Coaching Checklist (
First Last Volunteer Concussion Medical Parent Code Proof of Adult Field Scorekeeper Pitch Team Merchant Name Form Consent of Conduct Residency (3) Umpire Gr. Crew Count Mom(s) Fundraiser Dustin Dover Will Scott Brandon Roberts Collin Crose Jesse DeForrest Austin Glore Eamonn Himka Lee Kamp Joseph Lane Logan Nicholson Jack Venera Jettoa Suyama-Sadler

7 Proof of Residency Requirements
Residence shall be established and supported by documents, dated between February 2011 and February 2012, from THREE OR MORE of the following categories to determine residency of such parent(s) or guardian: 1. Driver’s License 2. Voter’s Registration 3. School records 4. Welfare/child care records 5. Federal records 6. State records 7. Local (municipal) records 8. Support payment records 9. Homeowner or tenant records 10. Utility bills (i.e., gas, electric, water/sewer, phone, mobile phone, heating, waste disposal) 11. Financial (loan, credit, investments, etc.) records 12. Insurance documents 13. Medical records 14. Military records 15. Internet, cable or satellite records 16. Vehicle records 17. Employment records NOTE: Example – Three utility bills (three items from No. 10 above) constitute only ONE document.

8 Coaching Clinics Mandatory for all Managers to attend 1 Clinic
before the start of the season. March 2 - SVLL Sponsored – Wes Dover March 13 - D9 Sponsored – Dr. Frank Smoll “Mastery Approach to Coaching” / 7 – 8:30 PM / Redmond, WA March 13 – D9 Sponsored – Dr. Vincent Santoro “Prevent Baseball Injuries” / 8:30 – 10 PM / Redmond, WA March 16 – D9 Sponsored – Scorekeeper Clinic 9:00 AM - ? / All Star games require standardized scorekeeping Optional – Coaching Fundamentals & Positive Coaching Alliance. (

9 Concussion training
Youth concussions can have long term impacts on young athletes such as their health, memory, learning and even their survival. This has lead to a new effort to improve prevention, recognition and response to sports-related concussion. That’s where you come in. It’s your responsibility, as a coach, to help recognize and make the call to pull an athlete off the field, ice, or court if you think that player might have a concussion. The Zackery Lystedt Law, requires medical clearance of youth athletes suspected of sustaining a concussion, before sending them back in the game, practice or training.

10 New rules - jewelry Players must not wear jewelry such as, but not limited to, rings, watches, earrings, bracelets, necklaces, nor any hard cosmetic/decorative items. This rule applies regardless of the composition of such jewelry, hard cosmetic item or hard decorative item. (EXCEPTION: Jewelry that alerts medical personnel to a specific condition is permissible.) Summary and Implementation:  For the 2013 season, the added language prohibits players from wearing any jewelry, regardless of composition.

11 (Main Page)
Updated as of Approved BPF-ABI Composite (2-1/4in) Baseball Bats - Visual Guide Product Name Model Number Photo Combat 2011 B3 Gear GEARYB2 (2011 Retrofit) Combat B4 B4YB1 Combat Pure YB PUREYB1 DeMarini CF4 CFL10 CFL11 DeMarini CF5 CFL12 Easton Omen XL LNC1XL LNC2XL  Easton S1  YB11S1

12 New rules – illegal bat A batter is out for illegal action when –
(d) The batter enters the batter’s box with one or both feet entirely on the ground with an illegal bat (see bat specifications rule 1.10) or is discovered having used an illegal bat prior to the next player entering the batter’s box. Note: If the infraction is discovered before the next player enters the batter’s box following the turn at bat of the player who used an illegal bat: 1) The manager of the defense may advise the plate umpire of a decision to decline the penalty and accept the play. Such election shall be made immediately at the end of the play. 2) For the first violation, the offensive team will lose one eligible adult base coach for the duration of the game. 3) For the second violation, the manager of the team will be ejected from the game. Any subsequent violation will result in the newly designated manager being ejected. Summary and Implementation: For the 2013 season, this imposes penalties for the use of an illegal bat in a game.

13 New rules – dropped 3rd strike (majors only)
A batter is out when – (b) Little League (Majors)/Junior/Senior/Big League – (1) a third strike is legally caught by the catcher; (2) a third strike is not caught by the catcher when first base is occupied before two are out. Summary and Implementation: During the 2013 season, for the Major Baseball Division, players may advance on a third strike that is not caught in flight by the catcher. (When 2 outs or when first base un- occupied with 0-1 outs). However, local leagues may opt to use the Minor League and Tee Ball rule noted above, for the Major Baseball Division, instead. This option applies only for the regular season. In Tournament play, the rule will be implemented as noted above for the Majors Division. The rule for tournament play in is noted below (Same as 11-12).

14 Double 1st base - clarification
In the Majors Division, when the batter becomes a runner on a third strike not caught by the catcher, the batter-runner and the defensive player may use either the colored or the white section. (Rule 7.15, g) Defensive player must still avoid obstruction on an errant throw. Offensive player must still avoid interference with the fielder attempting to field ball.

15 New rules – Pitch count BASEBALL
EXCEPTION: If a pitcher reaches a day(s) of rest threshold while facing a batter, the pitcher may continue to pitch until any one of the following conditions occurs: 1. That batter reaches base; 2. That batter is retired; 3. The third out is made to complete the half-inning. The pitcher will only be required to observe the calendar day(s) of rest for the threshold he/she reached during that at-bat, provided that pitcher is removed before delivering a pitch to another batter. Summary and Implementation:  For the 2013 season, wording was revised allowing a pitcher who reaches his/her imposed days of rest threshold while facing a batter to continue to pitch until the current batter has been retired or reaches base.

16 New rules – mandatory play
Tournament Rule 9 Baseball/Softball MANDATORY PLAY: 9-10 Year Old Division, Year Old Division, Little League, Intermediate (50-70) Division, Junior League: If a tournament team has thirteen (13) or more eligible players in uniform at a game, then every player on a team roster shall participate in each game for a minimum of one (1) at bat. If a tournament has twelve (12) or fewer eligible players in uniform at a game, then every player on a team roster shall participate in each game for a minimum of six (6) consecutive defensive outs and bat at least one (1) time. Summary and Implementation: For the International Tournament, revised mandatory play minimum for tournament teams with thirteen (13) or more eligible players in uniform at a game

17 Game Day Protocols (Pregame – 6pm game start)
5:00 – 5:20 – Visitor in batting cage 5:20 – 5:40 – Home team in batting cage 5:00 – 5:35 – both teams can use the side of the infield and outfield for warm-ups 5:35- 5:45 – visitors take infield 5:45 – 5:55 – home team takes infield 5:55 – plate meeting with Umpire in Chief 5:59 – Home pitcher warms-up 6:00 – Batter up!

18 Game lineup / playing time

19 Coaching evaluations Coaching Evaluations were sent to all participants in July - August of 2013. Coaching Evaluations will be sent out to all participants in July of 2013. Purpose: To ensure SVLL is providing the best Managers for the 450 children in our league. To assist in the Manager Selection Process. To identify areas of weakness in our training/league. To provide feedback & individualized training. To give the parents a voice. Suggestion: Have a 2nd Team Meeting half way through.

20 My philosophy as director of coaching for svll
“When you stop learning, you are no longer coaching” Practice Drills (43 pages) Step by Step breakdown on Pitching Step by Step breakdown on Hitting LL Rule Interpretations and Questions Pitch Count Sheets, Line Up Master Sheets List of Coaching Clinics Positive Coaching Alliance – Double Goal Coach

21 You are the Most Important People in our organization
You determine the kind of experience our children have with SVLL baseball and softball We want Managers/Coaches who want to win and help players learn “life lessons” and positive character traits from sports. Honor the Game: Respect for Rules, Opponents, Officials, Teammates & Self.

22 Online Help / Coaching tools
Scott Webb Cell: Team Stream Coaching Tools Demo How to Print out Medical Consent and Parent Code of Conduct to be signed. Strategies for Effective & Impactful Coaching

23 fundraising Roy Baunsgard & Stacey Cepeda
Cell: Roy Cell: Stacey

24 New jerseys, signs, sponsors

25 Discount merchant cards

26 Sports Authority coupon
Support SVLL by Shopping at Sports Authority Issaquah this weekend! March 2nd thru 10th Sports Authority is having a special Little League event. s sent and coupon also available at for 20% off any purchase at the Issaquah Sports Authority. The Little League organization that redeems the most coupons wins a $500 Sports Authority Gift Card. That would go a long way in purchasing some new catchers gear for SVLL. We have information from a very reliable source that Eastlake Little League is the only other little league organization that has a chance to beat us. Issaquah store March 2nd thru 10th.

27 Director of volunteers
DeAnna Haverfield Cell: Team Mom Meeting (all teams) – DeAnna & Stacey - organization, administrative, fundraising

28 Softball Vice-President
Kristi Aman Cell: Sherry Gilden Cell:

29 Safety Officer Shawn McDowell

30 Safety First SVLL Safety information is online Bats, Bats, Bats!
Safety Plan Forms: Injury Report Medical Consent Concussion Info and Quiz Bats, Bats, Bats! First Aid Kit Injury Report Volunteers All Volunteers – Coaches, Team Mom, Scorekeepers, etc. must register on and pass a background check. If volunteers are not registered, they cannot help with practice, umpiring, in the dugout, etc. First Aid Training

31 Scheduling Charlie Carman
Cell: (206)

32 Play Ball! Practice & Game Schedules (Charlie Carman) Rainouts
Bucky’s Baseball Academy – indoor times Rainouts Majors: Opstad, Coast: SES, Minors: NBE Practice & Games – Season Standings Log in and record results of game scores/pitch counts to: SVNLL End of Season Tournaments Band Members/OPI – ask team, notify Me

33 Interlock with Falls & svnll
Majors – 12, Coast (12) and Minors (14) – Yes Softball – all divisions Crazy 8s and up FLL/SVNLL will be interlock partners for all groups Interlock Rules (first draft) will be provided upon conclusion of local interlock meetings. (Coaches Corner – Coaching Reminders) SVNLL will once again do the online reporting of Score and Pitch Count (For ALL Divisions) (Coaches Corner – Game Day Management) Home team – 2 umpires, 5 run max per inning, Minors – no new inning after 2 hours, entire roster bats – minimum play rules, avoid protests.

34 Game Day Protocols (Field Use)
Wet Fields Field closure lines (only for MANAGERS!) North Bend: Snoqualmie: If game is canceled, CALL YOUR UMP! If infield is questionable, stay off – no pregame infield – Use the outfield Walking on them or working them with a rake doesn’t drain the water – leave them alone

35 director of challenger division
Stacey Cepeda Challenger Division: established for children ages with physical and/or mental disabilities. This is the 3rd year that SVLL offers this division. Majors and Coast players are eligible to be a Challenger Buddy.

36 Information officer Stacey Cepeda
Washington State Law  Under Washington law, certain professionals (including doctors and health care professionals, social workers, law enforcement officers, child care providers, probation officers, or in non-profit organizations, among others) who has reason to know or suspect child abuse is occurring is required to report the abuse to a law enforcement agency or to the department of  social and health services.  Any other person not specifically listed may make a report of known or suspected child abuse to law enforcement of the department.  To access the entire child abuse reporting chapter of the official Washington Code online, follow:

37 SVLL Field Maintenance
Prepping and Maintaining Our Baseball Fields Greg Rothe Snoqualmie Valley Little League Director of Fields and Facilities

38 Pre-Game Prep Checklist
Materials Mat Drag Provided at Majors and Coast fields Provided in the Quad, shared among fields 1-4 Leave them at the field after games Rake Chalker and Chalk Chalking String with Spike Batters’ Box Template In the Storage Shed. Shared among all fields. Return to the shed BEFORE your game begins

39 Pre-Game Prep - The Grass Line.
Use a rake to pull material from the grass line back into the infield. This minimizes the lips that resulting from motorized dragging.

40 Pre-Game Prep - Drag the infield
Use a different pattern each time you drag. This prevents forming low and high spots, which collect water.

41 Pre-Game Prep – Heavy Traffic Areas
Rake and smooth the areas around the bases and the batters boxes. Holding the handle vertical, use the flat head of the rake to tamp the dirt, helping to keep it in place.

42 Chalk the Batters’ Boxes
Use the box template, or a 36” rake to get the dimensions right. Center the box on the center of the plate. Baseball Boxes are 3’x6’ Softball Boxes are 3’x7’

43 Chalk the Foul Lines Place the spike at the point of the plate
Run the line along the outside edge of Third and fist base. Chalk goes INSIDE the line.

44 Wet Fields - Rainouts Respect the city’s decision
When the city closes the fields, they are closed. Keep off of wet fields Many times a field may “look fine,” when playing on it will create problems that lead to MORE rainouts. Staying home today will help preserve the fields for next time.

45 Wet Fields – Game Time DO NOT rake or “spread out” a puddle!
This just deepens the low spot, making the problem area worse. A small trench can serve to channel water off of the play surface, toward a drain. Use a rake to open the surface of the field to the air, allowing it to dry more quickly. Then LEAVE IT ALONE. A SMALL amount of quick-dry can be used to remedy a muddy spot. It’s useless in standing water.

46 This field gets dragged between games and after practice.
Post-Game Cleanup Re-dress the heavy traffic areas around bases and batters’ boxes Drag the base path Fields left chewed up after games and practices will develop problems and lead to more rainouts! This field gets dragged between games and after practice. This one doesn’t.

47 Equipment Return All equipment is paid for by SVLL, and shared by all members. Be considerate of your baseball community. Return equipment to the shed as soon as you are done with it. In the case of shortages or damaged equipment, contact

48 The Umpire in CHIEF - SVLL
Steve Plunkett Cell:

49 The Umpire in CHIEF - SVLL
Who are the umps? Volunteer adults Volunteer youth, players and others. Tipping is encouraged to encourage and retain youth umpires. We do not tip adults, they should refuse if asked, but don’t give them the chance. Parent-child crews ….

50 The Umpire in CHIEF - SVLL
TEAM UMPIRES Each team must provide 1-2 umpires from among the parents of their players. Must attend at LEAST UMP101 and FLD101. Lots of training posted on the Umpire page of District 9 training is BETTER, our training is good.

51 The Umpire in CHIEF - SVLL
SVLL UMPIRE TRAINING DATES UMP 101: March 11 (6:30 – 8:00 PM) NBE UMP 102: March 19 (6:30 – 8:00 PM) NBE FIELD 201: March 23 (8:00 – 10:30 AM) - location TBA (Torguson most likely)

52 The Umpire in CHIEF - SVLL
Interlock rules (TBA): HOME team provides plate & base ump. Doesn’t mean HOME team can’t ask for help from visiting league! How we get umpires? Arbiter: watch for instructions via . Monitor! Master call sheet Team backup umpires Managers and coaches

53 The Umpire in CHIEF - SVLL
Master Approved Umpire List. Watch for it via within the week. This will be your lifeline. All umpires listed and ranked for maximum level at which the can work plate or bases. Coaches and managers are backup umpires. Call two to three weeks ahead of time – and give a courtesy call a day or two before game day! CALL ALL UMPIRES WHEN RAINED OUT!!

54 The Umpire in CHIEF - SVLL
ZERO Tolerance Policy Remember, umpires are in charge of the game. SVLL has ZERO tolerance for abusive conduct or language directed at umpires. Penalty is immediate ejection and a minimum one-game suspension. Severe violations will result in revocation of membership in LL. ONLY the manager may conference with an umpire regarding a question of rule. NOBODY may question any umpire regarding a question of judgment.

55 The Umpire in CHIEF - SVLL
New rule, dropped third strike. NOT AN OPTION at Minor League level (Coast, Minors, Babes). Only Majors. Penalty for an illegal bat? Batter is out. Loss of one on-field adult position (1st incident) Ejection of Manager (2nd incident) Ejection of designated Manager (3rd & 4th) End of game. Teams cannot add coaches. Lineups presented to Umpire with 2 coaches.

56 Keys to Successful Coaching That YOU Control
BE PREPARED and ORGANIZED Be motivated and enthusiastic Be balanced – it’s called LITTLE League Demand Hustle – set the example Want a Positive Attitude – set the example Practice like you want them to play in a game Warm ups, Drills, Pregame workouts, Tempo Strategies for Effective & Impactful Coaching

57 Teach Your Teachers Coach Your Coaches
Teach your volunteer coaches EXACTLY how to run a drill, what you are emphasizing and how to “verbally” give adjustments to the kids. Practice Plan – share it… Use older, experienced players to help younger or less skilled players – partners in fielding short hops, pepper, etc. Challenge these kids to be “leaders” by example FIRST

58 Why are you Coaching? How to Define Success: Not always related to the Scoreboard (Double Goal Coaching) Growth of the player/team (What they control) Effort Learning How to deal with Mistakes Help kids achieve their goals Fun, Friends, Get better, Life lessons, All Stars

59 LEGACY & MEMORIES How do you want to be remembered?
This is about the kids playing the game, not you playing Manager/Coach. Give them something they will respect and remember for years to come – good coaching and mentoring.

60 Questions? Wes Dover – Coaching and Player Development
Baseball Managers Wes Dover – Coaching and Player Development Heather Randall – Player Agent Baseball Softball Managers Kristi Aman – Softball VP Sherry Gilden – Player Agent Softball

61 Year 55 – svll still is & always will be… Kids first

62 Equipment Issues Chuck Jorgensen
Cell: Any equipment issues: size of bats, catching gear, helmets etc. – please contact Chuck and it will be taken care of.

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