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METHANOL IN OUR LIVES. Egypt Project DAMIETTA EMethanex Plant Site, July 2009 Mubarak Gas and Petrochemicals Complex, Damietta  1.3 million tonne plant.

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2 Egypt Project DAMIETTA EMethanex Plant Site, July 2009 Mubarak Gas and Petrochemicals Complex, Damietta  1.3 million tonne plant in Damietta, Egypt EMethanex JV Methanex (60%) Egyptian Government JV Partners ECHEM & Apicorp (40%) Methanex will market 100%  Startup expected in 1H 2010

3 Methanex’s Global Operations Production Capacity (millions of tonnes) Chile: 3.8 Trinidad: 2.1 New Zealand: 0.5-1.4 Egypt (60%): 0.8 (2010) 2008 Sales ~ 15% of global demand 2008 Revenues: US$2.3 Billion Low-cost Waterfront Shipping Subsidiary: ~19 vessels Employees: ~825 Shares listed: NASDAQ, Toronto, Santiago

4  Committed to Responsible Care ® 21 employees around the world dedicated to RC activities  Commercial Offices: Hong Kong, Brussels, Dallas, Santiago Tokyo, Shanghai, Seoul, Billingham, Dubai  Shipping Subsidiary: Waterfront Shipping Manage fleet of ~20 vessels Methanex Corporation Overview

5 METHANOL (Methyl Alcohol)  Clear, colorless liquid  Made up of carbon, hydrogen and oxygen CH3OH What is Methanol ? Chemical formula

6 How is Methanol produced ?

7 Methanol is...  Produced from natural gas and coal  Diversified end uses Formaldehyde Acetic Acid MDF, Plywood Fleece, Adhesives, Paints Dimethyl Methyl Chloride Terephthalate Silicones Recyclable plastic bottles Emerging Energy Uses (High Growth Potential Markets) Traditional Uses (Mature Markets) DME (dimethyl-ether) Fuel Blending Where is Methanol used ?

8 The Methanol House

9  Flammable, burns with clear, low heat flame  Difficult to see during daylight  Soluble in water, miscible in alcohol, ether and to most organic solvents.  Low solubility in fats and oils.  Concentrations of methanol in water above 25% are flammable  Flash point (°C): 11 -12  Lower Explosive Limit (LEL) (%): 6  Upper Explosive Limit (UEL) (%): 36  Autoignition Temp (°C): 385  Boiling Range(°C): 63.9 – 65 Properties of Methanol

10  Melting Range (°C): -97.8  Specific gravity (water=1): 0.79 @ 20°C  Biodegrades quickly in small amounts  Readily absorbed into the body  Poisonous in liquid or vapours state  Toxic: danger of very serious irreversible effects through inhalation, contact with skin and if swallowed Properties of Methanol

11 NFPA Methanol 3: Risk of flammability: You can ignite at ambient temperature 1: Risks to health: Slightly dangerous 0:: Risk of reactivity: Stable Remember Methanol is: FlamableToxic Methanol Handling

12 Flame geometry and thermal radiation from methanol pool fires in 5.85 metre diameter bunds. Pool being filled Methanol Handling Full-scale Pool Fire test carried out at Spadeadam test site in Cumbria, UK on 9 March 1993

13 Ignition! Methanol Handling

14 Colorless flame - just a heat haze. Wind speed was 4.4 metres/second (10 mph) ambient temperature was 4.5°C, pressure 981 millibar Methanol Handling

15 Safety precautions  No smoking  Vehicular access  Intrinsically safe equipment  Grounding all equipment, pumps, tanks, pipes,vessels, filters

16  Extinguishing Media  Alcohol stable foam  Dry chemical powder  Carbon dioxide  Water spray or fog - Large fires only. Methanol Handling Fire Fighting/Explosion Hazard  May be violently or explosively reactive  Severe fire hazard when exposed to heat, flame and/or oxidizers  Vapor may travel a considerable distance to source of ignition

17 EMethanex Plant Layout




21  Detector tubes  Electronic Instruments  Absorbent tubes  Biological Monitoring How do we detect Methanol? Methanol Handling

22 Safe Methanol Handling Personnel and Environmental protection Process side  Closed sampling / dip / temperature measurement on the Methanol Storage Tanks  Routine samples using closed cylinders  Tandem seals on all methanol pumps  Flame detectors and sprinklers on all methanol pumps  Closed methanol drainage system  AAAF foam for methanol fire fighting  Methanol tanks fully bunded and controlled drainage  Methanol vapors recovery system on all methanol tanks and from the ships Process Side: Safe Methanol Handling

23 Methanol Truck Loading Automatic stop logic if high truck level Foam-water monitors Dedicated tanks Safety induction to the driver and certification Grounding and interlock Dip loading pipe, and others Methanol Ship Loading Loading arms provided with an Emergency Release System Spill and drains containment pumped back to the plant Foam-water monitors Grounding and interlock, and others Process Side: Safe Methanol Handling

24 Plant Fire Fighting System Fire Water / Foam System. 1.Filtered Water Tank used as fire water supply 2.Fire Water Jockey pumps 1P-4401 A/B, Diesel pumps 1P-4402 A/B/C/D. 3.Fire Water Jockey / Diesel pumps P&ID. 4.WATER / FOAM DELUGE SYSTEM. 5.Water Deluge SYSTEM. 6.Heat detectors and Gas detectors 1.Dry Chemical Powder System 2.Fire truck (water, foam, dry chemical) and portable Extinguishers of various types at strategic locations FF irewater is supplied to the plant via a ring main system of piping. The northern portion of the ring main protects the methanol storage tank area and the southern portion of the ring main protects the methanol production area, utilities, and buildings. FF irewater supply is from the Filtered Water Tank

25 Water / Foam Deluge System Methanol Product Tanks 1TK-2602A/B

26 Water / Foam Deluge System

27 Water / Foam level operated Monitors Tank Area Dike Protection

28 Foam monitor system jetty area


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