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Unitrends Who Are We? Page 1Unitrends Confidential.

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1 Unitrends Who Are We? Page 1Unitrends Confidential

2 Analysts - Gartner First year placement Trending towards visionary G00262146 16 June 2014 o Unitrends offers “Comprehensive features and … additional DR capabilities.” o “Well-tested in the field, over 10,000 customers” o “Customers like the all-in-one licensing and centralized management” These are expensive Global Enterprise solutions Unitrends is a Mid-Market Leader

3 Analysts - DCIG

4 Analysts STORServer Is only compatible with TSM and recently Simpana (Large Enterprise) This makes Unitrends the #1 thru #9 Mid-Market PBBA

5 What do we do? Page 5Unitrends Confidential Data Protection & Recovery DRaaS Data Protection and Recovery Assurance –Backup/Archive/Replication –Automated DR testing/failover/failback/reporting Mid-Market and Small Enterprise –Where choices matter –Where project budget becomes an issue –Where too many vendors is a concern –Where DR testing is non-existent –Where SLAs and Compliance reporting is required Recovery Assurance Certified Recovery Points SLA and Compliance reporting #1 Mid-Market Appliance & #1 Overall Virtualization Software solution

6 6 Strategic Message for your Client? Unitrends Value Proposition …When you are looking to refresh one or more of your backup/DR tools, you should be considering Unitrends and here is why. Not only is their technology rated #1 by DCIG, Unitrends has a unique solution-set for Data Protection & Recovery Assurance: –The uniqueness comes in providing Backup, Replication, Archive, & Recovery for Physical and Virtual infrastructures –With a virtual software appliance or a physical hardware appliance and an extension to the cloud –They also provide App/Service Level, Automated DR testing, failover & failback with SLA & Compliance Reporting –They do this with an all-inclusive licensing model, a “set it and forget it” management tool, and the lowest TCO. –Unitrends is an option that allows you to replace your multiple Data Protection vendors with ONE vendor –(OPTIONAL) Additionally, we provide Managed Services with Unitrends’ solution-set. –Unitrends is the fastest growing provider for Data Protection & Recovery Assurance for the mid-market client base –And Unitrends is highly rated by Gartner and DCIG –Would you be interested in hearing more about Unitrends? Why is this Strategic? Because Technology is a Business Decision based on Efficiency (i.e. The highest level of Technical and Reporting functionality…with the lowest level of human intervention, CapEx, and OpEx)

7 Storage Any vendor Unitrends Solution-Set Backup to Disaster Recovery as a Service Page 7Unitrends Confidential Applications Virtual & Physical OS Mac OS X, AIX, Solaris, iSeries ESXi - HyperV Storage Any vendor Unitrends to Unitrends Replication NAS SAN TAPE Archiving RxDA Removable Disk Primary Client - Partner Secondary Client – Partner - Unitrends Archive Backups Send off-site Manage Retention Clone - Send back Applications Spin-up Systems on Unitrends Physical and Virtual Storage vMotion or Restore data Windows Virtual Failover Windows Instant Recovery Bare Metal Restores Dissimilar Restore: P2P, P2V, V2P, V2V Optional Recovery Assurance Virtual & Physical OS Mac OS X, AIX, Solaris, iSeries ESXi - HyperV

8 Applications ESXi Production Storage Certified Replicas Recovery Sandbox ESXi Any vendor ReliableDR Host-Based Replication ReliableDR ReliableDR Service Level, Automated, DR Testing, Failover, Failback, & Reporting Page 8Unitrends Confidential Any Storage-based Replication Unitrends to Unitrends Group VMs by Service (IIS, SQL, App) Define the recovery order Define RPO = 1 hour Define RTO = 15 minutes Define the Service test Canned or custom Snapshot presented to the hypervisor Network isolated Sandbox The test is run RPA & RTA calculated Certified recovery point cataloged Test repeated per the RPO Primary Client - Partner Secondary Client – Partner - Unitrends

9 Recap: Recovery Assurance Application Aware Automation of Disaster Recovery testing Failover and failback automation for applications Precise application Recovery Time Actuals (RTA) SLA dashboard; deviation alerts in real time Business Continuity audits and Compliance reporting 9

10 Thank You For Attending Page 10 Unitrends Confidential Eric Hentschel Regional Channel Sales Manager North Central United States Columbus, OH 614-440-5823 Unitrends, Inc. (HQ) 200 Wheeler Drive Burlington, MA 01803 Phone: 866-359-5411 Support: 888-374-6124 Carl Bjerke Inside Channel Account Manager North Central United States Burlington, MA 781-418-0490

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