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Joey Yep Technical Marketing, Seagate CSS Creating a Competitive Advantage with Cloud.

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1 Joey Yep Technical Marketing, Seagate CSS Creating a Competitive Advantage with Cloud

2 Seagate Confidential2 Market Trends Observations Key Takeaways Agenda

3 Seagate Confidential3 Need more capacity & capabilities; e.g., compliance, monetization, analytics, preservation, and collaboration Non-traditional/cloud-storage solutions from new vendors to fill these gaps: -Commodity hardware -Open-source software -Extreme automation -Ruthless standardization Data Growth Is a Major Headache

4 Seagate Confidential4 29% improve backup/recovery 32% increase use of virtualization 32% Source:2014 IT Spending Intentions Survey, Enterprise Strategy Group, Inc. information security initiatives IT Top Priorities

5 Seagate Confidential5 25% manage data growth 23% use more cloud services 21% disaster recovery initiatives Source:2014 IT Spending Intentions Survey, Enterprise Strategy Group, Inc. IT Top Priorities

6 Seagate Confidential6 52% storage infrastructure 72% cloud services 52% virtualization software Source:2014 IT Spending Intentions, Enterprise Strategy Group, Inc. Key Investments

7 Seagate Confidential7 59% vmware share, 21% growth 66% x86 workloads are virtualized 25% hyper-v share, 62% growth 15% deploy multiple hypervisors 100% projected increase by next year Source: December, 2013 IDC Virtualization Trends

8 Seagate Confidential8 20% plan to use cloud services 70% use cloud services today cloud adoption is moving faster Source:2014 IT Spending Intentions, Enterprise Strategy Group, Inc. than expected 13% spike from 2013 11% drop from 2013 Cloud Trends

9 Observations

10 Seagate Confidential The Classic IT Problem 1 2 3 Be seen as a revenue generator, not a cost center Do more Maintain Compliance and NEVER go down

11 Seagate Confidential The Classic IT Constraint Classic solutions lock managers into proprietary architectures for years Married to your storage architecture Increasing need to keep everything online all the time

12 Seagate Confidential12 Access Security Control The Classic Cloud Constraint

13 Seagate Confidential13 Access Security Control 2008-2011: Top 3 barriers of entry Cloud solutions have matured Concerns have been relieved Nearly 90% using or plan The Classic Cloud Constraint

14 Competing With a Modern Strategy

15 Seagate Confidential15 Main Aspects to Cloud Technology Virtualization Deduplication Monitoring Replication Storage Tiering Expanded Svcs Monetizing data New XaaS offerings Secured Data Anywhere Types IaaS PaaS SaaS Features Elastic Reliable Virtual Availability Security Modes Private Public Hybrid Source: EU CORDIS Service Options Backup as a Service DR as a Service Data Tiering Service File Sync/Share

16 Seagate Confidential16 Competitive Advantage Backup, Recovery, DR, and Data Tiering -Time to results -Eliminating Down-time: “Point-and-click loyalty” -Ubiquitous data access Recovery v. System Readiness -Application ready on prem or in the cloud -Improve customer satisfaction -Responsive v. Reactive

17 Seagate Confidential17 OPEX v. CAPEX  Optimize budget spend  Eliminate costly maintenance Extension of IT staff  DR Validation  Testing  Assessments Virtualization flexibility  Physical to Virtual  Quickly and efficiently ‘spin up’ servers/applications Data Center Certification  SSAE 16, SOC 2 Value of Cloud Systems & Solutions

18 Seagate Confidential18 Choosing the right type of cloud can help mitigate your risks! Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) can only solve part of problem Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) -Addresses all the challenges -Economies of scale -All DR resources are provided -Offsite team to manage your recovery The Cloud Can Help

19 Key Takeaways

20 Seagate Confidential20 Identify Workloads -Data Protection -File Share -Data Tiering -CRM/Office Support Creating Value With Cloud

21 Seagate Confidential21 Security Concerns -Physical Access -Encryption -Geographic data dispersion Yours, Theirs, or Ours -Private, Public or Hybrid Creating Value With Cloud

22 Seagate Confidential22 DIY v. Converged Solutions Open source v. Proprietary Hybrid approach, on/off prem, federated Creating Value With Cloud

23 Seagate Confidential23 Seagate CSS group Seagate Cloud Systems and Solutions provides the tools to compete in today’s marketplace: Private Cloud Public Cloud High Performance Computing Components and Services

24 Truly Unique Combination! CSS Competitive Advantage Majority of cost = disk & systems Disk drive innovation opportunity > 2,000 petabytes of storage shipped in 2013 Cloud Storage Expertise 43,000+ cloud storage customers

25 Seagate Confidential25 Seagate CSS Systems and Solutions Private Cloud Solutions installed in Customer data center Operated by Customer or by Seagate Flexible financing / ownership options Performance Computing Market Leading Solutions High Quality Components Solutions for DIY Customers High quality building blocks Services Disk based storage Flash storage Object/File Storage Appliances and Hardware Reference Designs ClusterStor Lustre Based Solutions CS-1500 CS-6000 & CS-9000/T Secure Data Appliance Hadoop on Lustre Connector Components for custom HPC solutions StratoStor OneStor Modular Enclosures Embedded Storage Platforms Embedded Application Platforms StrataStor Enclosures StrataStor Racks Disks and Flash Public Cloud Services provided over the Internet Solutions are installed in Seagate’s data centers eVault Cloud Services Plug ‘n Play NAS Gateway Bottomless and Forever Object Storage Service Hybrid

26 Thank you!

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