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Experts in OS Recovery and Migration

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1 Experts in OS Recovery and Migration
Cristie Software CBMR Solution Experts in OS Recovery and Migration

2 Cristie Software Cristie Software was established in 2007 and has grown rapidly to become a leading software provider specialising in data protection, machine recovery, migration and availability. Our products provide fast, reliable and highly automated backup, recovery and migration solutions for Windows, Linux and other Unix machines. They are sold worldwide by IBM, Avnet, SHI and a global network of leading resellers. We have over 2,000 end users in over 70 countries including many of the world’s largest healthcare, retail, manufacturing, public sector and financial organizations.

3 What is BMR? Bare Machine Recovery (BMR) is a term used for the recovery of a machine to new (bare) hardware. Recovery includes the operating system and application configurations. A rebuild can take several hours and can require a high level of technical knowledge. Machine failure may be caused by a failure of the server hardware (disk or controller failure, physical damage, loss of power etc.) or a corruption of the operating system or applications (virus, user or disk errors etc.) Regular recovery does not provide BMR functionality and System Administrators therefore are required to manually reinstall and configure the operating systems, middleware and applications. A regular recovery process can take hours and have many steps that require technical documentation, license keys and installation disks and knowledge.

4 Products All BMR products support Windows, Linux, AIX and Solaris
CBMR (Cristie Bare Machine Recovery) TBMR (Bare Machine Recovery for TSM) NBMR (NetWorker Bare Machine Recovery) ABMR (Avamar Bare Machine Recovery) CM (CloneManager) All BMR products support Windows, Linux, AIX and Solaris

5 Introducing CBMR Provides Bare Machine Recovery
Sold by IBM and leading resellers worldwide Standalone BMR product that can integrate with TSM and many other Storage Management and Backup and Restore solutions Recovers direct from stored backups Can migrate physical and virtual machines CBMR offers one common recovery infrastructure and management. No need to deploy multiple OS specific recovery tools

6 CBMR Features CBMR recovers:
operating systems and applications in under 10 minutes to dissimilar hardware P2P, P2V, V2P, V2V, V2C, C2V, C2P, P2C and C2C an exactly identical machine fully automatic if required from both incremental and image backups to any point in time that is available from the backups CBMR supports: Windows, Linux, AIX and Solaris machines migrations from physical and/or virtual machines

7 Network Storage or TSM Server
CBMR – Install Process Configure CBMR to backup to TSM or to a File device on a Network Share Source Systems can be Physical, Virtual or Cloud Configure CBMR to run regular scheduled backups P Install CBMR onto source servers Create bootable media = 1 per OS Network Storage or TSM Server TSM backup V C

8 CBMR – Restore Process P V C Restore System
Boot target environment into Cristie Recovery Console P Network Storage or TSM Server Restore System V C Connect to CBMR Backup Location

9 Value Proposition Improves recovery times and points
Servers restored in minutes versus hours Multiple servers can be restored simultaneously Can restore to any point in time that is available Ensures reliability of the recovery process Simplifies and automates the recovery process Reduces the number of HA/clustering environments No additional product knowledge required – reducing training Can be used to create machine clones for testing or migration Reduces storage and system requirements Saves storage and network bandwidth – no additional backup No separate backup software to install, schedule and manage

10 How to purchase CBMR CBMR is purchased per license
A license covers one machine’s backup and recovery requirements CBMR comes with 1 year’s maintenance included in the price You can purchase CBMR through IBM or an approved reseller Please us for more information on how best to purchase CBMR and for your nearest reseller contact information:

11 Questions? More product information can be found at:

12 Cristie Software Contacts
General enquiries Americas Sales Enquiries APAC Sales Enquiries EMEA Sales Enquiries

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