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Encompass: Business Summary   Mission: Education, Networking, and Advocacy for the HP community (short version)

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1 Encompass: Business Summary   Mission: Education, Networking, and Advocacy for the HP community (short version)  Vision: Encompass will be viewed as the HP IT community's choice for enterprise computing technical education, networking and industry influence.  Organizational Structure: – Volunteer Board of Directors (10) comprised of HP users and partners – Executive management and operations Staff (14) at Chicago, IL HQ office – Volunteer (HP technologists) provide majority of content and drive activities

2 Encompass: Membership Stats  Membership: – Represent a list of over 16,000 HP Users – 11 regional local user groups across the U.S. (LUGs) that meet regularly – 6 national special interest groups (SIGs) that meet online to discuss specific IT topics  Number is in process of growing – Several types and levels of membership:  Associate (free)  Individual ($90)  Corporate ($400)  DSPP (free)

3 Encompass Chapters Locations Across The United States Encompass has 11 active LUGs. We are working to re-activate the Colorado, Ohio and Austin, TX LUGs in late 2007 Golden State Chapter – San Francisco, CA Rocky Mountain Chapter - Colorado CACTUS Chapter – Phoenix, AZ Austin Chapter – Austin, TX DFW Chapter – Dallas/Fort Worth, TX SUNTUG – Tampa, FL ATALUG Chapter – Atlanta, GA CARTS Chapter– Chicago, IL Western Reserve User Group Chapter - Ohio ESILUG Chpater – Washington D.C. DEL VAL Chapter – Philadelphia, PA PenNY Chapter – Upstate New York New England Chapter - Massachusetts New York Metro Chapter – New York, NY

4 Encompass HQ Chapter Coordination Contacts  Katie Huffman – Katie. Katie. – 312.673.4745  Jillian Kelly – – 312.673.5894

5 Encompass Chapter Program  By joining Encompass, you join a chapter!  Benefits of participating in an Encompass chapter – Networking  One group of individuals with a common interest  Make new business contacts and friends  Organized monthly meetings or special events  Interact with HP professionals

6 Encompass Chapter Program, continued – Local Resources  Personal connection with other, like-minded HP end-users and HP professionals  Get your questions answered on the spot  Provide your expertise and serve as a technical resource to others – Education  HP speakers and panel discussions several times a year  Peer-to-peer Q & A  Leadership opportunities

7 Encompass: Partnerships  Partnerships – HP: HPTF&E, DSPP, WW Survey – ITUG: HPTF&E – SNIA – WW HP User Group Council:  Vivit  Encompass  ITUG  Interex EMEA  Encompass – global locations

8 Encompass: Strategic Focus 2007  Build Community – WW Collaboration – Re-design of Membership – Vertical SIG  Product and Service Delivery Improvement – New services aligned with industry trends – New technical offerings – Enhanced advocacy  Expand Involvement – HP Alignment – Volunteer, Partner, and LUG development

9 Encompass: Recent Accomplishments  Launched Presidential & Migration Blogs  Publishing pod-casts on relevant IT topics  2007 WW survey launch  Consistent media exposure  SIG / LUG additions – Online LUG Meeting and Organization tool launch – Launch of the Golden State LUG – Collaboration with ITUG on SunTUG

10 Encompass: Recent Achievements  ITUG/HP partnership for HPTF&E  Collaborated with ITUG to produce Leaders Day at HPTF&E  Technical Resources pages re-design  RSS feeds  Added instapolls to homepage  Recruiting and developing new volunteers  Volunteer professional development session  Volunteer reception  Produced HTML version Encompass Points newsletter  New HP Virtual Panel advocacy program

11 Encompass: How Do You Get Involved?  Contact Us! – Executive Director: Chris Hansen 312-673-5838 – HQ Staff – General Phone Inquiries:  877-354-9887 – General Information & Inquiries Via E-mail :

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