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Name: Daniel Venglar Class Period: 6 PaP Blanca's.

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1 Name: Daniel Venglar Class Period: 6 PaP Blanca's

2 Setting This story takes place in present day America. The house in which Maxwell lives is a basic traditional American home with a basement which Max’s living quarters are centered at.

3 Characters Maxwell has a learning disability, and Freak has a growth disorder, while Freaks care taker or mother “ The Fair Gwen of air”, While Max’s caretaker’s are Gram and, Grim. Maxwell also has a father who is known by the name or title “Killer Kane". Maxwell has brown hair and he is very tall ; While his father Killer Kane is basically a clone of Maxwell being his father. Freak is the size of a four yr. old and has blonde hair, Gwen is “movie star "beautiful with long black hair. Gram is an old lady with dark brown hair, while Grim is an old man with the same hair color. Gwen is a rather caring person who takes excellent care of Freak, “Killer Kane’ is a convicted murder and the father of Maxwell he also looks almost exactly like Maxwell, Freak is the son of Gwen he is a rather forceful person but does have his moment’s of deep care as well he becomes Maxwell’s best friend and rides on Maxwell’s shoulders; Freak is also “ a boy genius”, Gram is one of the loving caretakers of Maxwell; She can’t stand it when someone yells so she is quite kind but, but she couldn’t stick up for herself even if her life depended on it, Grim is the rather more forceful,and manly version of Gram since he is the male caretaker of Maxwell : He can stick up for himself and believes Maxwell is at a dangerous age.

4 Plot: Conflict Maxwell and, Freak must live through each of their personal issues together and the marauding “ Killer Kane's” attempts to get his son back from the clutches of Gram and Grim's caring hands. Freak – Freak must deal with himself having a fragile body and being the size of a four yr old. Maxwell- Maxwell must deal with his learning disability and, how he is beginning to resemble his father “Killer Kane” more closely. Gwen- Gwen must deal with Freak being a midget and the past coming back to haunt her since she knew “Killer Kane” before he was a murder. “Killer Kane” - “Killer Kane” must deal with himself having murdered a person several yrs ago and how he may never be able to bond with his son. Grim- Grim must deal with Maxwell beginning to look like “him” or “Killer Kane” and the consequences following Maxwell looking like “him.” Gram- Gram must deal with trying to keep the family together.

5 Plot: Resolution Maxwell- Maxwell lives through his personal issues and learns to pay attention in class and gain a brain of his own. ”The Fair Gwen of Air”- Gwen lives through the few stresses that are put upon her. Other than that she eventually moves away “Killer Kane”- “Killer Kane” is put back in jail for attempt of murder and kidnapping the next time he sees beyond cold iron bars will be when he's at least eighty years old. Grim- Grim calms down about trying to insure Maxwell goes the right direction in life since Maxwell will more than likely become something in the world that’s purely not related to his dad “Killer Kane”. Gram-Gram calms down about keeping the family together since nothing will challenge them as a unit until Maxwell goes off to college. Freak dies of an enlarged heart caused by morquio syndrome.

6 Your Opinion I Believe Freak the Mighty was a excellent book and I give it five stars. Because it had several tense moments and its easily relatable to everyday life. It also contains the messages to stereotype someone as a lesser being because of their stature, or smarts.

7 About the Author The author based the story off people he truly knew or knows. The author wrote “Freak The Mighty.” The author has earned a Newberry honor. The author has written several books before he wrote “Freak The Mighty.” The author still writes books to this day.

8 5 Test Questions What caused Freak to die? What is Gwen’s so called “title”? What did Killer Kane attempt to kill Loretta? What chemical did Freak spray into “Killer Kane’s” eyes? Who was “Killer Kane's” first victim of murder?

9 Summary Maxwell has never known his father until he begins to resemble him in every which way except for personality. Not only that the past begins to come back to haunt him whenever a boy he knew as child, crippled with blonde hair named called Freak moves in next door with his beautiful mother Gwen. Freak eventually befriends Maxwell. Now united together as an unbreakable unit they must live through each others personal issues.

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