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A child who stood tall, through a rough childhood.

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2 A child who stood tall, through a rough childhood.

3 As a child David James Pelzer was born on December 29, 1960, in Daly City, California. Son of Stephen Joseph Pelzer ( 1923 to 1980)and Catherine Roerva Christen Pelzer(1929 to 1992). His father had died very early in his childhood and his mother had abused him to no limit. His teachers knew about this abused issue, but never called the police.

4 Teenage years Soon after his 12 th year of age, his teachers had notified the police and David was evacuated from his home as soon as possible and sent under Foster Care, until the age of 18. During this time, David was able to work through his aggression and fear. As he did this, he was determined to educate the world.

5 Adult Life In 1979, he later became an author and joined the Air Force. Some of the books he wrote were, A Child called “It”, The Lost Boy, and A man named Dave.

6 Now… David Pelzer is now 46, and has written many New York Times Best-sellers. He also travels the country promoting understanding, resilience, and inspires the many people who respond to the things he speaks. David is also one of the first Americans ever, to win the “Outstanding Young Persons of the World Award”.

7 Similarities David Pelzer Christina Aguilera David was abused by his mother who had starved him to no end, made him eat inedible specimens, and many other untamable things. Christina’s father had been very emotional and physically abusive to his daughter. Until he left, her mother and her.

8 Even Though Although an administrator earning money from his history, he is a person, who over achieved his abuse and inspired many others to fight for his freedom and perseverance.

9 Courageous, Brave, Fearless Lover of family Who excels at writing and telling his story of life Who felt the need to fight back Who needs love and caring from his mother Who gives information on his life to others Who fears his mother Who would like to see everyone have a bright future

10 By: Peyton Brunson October 4, 2011 Stands up for any child who is abused Is against abusive behavior Who believes in the world

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