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Senior Capstone Project

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1 Senior Capstone Project
Project Outline

2 What to Include in Outline
Brief overview of Senior Project Background research needed to complete project Scientific study/investigation summary Mentor information/requirements Project description Presentation summary

3 Overview Short paragraph (about 5 sentences) that summarizes your senior project. Should not go into any details. Example: My senior project is comparing regular shingles to slate shingles in the construction of a small barn. I will need to research how barns are built and the differences between regular and slate shingles. I will run various tests on both types of shingles. I will use the information I acquired through my research and experiments to create a small model of my barn design.

4 Background Research This could be in paragraph, table, or outline form
List all of the information you will need to know in order to complete the project Example Both types of Shingles Cost What they are made of Durability Maintenance How manufactured Site preparation How to install Environmental factors Aesthetic factors Buyer’s preference How used in past Weather resistance

5 Scientific Study/Investigation
List the steps necessary to complete any studies/investigations (NOTE: this could be information acquired by a study found during research) Example: I am going to test the durability of regular and slate shingles by doing the following: Place each shingle on the floor Drop a ½” diameter wood ball from a height of 10 feet Inspect shingles for any damage Repeat with aluminum, steel, and lead balls

6 Scientific Study/Investigation
Example: I am going to test the weather resistance of regular and slate shingles by doing the following: Apply one 4’ x 4’ piece of plywood with regular shingles and another 4’ x 4’ piece of plywood with slate shingles as you would install them on a barn roof Rest both pieces of plywood on sawhorses Place a pan under each “roof sample” to catch any water Simulate a rain shower by using a garden hose to squirt each “roof sample” for 10 minutes on with hose nozzle set to “gentle shower” Observe, measure, and record any water that passed through the shingles Repeat ___ times

7 Scientific Study/Investigation
Example: I am going to determine which type of shingles is more aesthetically pleasing by surveying students at the CCCTC Take/find pictures of similar barns; some with slate roofing, some with regular shingles. I will go to the all of the labs and show each student 2 pictures at a time, one with slate, one with regular (barns should be similar). Students will pick which picture they like best. I will record student preferences After surveying at least 100 students, I will analyze my data to see which students prefer.

8 Mentor Information Compile a list of: Examples:
People you know who may be able to help you with your project (parents, coworkers, employers, teachers, etc.) People with certain jobs who may be able to help you Examples: My neighbor works construction for company XYZ and will be able to help answer questions I have about roofing I will need to contact ( /call) an employee of ABC shingle makers to get more information on how shingles are manufactured.

9 Project Description Use information you have acquired to compile a final project (write a description of that project) Example: After analyzing my research and experimental data, I will use that information to select the appropriate roofing material and make a 1/5 scale model of a barn. The barn will be used for …

10 Presentation Summary What will your presentation include?
What visual tools will you use? (Must have at least 2) Power point can be 1 visual aid Project could be 2nd Can use poster with charts/graphs Video/pictures of process/testing Example: I will make a power point highlighting the research, experiments, and studies I performed. I will include the pictures I presented to students and pictures of the construction of my model. My second visual aid will be my scale model of the barn.

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