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Sr. Project Presentation Guidelines Follow along page 31-32.

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1 Sr. Project Presentation Guidelines Follow along page 31-32

2 Senior Project Presentation Guidelines See p31. Presentation OUTLINE: each student must turn in an outline of his/her presentation the day before the delivery date. -Details about presentation’s: introduction, body, and conclusion. -Use the form/outline on page 32.

3 Length: 10-15 minutes 2 Students per day. 10-15 Minutes, 20 minutes maximum. If you go under 10 minutes, you must re-present after school to an audience of teachers and administrators. If the second attempt does not meet 10-minute requirement, the student does NOT GRADUATE. Rehearse in front of an audience as many times as possible. See me if you need a live audience.

4 Presentation Materials All presentation materials must be submitted to your English teacher the day prior to your presentation.

5 Topics to Discuss During Presentation Brief summary of your research. Exploration of the background of your topic. Detailed description of arguments on both sides of the controversy (MOST OF PRESENTATION) Your conclusion and opinion. What you learned. How the Sr. Project will impact your future.

6 Visuals: All Presentations must have a visual aid. They can include but not limited to: -PowerPoint slide show (highly recommeded) -Prezi -Video of you in action related to your project (this cannot substitute for your presenting) -Overhead and transparencies with information about your topic. -Brochure /pamphlet/handout for the audience.

7 Grading See page 32 for rubric. Introduction: Catchy opening, breif overview, thesis statement. Body: Informative, knowledgeable, interesting, well developed. Conclusion: Effective and memorable closure to the presentation. Auditory and/or Visual Enhancement: innovative, creative, effective aid to guide the speaker and audience through the presentation.

8 Grading continued Question/Answer Period: Presenter’s handling of questions and discussion. Delivery: Eye contact, posture, loud & clear speaking voice, formal language. Professionalism/Preparedness: Appearance, preparation. Time: Does not go over or under allotted time.

9 Audience Teachers and staff may attend w/o your knowledge. You may invite staff members, students. Each student will be able to invite a certain number of passes for their presentations. Guests must have permission, signed on their pass from their teacher. If they are not in the class on time, they cannot attend. Outside visitors must sign in at the Main Office and obtain a visitors pass. Presenters are responsible for their guests behavior. This can impact your grade, so be careful whom you invite.

10 Schedule of Dates for Presentation Each person will pick a number out of a hat. Based on the number, you will choose a date to present. 2 presentations per day.

11 What to Turn in Senior Project folder – Left side Proposal & Parent Contact Notes from 6+ sources with Rubric – Right side Outline with Rubric First draft with Rubric (and any other drafts you did) Final paper with Rubric If you have missed any steps in the process – Turn in all steps with your final paper – All steps are REQUIRED in order to graduate

12 Penalties Late: – 10% per day – Do not participate in Graduation Ceremony if not in on time, meeting minimum requirements Due the period you have English Paper is late regardless of absence or excuse Not meeting any one of the minimum requirements: – Paper returned to student – Late penalties apply – however long it takes to correct and re-submit

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