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Presented by:Ed Keough Senior VP of Sales and Marketing Futureguard Building Products, Inc. PO Box 2030, 101 Merrow Road Auburn, Maine 04211-2030 (Tel)

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1 Presented by:Ed Keough Senior VP of Sales and Marketing Futureguard Building Products, Inc. PO Box 2030, 101 Merrow Road Auburn, Maine 04211-2030 (Tel) 800-858-5818 x141 (Cell) 207-240-3250

2 Quick Test……  What are the first words that come to mind when I say “Describe your employees”? Expensive Lazy Unreliable Slow

3 I hope your answers are: Great Value Reliable Indispensible Efficient

4 Are your answers in Red???  Then I expect there is tension and lack of commitment among your employees. They come in, do their job and get out exactly at quitting time.  You’re never quite sure if the guys on the trucks are where they should be and putting the best face on you company.

5 Are your answers in Green?  That’s Great. So keep it up and maybe a few stories or tips found here will make things even better.

6 Hire right to start…. You have to start with the best employees or working to keep them happy and productive will be a frustrating and unrewarding task. Most people are good at something. If you have or hire a new employee and they are not succeeding then it’s your obligation to move them to another job or let them go. Otherwise……. THEY WILL DRAG THE WHOLE TEAM DOWN and COST YOU A LOT OF MONEY!

7 Paradigm par·a·digm paer ə daim, -dim/ –noun 1. An example serving as a model; pattern. 2. An accepted view or “Norm” Synonyms 1. mold, standard; ideal, paragon, touchstone. Unabridged Based on the Random House Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2010.

8  In 1980 I was working in my family’s hardware store and I experienced a paradigm shift.

9 A new paradigm…. Recognize that you have many customers. Not just the obvious ones writing the checks. Bankers Vendors Family EMPLOYEES

10 I gave them a job. Why do I have to treat them like customers??????????? Because they are your internal customers. Selling them on your goals, expectations and dreams is the path to YOUR SUCCESS. Selling them everyday helps you to have a highly productive organization which of course makes you money and allows them to have jobs.

11 Sell Them What???? The fact you care not only about the current sale or project but about the team.. Your company The fact that without them you have nothing and without you they have no job. The fact that the ultimate goal everyday is quality work and happy paying customers.

12 Simple.. Yes………. Easy.. NO Happy enthusiastic employees will shine bright on your success. Customers will feel and see that enthusiasm and refer others to you because people like to do business with happy enthusiastic people.

13 But isn’t all about the coin??? In the end… Yes it is but the means to that end can be pleasant or a chore. THE CHOICE IS YOURS!

14 Three Company Snapshots

15 Two key managers are board members and are treated like partners. This attitude compels them to take ownership of their work and therefore make sure all decisions are made in the best interest of the company. When out on service calls and even bank runs they are always thinking about add-on sales or new business if they see the opportunity such as a torn awning or a boat in the driveway. Small bonus/ commission is paid for these additional sales. All employees are treated with respect and as important team members. Fair wages with no specific cost of living raises but occasional small bonuses are spread around upon completion of an especially large and lucrative project. Ownership feelings drives new business beyond the “Punch the Clock” mentality. #1 - Traditional New England second generation awning shop. Unique factors: This generation has expanded the business to include non-seasonal industrial canvas work and a non fabric wholesale division. About 10 employees. Active owner plus two key managers and a team of installers, sewers, fabricators etc.

16 #2 - Industry Service Company run by founder. Believes in fair respectful treatment of employees and expects the same in return. Owner plus two key employees and about 6 others. Has never laid of employees even in slow times. They know to look for things to keep busy Owner say he works hard to “walk in their shoes” shows empathy but expects loyalty and performance. Makes the problem and costs to the company clear if some one makes mistakes. He makes them “feel bad to feel better”. This builds trust and loyalty between workers and owner and managers. Key team has been there for well over 15 years. Fair but not excessive pay and no commission or bonus type structure due to nature of the business. Not a lot of active sales effort by staff other than the owner. Regular cost of living type raises. Key- “I can’t live without them and they can’t live without me” So why not work for the good of all. Be direct but non- offensive.

17 #3- Larger than average traditional awning company. Strong mix of commercial and residential business. This is one of the best run companies in our industry. Founder runs company primarily from inside and is active in the daily production. Has three very key guys plus another 6-10 production, service and installation employees. Average 10-15 year tenure for key staff Clear communication and expectation is key with pay incentives to back up expectations. One outside salesman. Paid straight commission and given a car and all sales expenses paid by the company. Six figure income! Production manager and lead installer/crew manager receive base pay plus 1% of gross sales paid quarterly. Balance of staff is hourly with pay based on experience and time.

18 His keys to retention and top performance…… High expectations. The job must be done right the first time. BUT if the job takes longer than expected to complete he is in full support of staying to get it done. “Call backs and re-do’s are the largest hidden cost in our business.” Listen and if reasonable allow them to try their ideas. They are in the field and usually know best on how to improve procedures. Give them the TOOLS they need to do it right. Quality trucks, quality tools, GPS, welders, generators on all trucks, lettered and professional. They are proud to pull up to a job, look professional and have the tools to get the job done the first time. Job security. Hire smart and work hard to avoid layoffs. Owner stops taking a check when things get tight. Has never laid laying off staff. The TRUE cost and thus value of the staff is shared with them. They understand why they are billed out at $100 per hour per man and where those cost to the company lie. Insurance, vehicles, tools, etc.

19 Keys to Happy, Productive Employees Personal Respect Clear Performance Expectations Clear Communication FAIR pay Job Security Modern work environment and the tools to get the work done properly and on time.

20 There are many many books on sales, management and self improvement.  These two have been the best I’ve ever read. I would strongly recommend them and you too may have a “Paradigm Shift” or an “Ah ha” moment.

21 Addendum-Hire Superstars  Covered in the book “The Ultimate Sales Machine” by Chet Holmes is an entire chapter on hiring superstars. His approach is to hire based on personality profiling NOT past experience.  Obviously a sewer needs to know how to sew but can they get along with others. Will they problem solve? Take ownership of their work? Look to improve productivity?  These are not teachable traits. You can use readily available testing to seek out those super stars and then you will be thrilled to watch your employees thrive.

22 What is the cost of hiring wrong?  Assess all candidates. New-hires cost you $60,000 when you make a mistake: We've all made hiring mistakes. On average, studies show that a new hire who doesn't work out will cost you $60,000, at least. This will be in supervisor time, training time, customers lost, salary paid, loss of productivity, and so on. With tests like these, that can accurately tell you a great deal about your new candidates BEFORE you hire them, you'd be crazy to hire anyone without having them tested. As already said: The best $48 you will ever spend.

23 Where do I find a job appropriate test?   Presented by: Ed Keough Senior VP of Sales and Marketing Futureguard Building Products, Inc. PO Box 2030, 101 Merrow Road Auburn, Maine 04211-2030 (Tel) 800-858-5818 x141 (Cell) 207-240-3250 Dominance – relating to control, power and assertiveness Influence – relating to social situations and communication Steadiness (submission in Marston's time) – relating to patience, persistence, and thoughtfulness Conscientiousness (or caution, compliance in Marston's time) – relating to structure and organization

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