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Leading up to WWII.

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1 Leading up to WWII

2 Germany Economic Problems Printed $ during WWI (not increase taxes)
Inflation Print more after war to pay reparations Wheelbarrows full of $ for bread

3 1920s US lends $200 million to Germany Helped slow down inflation
1920’s – US economy helped world 1929 – Stock market crashed

4 Great Depression US demands payments of world loans
Demand for European goods dropped World trade dropped by 65% Effects felt worldwide

5 Rise of Fascism Loyalty to state and obedience to its leader
Extreme nationalism Nations must struggle – Peaceful states were doomed to be conquered Loyalty to an authoritarian leader Similar to communism (not seeking classless society)

6 Benito Mussolini Founded Fascist Party in 1919
Oct – 30,000 fascists marched on Rome King gave power to Mussolini

7 Adolf Hitler Joined small right-wing political group
Nationalist Socialist German Workers’ Party – Nazi Party 1923 – Jail for trying to seize power Mein Kampf

8 Adolf Hitler 1924 – Revived Nazi party 1933 – Hitler became Chancellor
Anti-Semitism -Hatred of Jews (Jewish= 1% of pop)

9 Japan Militarists  Extreme nationalists
Wanted to take over China  Raw materials and markets Seized Manchuria Withdrew from League of Nations 1937 – Japan invades China

10 Italy 1935 - Mussolini attacks Ethiopia Used Suez Canal
GB just lets them

11 Hitler – Not obeying Versailles
1935 – Builds up army 1936 – Germans move into Rhineland Weak response by British and French Oct – Germany, Italy, Japan make up Axis powers March 1938 – Hitler annexes Austria Sep – Hitler demanded Sudentland (regions in Czech) Czechs refuse and ask France for help

12 Munich Conference Sep 29th, 1938
Preserve peace by giving into Hitler  Allow them to take Sudentland But respect Czech border Less than 6 months  Hitler takes Czech Demanded ports in Poland Mussolini takes Albania

13 Nonaggression Pact Aug 23, 1939 – Nazis and Soviets sign nonaggression pact Sep 1 Germans to attack Poland without Russian interference Sep 3 Britain and France declared war on Germany

14 War In Europe

15 Nonaggression Pact (cont’d)
Divide Poland USSR to take Finland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia Taking Finland was more difficult March 1940 Russians win Finland

16 Blitzkrieg “Lightning War” Fast moving tanks, planes, infantry

17 Chronology April 9, ’40 – Hitler surprise invasion of Norway and Denmark May ’40 – sweep through Netherlands, Belgium, Luxemburg May ’40 – Germans trapped Allies in northern France June 14 – Germans had taken Paris June 22 – France surrendered

18 The Battle of Britain – Summer ’40-May ’41
Winston Churchill – British Prime Minister Hitler wanted to wipe out Royal Air Force, then land troops in England Night Bombing GB radar, Enigma GB Victory

19 Hitler turns to Mediterranean and Russia
Attacked N. Africa (Mussolini  Egypt) British fight back in Egypt – Hitler comes to help Erwin Rommel  German general “Desert Fox”

20 Balkans - 1941 Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary join Axis
Hitler invades Greece and Yugoslovia This allows invasion of USSR – June 22, 1941 Leningrad hit hard, but didn’t surrender Turned to Moscow – “No Retreat” in winter

21 US Neutrality Sep 1939 – Allies could buy American arms
Atlantic Charter – Free trade among nations Sep – U-boat fired on US destroyer

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